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  1. Brought it with. It's a fully cured/cooked product so they just ask about raw stuff. It's amazing but out of San Jose they don't even have the proper spices that you need to make it. This place is surprisingly bland...
  2. My friend said he really misses my pastrami so when I came to visit him in Costa Rica guess what I brought?
  3. When I get so much good product like that I often look for ways to cook and store in bulk and artichoke barigoule is the way I would go with a good portion of those. Beautiful by the way! I'm a spoiled California boy when it comes to chokes.
  4. I actually just go to the hardware store and make my own if you have the means.
  5. Awe but where's the rice!?!??!?! I hope I can take the local ingredients and come up with some stuff.
  6. I'm sure this is a longshot but I'm leaving today to stay with a farmer friend for 2 weeks in Mal Pais. It's on the southern tip of the Nicoya peninsula. Again, a long shot but has anyone had any experience staying around that area with any recommendations? I know he'll have some spots but wondering if this community has any input. I know it's a big surf destination but they've decided to keep it a small town atmosphere. All the posts I looked up on here people really weren't turned on by Costa Rican food, hope my experience is better.
  7. Yum, I've never cooking rabbit, need to pick one up.
  8. Well maybe I'm just too cool for school. Hurry up and put the food on the plate, I'm hungry and it looks delicious!
  9. I never eat ANYTHING that's not plated correctly! Looks delicious
  10. Prawncrackers - PORK!
  11. Ohhhhhhh man that duck!
  12. oooHHHoooOOhhHHH!!!!!!!! Porky goodness!
  13. Awesome! Can't wait for Spring. It means great California produce and baseball.
  14. The egg and asparagus demands explanation! That yolk is golden and delicious but what are the details?
  15. Thanks everyone! I'm pretty stoked on this preparation, being citrus season and all.
  16. Luckily I live right across the bay from that Zuni chicken. Been going there since I was a little kid! Salmon mi cuit, brined in salt water for 15 minutes and poached at 104 degrees for 1 hour. Satsuma-champagne buerre blanc with terragon and chives.
  17. A healthy one tonight. Baked chicken and a quinoa salad with roasted garlic and yogurt.
  18. It's odd to me to use Xanthan AND Ultratex. I switched from Xanthan to Ultratex for everything and never looked back.
  19. Oh goodness I could use some of that right now.
  20. OK mm84321, this is it. You are an undercover michelin starred chef sent here to mess with us. Admit it.
  21. My longest running client who I've actually started doing themed dinners for is going to Next restaurant in April. They're doing "The Hunt" right now, a wild game and stuff themed dinner so he asked me to mess around with my own version. I did some cold smoked salmon mi cuit with citrus, roasted quail stuffed with red qiunoa and garlic confit, wild boar ragu on pasta made with eggs from my friend's chickens, wild venison loin with root veggies, hedgehog mushrooms and blackberry-veal demi and then some torn honey sponge cake, strawberry ice cream and hazelnut-chocolate crumble. I just tried to
  22. I like "shaking daily".
  23. When I first saw that video I fell off my couch laughing. So spot on.
  24. 8" chef's, Kunz spoon, tongs, DMT stone and towels I guess.
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