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  1. i don't believe it. you'll have to show me. bornhofen's rulz!
  2. do you get a discount if you use your prefered card?
  3. didn't smell at all. it was great market and VERY BUSY . i highly recommend going. lots of things are still in season: shallots, leeks, potatoes, spinach, baby lettuce, beets as big as your head , kale, broccoli ,cauliflower, winter squash, parsnipos, etc. i also picked up a dozen eggs, honey, mushrooms, some goat cheese from capriole, and an epi from bennisons . parking is a problem, i was with my kids and had to pay the $12 for the zoo parking there's also a thanksgiving market on saturday at the church across from the best western in evanston. i'll be picking up my 16 lb. bourbon red guajolote . I sure hope the Lion House is less 'aromatic' than the Monkey House or this is going to be a less-than-optimal venue for food shopping. =R= ←
  4. Hello, Beef is usually considered rare at about 120 degrees F, while lamb is rare at about 135 degrees F. Why the difference? Thanks
  5. Hello, Does trussing a bird help it cook more 'evenly.' The thigh takes the longer than the rest of the bird to cook. Wouldn't leaving the thighs and legs 'open' expose them to more heat, thereby cooking them faster? Thanks.
  6. carnes toluca? in oaxaca the dogs are called 'hot dogs exquisitos', which i think is hilarious
  7. The poster here is referring to my (well known?) aversion to molasses. The answer is no, it's not enough brown sugar to impart a "molassessy" flavor. If it were, I'd have omitted it from the rub recipe long ago. Do I sense a minor bit of rib envy here? =R= ← i don't need ribs, i have pickled tongue
  8. =R=, if you have a 'signature dish', what would it be? what does your wife do with the matzos after passover?
  9. =R=, who is the 'hottest' food purveyor you buy stuff from? i want to shop wherever she works this weekend .
  10. =R=, are you going to make a pate' this week? sources have told me you're quite good at them.
  11. =R=, is it true that your nickname is 'forcemeat'. and what will be inscribed on your tombstone?
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