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  1. So many great taco trucks here in California I'll stick with them. BUT my father who is a fast food junky said that they're his new favorite lunch. Kind of depressing but maybe a trend towards "real food" if Taco Smell would just work on where the product they use comes from. Or for that manor other joints selling crap like "smoothies" that are a little fruit and a ton of sugar, argh....don't get me started...
  2. I had never run into this before at a fine dining restaurant. It was just a party of two, when the check came and I gave my card I didn't read the details before tipping my standard 25% on that total. Well the restaurant has a 9 course dinner without a price, I ened up tipping 25% on top of 18% that was already included. so i tipped 43% on a check that was....let's just say, pricey. Was not happy, and the cherry on top, food wasn't very good...
  3. ScottyBoy

    Dinner! 2010

    Made some risotto. The broth is a simple white stock, onions, fennel, leeks, garlic and celery sweated down and simmered with white wine, water and thyme for 20 minutes. Raw sugar snap peas from the garden thrown in at the end so they still retain the sweet crunch. Soft cooked Jidori egg (60 minutes @ 145) with a little black truffle salt on top. Reduced sherry vinegar and honey for an acidic bite to drizzle around.
  4. Oh wow the website is awesome! Congrats on the book, I'll need one once you're done! I'm starting to incorporate more of these new techniques after getting a solid French/Italian base for the last 9 years. Looking forward to what I get to learn from your book! Is that a pre-order special on Amazon?
  5. When you oil the grill do it at least 3 times. Let the oil burn off, wipe, burn, wipe. The only way I've been able to cross hatch fish too.
  6. ^^Hey beat me to it! Yeah I cook short ribs sous vide for 48 hours at 60c them brown on all sides. That is the only method I see for you to get that melt in your mouth meat with a "crunchy" exterior.
  7. I have a hard time getting excited to watch this new season. After the talent on last year's this season seems lame.
  8. I do all my shopping now with Grocery Gadget, haven't used another one but this thing is awesome! Also for ratios I got Converter
  9. When I did a 36 hour brisket I ended up slicing it and making bánh mì sandwiches! On my never ending quest for great chicken, sous vide has taken it to the next level. My most recent effort, After cooking for 2 hours in butter at 60c, I pressed it to get the flat skin surface, trimmed and breaded with sumac powder, flour and salt. Fried on the breaded skin side and basted with the chicken fat/butter from the bag. Very good. First post, very excited to get in on this forum. Always looking to brainstorm with other food crazy people!
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