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  1. Found online this morning for our American friends: As of Friday, only red onions have been linked to the multinational outbreak, but U.S. officials say consumers should error on the side of caution when it comes to onion consumption right now. “Thomson International Inc. has notified FDA that it will be recalling all varieties of onions that could have come in contact with potentially contaminated red onions, due to the risk of cross-contamination,” according to the FDA update. “This recall would include red, white, yellow, and sweet onions from Thomson International Inc. Recall information will be made public as soon as it is available from Thomson International Inc.”
  2. Dear CD, Thanks for keeping us up to date and safe on these issues. And I am delighted to report that our current bag of red onions...without which life would definitively lose some of its sparkle...the onions are Ontario-grown. The tag was still on the bag.
  3. Darienne

    Sheet pan Dinners

    I've never heard of sheet pan recipes before, but your idea sounds brilliant. Thanks for posting it.
  4. Welcome to eGullet, Alexandra. It's a good place to be to find recipes and help with your somewhat challenged cooking life.
  5. Ed really favors a base called Better Than Bouillon for chicken, beef and vegetable stocks.
  6. Could you please point me to Jaymes squash recipe? Tried to look it up and got nothing useful. Thanks, Shelby.
  7. For us it's the same with our vast amount of blackberries and raspberries...one day they are not quite ready...the next day the bushes are denuded by the birds.
  8. Go for it. I have no idea which tequila I used. I'm not much of a drinker at all and so I would have used whatever I had on hand...probably brought by the American visitors who come each summer to the Dog Weekend, where we drink Slushy Margaritas. Yumm. Once a year.
  9. Darienne

    Salad 2016 –

    Here's the recipe as I wrote it down many years ago: "Cut little white things off. Add cooked carrots, diced small (1/2 cup?). Add raw onion, mayonnaise, salt, etc. Red pepper." Good heavens, I forgot to read the part about the red pepper. So, you see, it's all up to you. And I certainly cooked a lot more than 1/2 cup cooked carrots. You know, I don't think that's my handwriting to begin with...
  10. Darienne

    Salad 2016 –

    Very simple. Salt, pepper and mayonnaise. I added some parsley. Amazingly delicious.
  11. Darienne

    Salad 2016 –

    Made a salad this afternoon which we haven't eaten in more than 30 years. My first 'much older than I was' friend ever served it to us up at her cottage and gave me the recipe many years ago, long before I ever considered cooking as something I wanted to do. I know nothing of its origins but a quick look on Google did not find it. She just called it Carrot and Cauliflower Salad, with the carrots being boiled before joining cauliflower florets and chopped onions. Brought back such long ago memories.
  12. For the bottled water drinkers out there from Consumer Reports: https://www.consumerreports.org/bottled-water/whole-foods-starkey-spring-water-sold-on-amazon-contains-high-levels-of-arsenic/?EXTKEY=NA06NHC4&utm_source=acxiom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200701_nsltr_home
  13. Don't count on it, my dear. And I can quote you several variations on that theme....LOL.
  14. I'm with the two posters above. Welcome to the forum. The generosity of the eGers is wonderful. Everything is shared and like the others, I've learned so much. And I am not a confident cook either. I just pretty much blunder along as best I can.
  15. One thing I did when Ed bought way more lettuce than we could eat before it 'went'. I made soup. Couldn't believe how good it was. (In case you have too much...)
  16. I would call them by both names. Don't know what they are made from. My Mother had them in the living room under the drapes and the sheers/glass curtains were never drawn open. We don't have them...but then we don't even have drapes in our living room. Not even blinds. My Mother would have been horrified. Oh, we have no neighbors.
  17. Welcome to the forum, @Wagner Aguiar. And I am interested in learning more about South Americans foods and dishes.
  18. In the same vein, but not re-purposing kitchen gadgets, I use (what used to be called) glass curtains as a straining material in all kinds of situations. I never seem to have cheesecloth when I need it and the sheers, which we brought home from Moab 11 years ago, work perfectly for straining so many things.
  19. How do you prepare your tomatoes for drying? And what size tomatoes are you talking about? Twelve years ago when we rented a house in Moab, the former tenants (who left it in an unbelievable state) also left behind a lot of baking items, including several metal racks with folding legs which have come in so handy. It means that I can load a second cookie sheet on top of a first, just making certain that the feet are not on top of the lower food. Yes, we took all of the items home with us.
  20. There's really no need to buy a dehydrator. I have dehydrated many items in my oven. Just turn the oven to its lowest temperature and stick a double oven glove in the opening. Voilà. A dehydrator par excellence.
  21. I use my dehydrator regularly. And because I kept the trays from my old one which bit the dust last year, I can actually load it more heavily for some easily dehydrated items, like sliced onions, or at least set up trays before emptying others. I dehydrate onions...into the food processor for slicing...because often when I am cooking large batches of stuff, I am just too lazy to deal properly with the onion instructions and just dump in enough dried onions. Plus my hands don't work well anymore. On occasion we can buy ten pounds of onions very cheaply. In fact, I have a bag awaiting my attention as we speak. I also dehydrate beef liver for the dogs. Costs a fortune to buy dehydrated at a pet store and I can do the job at home. First into a regular oven to cook, chop into small pieces and into the dehydrator to dry out completely. Also make fruit leathers, particularly apple with or without chopped nuts in it. I'm going to try some dehydrated vegetable slices next. Right. Forgot the endless apple rings.
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