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  1. yesterday's ingredients: grape tomatoes early girl tomatoes thai chilies unknown chile stolen from my neighbor onions garlic mexican oregano lime juice sugar pisco dinner rolls bologna maille mustard dired peas bacon ends the pig feet carrots white wine bass ale italian sausages canned tomatoes oregano de cecco penne sweet peppers of various colors oyster mushrooms i think that's all
  2. breakfast is usually a glass of grapefruit and then lots of black coffee. sometimes on weekends i'll make bacon, egss, etc. but i'm usually not hungry when i get up. we usually all eat dinner together at around 5:00 . this allows us to clean up, get the kids to the park so that they can run around and get sleepy, and then get to bed. i would prefer to eat at 7 or 8, but my wife really doesan;t like cleaning up at 10.
  3. the dish in HSSS, page 169, is called yam kai. i really like this book, although i wished they had dropped all the stories and photos and made it a $10 paperback .
  4. yesterday: my daughter had kix and rice milk for breakfast her lunch was applesauce, string cheese, bologna, marias, and cashews my wife and i both had leftovers for lunch at 5:00 or so i had a bolagna sandwich w/ maille mustard on a dinner roll both kids had barilla pipette cooked in chicken broth for dinner, and a dinner roll w/ butter w/ some rice milk. at seven or so they each had a popsicle. we got home and i had some bourbon, then some of the pinot gris. after they were in bed i: soaked the cellophane noodles in water. cooked the noodles in boiling water for like a minute. sauteed some shallots and chilies in oil. added the chinese sausage sliced. added the noodles. beat 2 duck eggs w/ a little fish sauce and lime juice. added the eggs to the noodles/shallots/chilies and added a the basil and black pepper. cooked and stirred for about a minute. let it cook undisturbed for about 3 more minutes, then flipped it (no spills ) and let it cook another 3 minutes. i kinda based thish on a laotian ( i think it was) dish that i found in hot sour salty sweet. i'll try to look it up later.
  5. the duck eggs are from rolling goose farm in loda IL. the goat cheese i had wen. night was from capriole called Mont.St. Francis..check out thier website, they have great products. i bought both of these from the green city market. it's a great place to shop. when i asked judith schad, the owner/farmer/chesse maker how often they were at the market she said 'whenever the threshing machine is working' she is so nice, and her cheeses are great. she also told me that when they started all the cheeses were given french names, but they stopped doing that.
  6. marias. btw that price is unbelievable. i think i pay $0.59 for them both my kids are allegic to milk (eggs and peanuts too). we're not too strict about it, but they've both been drinking it since they got off the boob juice. rice dream is a very good product. more later about yesterday's food.
  7. today's ingredient list: pom wonderful water leftovers for lunch (if anyone wants details i'll post them) cellophane noodles bologna marias rice milk string cheese vegetable oil thai basil diet coke thai bird chilies rice milk kix val's bakery dinner rolls bourbon 2002 albecht pinot gris gerolsteiner pepper cellophane noodles fish sauce lime (the fruit) chinese sausage duck eggs barilla pipette grapefruit juice chicken stock 2 popsicles mott's apple sauce w/ cinnamon roasted guatemala antigua beans butter shallots today i've also included what i cooked for my kids, including a packed lunch. my wife went out to dinner at cafe bolero . when i talked to her she was having a mojito and carne milanesa
  8. hi rhea any ideas? maggie and i were discussing the thing i'm going to make w/ them last week on eG.
  9. mustard. i love maille mustard. love it. love it love it love it
  10. i have a very powerful hood. my wife says she can smell it when i'm roasting from 2 blocks away. i had been using a fresh roast pus for about 1.5 years. i order my green beans from the coffee bean corral, usually columbian or guatemalan. of course, the first thing my wife said when she saw the alpenrost was 'where are we going to put it ?'
  11. it's called POM wonderful. i always include the wonderful part b/c i the name. the label says pomegranite juice and natural flavors. i think it's way to strong on it's own but i like it diluted about 4 parts sparkling water to 1 part pom. my wife thinks it would be good w/ some vodka in there too but we all know vodka is for sissies
  12. yesterday: gf juice and coffee for breakfast no lunch, was too busy working and pickling i made bread and butter pickles. i have 2 cucumber vines in my yard that have been going crazy. every week or so i pick 6-8 cucumbers and make a batch of bread and butter. my recipe is adapted from joy of pickling (one of my top five favorites) and conatins cider vinegar, brown sugar, a little water, salt, cucumbers, onions, shallots, mustard seeds, black peppercorns, and thai chilies (or whatever chile is laying around - fresh or dried). i'll often steal some hot peppers from my neighbors yard, he hasn;t caught me yet . yesterday my pickling was extra fun b/c a friend of mine gave me 1/2 gallon ball jars. these have been discontinued b/c the usda doesn;t publish canning reccomendations for them anymore . but i have 6 and most of you have none so . i ate the gummy bears on the el ride home from school. i on;y had 3 or 4, while she had less than she wanted. for dinner (while sipping on some bourbon): yellow wax beans blanched and then sauteed in butter. they were terrible. i'll rant about my produce i bought sunday later. into the rice cooker i threw botan (japanese style) rice, chicken stock, chopped carrot, and a sliced shallot. S&P too. set it and forget it. pounded out the pork cutlets (they were brined, of course) placed a couple of sage leaves and a chunk of goat cheese in the middle rolled them up and tied them w/ string dusted them with flour and sauteed in OO/butter until they were brown on all sides. stuck them in the oven for about 10 more minutes threw some sliced garlic in the pan, deglazed with red wine and stock. let it reduce. looked for the maille. i was out added a little 1/2 and 1/2 instead. served the dinner w/ the bread. had some more red wine later, and a 'cocktail' of gerolsteiner (german sparkling water that's VERY minerally) mixed w/ POM. some more red wine. ate a couple of cashews. more later. i'll try to answer the great questions that have been asked later too.
  13. later today i'll sort it all out, after i've finished my gummy bear cocktail here's what brown brought yesterday. i really like it. it roasts 8 oz at a time. my first try i didn't roast quite long enough but the coffee was still good. i've also been shopping twice in the last 2 days. i think this is a little below my average . yesterday went to the rogers park fruit market, which is 2 blocks away from my house. picked up some gerolsteiner, cashews for my daughter's lunch, and some cotija cheese. i wasn;t planning on buying the cotija but my daughter wanted it. today i went to lincolnwood produce (affectionately known as LP). didn;t reall have a list but came out with: a whole case of gerolstainer an avacado dinner rolls from val's bakery (val delivers his bread in a ford focus ) maille 1/2 & 1/2 lurpak (they were out of my favorite czech butter, jana valley ) POM wonderful pigs feet chicken livers oyster mushrooms and a couple other things i've forgotten
  14. here's another question. where do you think the goat cheese came from? (hint: made by a hoosier woman who isn't ronnie's wife) my camera's usb cable is broken so no pics for now, but i ordered a replacement that hopefully will work. it should come tomorrow. brown brought me something very cool yesterday that i'll talk about later .
  15. here's what i ate/cooked with today. can you guess what i made? water salt cucumbers shallots red onions turmeric red wine gummie bears 1/2 & 1/2 gerolstiner green coffee (guatemala antigua) bay leaves pepper pork cutlets Val's Bakery wheat bread brown sugar goat cheese eagle river bourbon flour sage butter olive oil grapefruit juice yellow beans garlic rice POM wonderful carrots chicken stock cider vinegar diet coke mustard seeds roasted coffee celery seeds thai bird chilies more details later. at some point i'll declare a winner, who will get a prize
  16. because the chef blew off my paella party last year without letting me know. also, recent reports have said the place is only 1/2 full on weekends.
  17. what restaurant do you think will close next? winner gets a free pint of pickled beets. my guess : moto
  18. another of my favorite drinks is dokkum coffee, which is coffee with a shot of Berenburg in it.
  19. 'guy' as in purveyor what is that salty black licorice called? yuck
  20. iced cold genever is great to drink too. there was an article about it in saveur a couple of years ago.
  21. here's another interesting name, frickedillen. these are deep fried sausages made from udder and pigsnout. i do not have an udder guy yet, unfortunately. i wonder if any of our medieval cookbook collectors here has the book " "De verstandige kock" (i'm trying very hard not to make a locker room joke ). this site has the cookbooks and some recipes translated into english.
  22. too lazy to google today? caraway
  23. no one has mentioned it yet, but coleslaw is also dutch.
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