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  1. My butcher stocks this bacon, which is fantastic (there is a shortage right now): Jones Farm They also have amazing hams - I've never tried their beef.
  2. I've read interviews with the restaurant reviewers from both Chicago newspapers and they both said that they don't give negative reviews because they don't "want to put a place out of business". Reading other cities newspapers and magazines this seems to pretty much be standard. How can you be a critic if you only give positive criticism? I can think of no other critics (music, literature, movies, etc.) who do this.
  3. I've never had this but it sounds great. I have a question - where does the smoked part come in? Did you buy the brisket already smoked or just skip a step in your directions. By the way, USDA Prime brisket at my butcher is $3.95 a lb.
  4. I'm in a vegetable rut - I need to try: turnips parsnips winter melon fava beans lima beans Jeruselem artichoke celery root and any other veggie I can find at my farmer's market
  5. beef tenderloin and pork tenderloin- I find them to be too expensive and essentially tasteless
  6. A great (and cheap) substitute for creme fraiche is Mexican crema, which cost about 3 bucks for 12 ounces. You can find it in most latino markets. It has a similar consistency and tang as creme fraiche.
  7. I agree with Bux, try the restaurants which serve Puerto Rican specialties. When we were there in April we found a place called Casa Dante (the doorman at the Old San Juan hotel was very happy we were going there, it's mostly Puerto Ricans). It is about a ten minute cab ride from the Ritz. They specialize in mofongo (green plantaions cooked with pork rinds) and very fresh seafood. They also have a decent wine list with lots of Spanish reds. Interestingly, they don't serve arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas) at restaurants in PR like they do here in Chicago. I asked some people why and they said it was a holiday dish served only at Christmas.
  8. The article in Savuer said it grows in mountain streams with very cold running water high in minerals, so the garden thing is probably not feasible.
  9. guajolote

    Fresh Sturgeon

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I'd love to smoke it but dinner is in an hour. I think I'll try the breadcrumb version (have to look in Larousse for choron sauce).
  10. There was an article in Saveur a couple of years ago (sep. 1999?) about a farm in Oregon where they were growing wasabi in a greenhouse. The farm had lots of security, razor wire topped fences, cameras etc., to keep out spies from Japan who were trying to find out how to grow it indoors.
  11. I bought a filet of sturgeon yesterday and now realize I have no idea how to cook it. It is about 1 1/2 lb. and 3/4 inch thick. The fishmonger said it was very meaty, almost like a turkey breast? Any ideas?
  12. An electric knife is also great for taking corn off the cob - the kernels don't fly five feet in every direction.
  13. You could make them into sculptures. (Oaxaca Night of the Radishesl)
  14. I've made a "lemon margarita" with it when I ran out of Cointreua, it was great. 2 parts tequila 1 part limonecello 1 part lemon juice Shake in cocktail shaker and serve on rocks with (or without) salt on the rim
  15. Thanks for participating in this Q&A. A friend of mine from Peru introduced me to Pisco Sours a couple of years ago and I love them. Do you have any tips for making a Pisco Sour? Are there any other drinks from other countries that you find especially enjoyable?
  16. Isaacson is a great market, but it's hard to get someone to help you. My favorite place in Chicago The Fishguy, it's located on Elston just north of Montrose a little east of the Kennedy. The run a wholesale operation out of the back so there is a lot of turnover. They're very helpful and will tell you when fish has come in. The prices are very competative. I would ask them which scallops are fresher. If the bay scallops are just make the recipe with them. I had some great ones from Nantucket a couple of weeks ago.
  17. For a family reunion I brought a 6L bottle of Joseph Perrier champagne - the wine tasted the same as a regular bottle. It took forever to chill - after 2 hours in ice water it wasn't cold enough yet.
  18. guajolote

    Thanksgiving Sides

    This is my favorite Thanksgiving veggie: Saute a diced medium onion and red pepper in some butter. Add a two diced zuchinnis and a bag of frozen corn (or if youive planned ahead auguist corn that you froze yourself). Season with cumin and juice of one lime. You can also make this into a gratin.
  19. This sounds kinda gross but it is actually quite good: 1 part ketchup 1 part vinegar 1 part sugar 1 part soy sauce I saw jean-George Vongerichten maje it on Ready! Set! Cook! a few years ago. He said it was his favorite sauce to make at home.
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