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  1. i can't stop thinking about the snert in a chamber pot with sausages. in dutch a chamber pot is known as a 'pispot' i have a dutch american cookbook called ''Eet Smakelijk' which is put out by some nonprofit in holland MI. i think it's the 1st cookbook i ever owned. most of the recipes are what you would expect from a junior league cookbook but there are some good traditional ones too, like: panvis - a salt cod and potato casserole ("hollanders like this dish to be quite snappy" ) blinde vinken - pork tenderloin stuffed w/ sausage and beef and wrapped in bacon runderlappen - beef braised in mustard and cloves beaver par excellence viskoekjes - fish cakes unen ringen - i bet you can guess what these are - served with a sour cream dressing sla stamppot - a salaed of lettuce, potatoes, radishes, celery, cucumber, bacon, and fried eggs (i may have to make this for dinner ) saucijzenbroodjes - pig in the blankets (this was the only dish my aunt could make, but she made it great aardappel soup - potaota and bacon soup gezondheid brij (health soup) - barley, raisins, currant juice ( ) advocaat - eggnog boerenjongens cocktail - brandy, raisins, cinamon, and sugar poultjes met worteltjes - peas and carrots a lot of these recipes call for rusk buns, which i love and haven't seen in ages.
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    After you add the salt to the cabbage cover it with whole leaves. the ziploc bags are full of of brine and weigh the kraut down so that it is submerged.
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    nothing is more exciting than pictures of shredded cabbage helen, a cookbook i have, the joy of pickling, has a recipe for kraut with gewurtztraminer, which i have been wanting to try. it's much easier to shred the cabbage using a food processor w/ a shredding disk installed. this pic is a little more exciting:
  4. balkenbrij here's another one i love this stuff my grandma used to make it . i know she used pork because she always made it in the early winter after my great grandfather butchered his hogs. it's best served with hashish and heineken
  5. the pics don't show it. but i am quite 'tan', and tommy is quite 'red'
  6. Dumb ass tommy. Are any of you going to let us in on what you actually ate? beer. that's all i remember. i'll wait until the pic and then TRY to identify the dishes. maybe.
  7. things are coming back to me . . . after the 1st pic was taken someone said "my head is chopped off" i wish i would of had the wherewithal to respond "that's because you have a big fuckin' head"
  8. oh yes, a VERY funny quote. pr()nnie to tommy "dean (varmint) says hello" tommy "tell him he could PM me if he wants to say hello"
  9. Any details or photos to share? i remember a busboy taking a photo ( i think i do ) of us and the 8 things we ordered (for 4 people), which was WAY too much food. i did enjoy the leftovers for lunch today though .
  10. thank you tommy for a great afternoon/evening. my belly still hurts from all the laughing (maybe the beers had something to do with it ). i still can't figure out what was going on with that greased floor. it was fun sliding down the handicapped ramp though. i forgot to give you your pickles . thanks for reminding me pro()nnie .
  11. what criteria does mr. vettel use when giving out stars? blah blah blah blah blah
  12. you never answered the question whether or not you have dined there while chefg has been the chef.
  13. is there a bar near here that anyone would recommend by any chance? i know where you can get crack cocaine near the restaurant (in my former neighbors apartment ) but there really aren't any good bars close by. I would recommend going to simon's, which is on clark, in the 5200 block. you can't miss it, their sign has a picture of a herring drinking a martini. it's about 6 blocks from the pastuer. the green mill is a great bar, al capone not only drank there but owned it. they feature live jazz nightly, starting at around 9 (?). also close to pastuer is the edgewater beach apartments where the 3 stooges used to have a place. back in the day a cubs player was shot there by his girlfriend. recently i noticed a restaurant a couple blocks south a pastuer which features a bosnian-mexican menu
  14. guajolote

    Gefilte Fish

    lots of paprika
  15. I'd get your henckel sharpened professionaly and buy a whole lobe of foie gras with the the money you would've spent
  16. how are you going to cook it? what cut did you get? this will be very interesting.
  17. you forgot to give us the ethnic breakdown of the diners at the restaurant.
  18. guajolote

    Dinner! 2003

    2 lbs kale, blanched for 3 minutes 1 hungarian dried, cured sausage. cut it into a dice 1 onion, sliced 3 cloves chpped garlic 1/2 cup veal stock saute the onions and sausage for about 10 minutes, add the garlic and cook for a couple more minutes. add the blanched kale and stock and simmer for 1 hour. add s&p. this was the first time i made kale that tasted good.
  19. guajolote

    Dinner! 2003

    eG friend over for dinner. it was a balmy 45 degrees here today, and the bears won. he had a 199 zind humbrecht riesling and some 1994 CA pinot that tasted very burgundish. grilled lobster and filet with herb/shallot butter kale w/ hungarian sausage roasted heirloom potatoes
  20. My experience a few years ago was just the opposite. By coincidence, I wass in Oaxaca during the Day Of The Dead period. From about 10/28-11/02, it was a continuous series of public festivals in, in addition to the private celebrations, both the town and surronding area. Also, at least in the area where my hotel was located, the doors to the private homes were open and it was common to go from house to house and celebrate with the families even as a total stranger. Link below for a pretty good description (not mine) of the activities http://www.lavida-oaxaca.com/Day_of_Dead/DayDead_text.htm i should have travelled with you . thanks for the great link.
  21. can you cook with rosehips? is the ham cured and smoked or just cured? what are you serving with the ham? i hate squirrels too.
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