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  1. I made the fish recipe last night with black cod, the fishguy said that it had just arrived that morning and was the freshest thing they had. He also had fresh shrimp which we had for dinner Saturday. I really liked the recipe but I wouldn't do it with black cod again, I think it's better suited to a milder fish. The leftover sauce was really good spooned over the pilaf. I liked the technique of pouring the hot butter sauce over the herbs to "crisp" it up. Served this w/ peas (frozen, sauteed in garlic and olive oil) and a 2000 Chateau de Lancyre, a white wine from the Languedoc.
  2. One liter of EVOO 28 oz. can of (Italian) San Marzano tomatoes 1 head (1 1/2 pounds) cauliflower Ditto broccoli 2 lbs. semolina 1 pound loaf of "Italian" bread 1 head celery 1 Fuji apple 1 1/2 pounds Sara Lee smoked turkey breast Veal breast (about five pounds) 1 1/2 lb. ground veal 2 whole (gutted, scaled) tilapia 1 1/2 lb. Barese sausage 1 lb. Mezza Rigatoni 1 1/2 lb. Krakus ham 1 lb. smoked ham 1 lb. Meunster cheese
  3. Do you know of any wine that works with artichokes? Something bone dry. As an appetizer, you could serve an ultra-dry sparkling wine. Of course, what could we do to the artichoke to allow the G-man's Sancerre to work. If this single thistle is going to throw everything off, then the hell with it. Mind you, I also mentioned asparagus, which ain't too easy to pair wines with either. i said i was fine w/ the artichokes, if i can get them for a reasonable price. marie-louise, our last farmer's market was last week and i'm now in my yearly veggie depression I'm not surprised that Matthew has a bottle of cynar laying around
  4. artichokes are going to clash with the nice sancerre I was planning on serving. I'll try to make them anyway though.
  5. guajolote

    Fried Turkey

    Is deep frying a turkey any more dangerous than deep frying anything else? My wife made a rule a couple of years ago that I continue to follow: NO DRINKING BEFORE OR WHILE DEEP FRYING!
  6. I have a friend who makes a quick & dirty Asian soup recipe adapted from Nigel Slater: start with chicken stock & add a couple each smashed lemongrass stalks, ginger rings, & garlic cloves bring to a slow simmer steam some greens (mustard greens or bok choy) "cook" some bun (thin noodles) when the stock simmers, fish out the aromatics & season with dark soy sauce, fish sauce, shiracha, & lemon or lime juice put noodles & greens in bowls & cover with the stock
  7. J and J: 4-5 minutes per side. Larousse (ed. 1962) "Season and flour the sole and cook in butter in the frying pan." No time given. You may have a later, greater Larousse. my larousse has 6-7 minutes per side, they must have found a sole 1.5" thick heather, get it out of its box now! that's cookbook abuse!
  8. Could someone who has both the J&J book and larousse compare the sole muniere and rice pilaf recipes and tell me if there are any major differences? I know the cooking time in Larousse for the fish is way too long. I'm making snow peas to serve on the side.
  9. guajolote

    Bum Wine!

    I'm on it. Seriously. Dean, you realize that an egullet tasting must be more thorough than this joke of a test. I want every flavor of every brand tested, not just the "house flavor". And of course it must be consumed outside, in an alley, next to a dumpster.
  10. a cocktail made with peach juice and champagne (or other sparkling wine)
  11. that was super cool. Varmint's in-laws are so dreamy .
  12. They add a 20% service charge and then have the gaul to ask for a tip? Is it that they can't figure out how to include their costs in the meal itself or are they trying to avoid sticker shock? no, they don't do that. if you leave extra they'll say "you know that the service charge is included?" i was trying to say that if there wan't a service charge, he would have had to add a tip. there's also a 9% sales tax included.
  13. I believe they add a 20% service charge at the end, which is why it was 350. You would have had to leave a tip anyway.
  14. over-hydration is called hyponatremia. here's a story abaout a runner in the boston marathon who died from it.
  15. did you finish the beaucastel? or did you save it for tonight?
  16. guajolote


    papa rellana i've on occasion said this was the best thing in the world to eat, but if you stuffed it with some of that leftover pig i'm sure it would be.
  17. i believe that David Rosengarten, on his "taste" tv show, said that he uses beaujalais for his beef burgundy. that should be much easier on the budget.
  18. Is that the one with the dinosaur skeleton? That's probably where I got the scissors idea -- one of those slap-your-forehead moments. As I recall, you and I were both spatchcocking with scissors at Varmint's. yes, we were both using regular kitchen scissors, i don't have the skill or experience to do it w/ a boning knife. i'd bet a pair of shears from the the hardware store would be cheaper than poultry shears.
  19. Try adding a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano rind.
  20. As I suspected, you are Alton Brown. I saw this on his show last week. My butcher uses a boning knife to cut up chicken. He can cut up a whole chicken in about 20 seconds, but he's been practicing for about 40 years.
  21. So which eGullet member is SHE? (sorry, you set yourself up) It's definately Varmint in drag.
  22. Dear, where should I attach the wine clip first?
  23. Wine Specatator says: Winery: La Closerie de Fourtet Wine: St.-Emilion 2000 Score: 90 Price: $35 Country: France Region: Bordeaux Issue: Web Only (2003) Add to Wine List Plum, spice and chocolate on the nose of this one. Full-bodied, with a solid core of ripe fruit and silky tannins. Medium to long finish. Serious wine. Second wine of Clos Fourtet. Best after 2006.
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