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  1. one of the most famous dia de los muertos festivals is on the island of Janitzio in lake patzcuaro. we were in oaxaca one year for day of the dead and it seemed there were mostly family celebrations, not public festivals. i usually try to make some pan muertos for day of the dead, these are anise flavored loaves shaped to look like a skull.
  2. pictures here there's some good recipes in there too, and a lot of pictures of al_dente kissing miss nc.
  3. could you show us the equation please?
  4. heston says this isn't true either
  5. I'm going to get a cocktail and "supervise"
  6. i hope you realize that you just volunteered to make them for me NY's eve
  7. i've never made arancini and would appreciate some advice. should i cook the risoto a little firmer than usual? could i make them golf-ball sized? the ones I've seen are the size of a large orange. are these always breaded? thanks
  8. Wait a minute. This is a myth? Why? This "myth" makes sense to me, although I haven't tested it. I think the idea would be that root vegetables need slower cooking so that the outside doesn't get mushy while the inside remains uncooked. Whereas with green vegetables you don't want to have them sitting in water (a solvent) where their green can leech out. You would want to cook them quickly. Along with this is the idea that you need to use salted water for green vegetables. I've tested this one and it indeed matters. Shocking the vegetables in an ice bath also does indeed help. i believe heston blumenthal (was it on the Q&A here?) did an actual study and found that the vegetables don't absorb any salt, so adding salt isn't neccessary. i always put my peeled potatoes in a pan with cold water so they don't turn brown, and it seems easier just to use the same pan while cooking them.
  9. why would anyone want any portion that is well-done? why is this the worst time? "maillardized" meat is "maillardized" meat. please provide some real evidence.
  10. I'd go with a sparkling wine for texture contrast, maybe a cava?
  11. this site has great illustrated recipes it's really incredible, kind of like the online version of "complete techniques" gratin dauphonois recipe
  12. mine is similar to jackal's, but i start slow (200 degrees F until 115) and finish in a 500 oven for 15 minutes at the end after resting for 1/2 hour. i got this from alton brown. col. klink smoked a prime rib the same way, i'm going to do it for x-mas
  13. those eggs were so good. they were all gone, weren't they?
  14. i would like to see what you drank. i'm sure it was all top-shelf stuff.
  15. are they going to have wasabi in stock all of the time? is it japanese or from the pacific NW? one of the things i love about mitsuwa is the employees are very friendly.
  16. guajolote

    Cooking my Goose

    12-14 lb. i havn't seen this book, but i love austrian style sweet and sour red cabbage with apples.
  17. I want to thank ronnie and his wife julie for a wonderful time. i also met many of your other wonderful friends and family. Do you have any pictures of the house set up? It's a great house for a party. There were four tables w/ 4 chairs per table set-up in the "great room", and another two tables in another room. Of course I spent most of my time hanging out next to the buffet tables. my favorites, in no particular order, were: shrimp rumaki sushi meatballs the "filet of brie" queso fundido and the chex mix.
  18. RONNIE ROCKS! damn, this party was so awesome i'm still here. wait till you see the spread, one of the all-time great ones.
  19. no sport peppers on the dog? no pickle relish? no tomatoes? what's going on here?
  20. Busted! I stole them from our sample freezer at work and then immediately placed myself on probation. =R= i'm going to tell your boss could you tell us a little bit about what your son eats? does he take a lunch to school or get it there? does he like to help you cook?
  21. pick ronnie suburban, he's having a doozy of a food week
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