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  1. Look at this prime grade prime rib that Klink & Matthew smoked for us a month ago. My butcher gets his beef from excel, which chad mentioned.
  2. could you please put aurora and I together as a couple? like this: Aurora and Guajolote thanks.
  3. I just show people the label on the bottle. My personal tradition is to serve a double magnum of Montepulciano. after a couple of cocktails no one can taste the wine.
  4. I predict alcohol consumption will go up because of this decision. Yeah Katie
  5. i'd use the BN (if you like it) there's a great green bean salad in the Moosewood Cookbook. they add sliced onions and grated cheddar cheese to the beans w/ a vinegrette. I've also used goat cheese.
  6. while the breast is resting (I assume you're roasting it) add some wine and stock to the pan and let it reduce. beat in a lot of butter, that will help with the dryness.
  7. Dude, NSM is bringing chocolates tomorrow. are you going to be able to resist?
  8. I'm going to buy a bottle today and make sangria w/ some of it. I make a Mexican style sangria: lemonade & vodka with red wine floated on top.
  9. guajolote


    I made another batch 3 weeks ago. Malawry's method of using the cusinart w/ shredding blade for the cabbage made it much easier. checked the sauerkraut today and there were 2 beetles floating in it. lesson: cover your sauerkraut with a towel.
  10. will one of you early people buy a cake from across the street? Please?
  11. nice job, that booty looks like it's done perfect, and it has a nice smoke ring.
  12. Not according to Beard, Fanny Farmer, Julia Child et al For example http://starchefs.com/FoodWine/child_recipe.html i agree with iain, despite what julia says. hash browns = shredded
  13. 5 is too early for some certain people who have babysitters, so please leave it at six, or a little after. thank you
  14. You can get a quesadilla and french fries like Iris always orders. Seriously, they have great French Fries here. We have to order some. They are great dipped in salsa.
  15. I just thought of this. Would dashi work? especially if made w/out the konbu. it has a pretty neutral flavor.
  16. Yep, that's it. People hate Jamie, but his food works. Never had a bad recipe. I will not be making my own fish stock. I will be buying some high quality base, and not feeling in the least bit guilty about it. slacker
  17. guajolote

    Her First Cookbook

    Sandra Lee's Semi-homemade
  18. could someone summarize this for me. is it like this kind of?
  19. this one looks quick too. is this recipe close?
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