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  1. I work out. I also don't eat a lot of meat. Adding protein powder to foods is a great way for me to meet my daily goals. 😁
  2. You cited two articles from the Hindusan times, which suggests you're talking about products in India, something I have no knowledge about. But, that first article confused steroids with work out supplements, so you should re-think your position. The proof is simple. Show ONE example of a protein powder with steroids. Being that you can not do that, you are wrong. You simply have too much pride to admit you're wrong and so you're experiencing cognitive dissonance. If you can not handle admitting you're wrong, the perhaps you shouldn't be participating in online forums. Again, if you can provide us with just ONE protein powder that has been adulterated with steroids, I will concede and apologize. Otherwise, you are not contributing to this conversation.
  3. I'm not combative. I asserting, and now you're moving the goal posts. I have been working out for 30+ years and have been using protein powders -- and other supplements -- at least that long. And for you to come here and falsely peddle misinformation, try to back it up, and then move the goal posts is disrespectful. Fact: Steroids are NOT in protein powders. Fact: Protein powders sometimes have additional additives, most commonly creatine and BCAA. In India, the source of two of your articles, the manufactures there might add other ingredients to their whey products -- I don't know and your article doesn't open. What I do know is that the author of the previous article was writing outside their ken and mis-labeled something as steroids, so I advise you to find a better source. Again, show me ONE product with actual steroids in it. Just one. If you can not do that, then acknowledge you misspoke and close the topic.
  4. Adding cheese would up the calories and defeat the purpose (for me). Maybe quark? I might give this a shot this afternoon. You know, I have tried adding a spoonful of whey to my roti and the result is very dense flatbread. From what I've been reading online, when adding whey to bread the suggestion is 2-5% the weight of the flour. Personally, I wanna see how far I can take it. And the high-protein breads they sell here are very dry, so adding oil is a good solution but I wonder if I could add tangzhong to add moisture back in...
  5. Thank you. If you actually read beyond the headline, you'll see the articles talk about "body building products" -- a wide umbrella -- but none mentioned protein powder. Just one quote from your googling: These bodybuilding products are promoted as hormone products and/or as alternatives to anabolic steroids for increasing muscle mass and strength. In other words, they are not in protein powders. Here's a challenge for you: Show me ONE. Just one. Go online and find me ONE protein powder that has steroids in it. __________ The article from the Hinustantimes says they busted a company that had steroids in the protein powder. The steroids they found were adenosine monophosphate and mephentermine sulphate which are not steroids at all but found is some pre-work drinks to stimulate the body. The writer does not know what they are talking about and is using steroids as a synonym for performance enhancing chemicals. Not the same thing. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1067/adenosine https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mephentermine When you talk about steroids in bodybuilding you are talking about anabolic steroids and there is a strict method of administering them. I know because I have taken them. They are NOT used lightly and a NOT willy nilly placed in products where you can not get an exact dosage. They are contained in ampules (for injections) or tables to swallow, not powders. Again, show me just one protein powder that has steroids. I'll wait.
  6. That's false. One, steroids are illegal and so no company would put them in their protein powder. Two, the amount of steroids a person takes can not be haphazard, it has to be precisely administered on a strict schedule. You might be conflating creatine and/or amino acids which are added to whey and casein proteins.
  7. Do you mean add whey protein powder to the milk or are you talking about using the liquid whey from the previous batch of yogurt?
  8. Hi I workout regularly and am always looking for ways to increase my protein content. Recently, my gym started selling a "protein bread" which started me thinking about how I can make my own. I keep 5kg bags of unflavored whey protein on hand. Does anyone have any advice on how to 1) add whey protein to homemade breads? 2) add whey protein to angel food or chiffon cakes? What would be the upper limit in adding whey protein to a baked good and would I need to adjust the hydration? Has anyone done this? Thoughts in general?
  9. cteavin

    Dinner 2022

    It's cabbage (with a saturation boost). 😆🤣 Love that you know negiyaki. I've been wanting to make that, too. 😁😉
  10. cteavin

    Dinner 2022

    I filmed an Okonomiyaki video for my YouTube channel and made it again for the thumbnail yesterday evening -- I love okonomiyaki. 😁🤤🍻If you've not tried it...
  11. Space. I have so many pots, pans, and gadgets that I really haven't a place to put such a beast, even that beautiful one from Ananova.
  12. For me, I have two. Perhaps my favorite go is a plain genoise with a simple syrup/liquor soak but if I have time nothing quite beats a popover with a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar.
  13. And here I thought I was the only person to do that. I have been known to take a cookbook with me, read each page, and visualize every step. And I love the science based books/cookbooks, like those from Herve This. ❤️ So your Cake Bible fell apart, too? That with my Bakewise were well used but I still have physical cookbooks from my mom and grandma where the binding is just fine, so I can't bring myself to forgive the publishers.
  14. I had a pretty interesting discussion with someone on YouTube about cookbooks. Basically, he said there's a new model for purchasing e-books by using NFTs. Essentially, at present if you buy a digital cookbook, you can't resell it but if you purchase a book with an NFT you can. I personally don't think NFTs add any value to a cookbook, so NFT cookbooks will not catch on, which is where we started talking about how cookbooks will/should/can evolve. I wanted to know what you all think of how the humble cookbook can evolve. At present, you can find most any recipe online within a few clicks so they need a little extra to encourage a sale. What is that? What makes you want to spend money on a collection of recipes? Tangentially, I stopped buying paper cookbooks several years ago as the last couple I purchased fell apart. I mean, the publishing companies have cut corners on the paper and the binding, so after a couple of years the start to fall apart. Has this happened to you?
  15. cteavin

    Dinner 2022

    On my YouTube channel I posted a recipe for Mushroom Tarts a few months ago. I took that recipe, roasted some other veggies, and layered them atop the pumpkin puree (the garlic and thyme variation) and with a little time, came up with the beauty. The puree helped keep the vegetables in place with each slice. ❤️ I just had the last slice for breakfast (because that's the kind of rebel I am). 😁😉
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