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  1. One issue not mentioned here and one that I remember reading about some years ago...is that of the buffer zones around the fields of grown greens actually being cleared and denuded of all greenery, so that the contaminated 'winds' could blow straight from the cows' fields into the planted fields.
  2. People eat apricot kernels? Why? Or should I ask? ps. Added: looked it up. Tried to delete the above post, but apparently couldn't.
  3. That really is sad. Life without potatoes...cannot imagine it. No French Fries? Inconceivable!!
  4. Thursday and reporting back. I was quite disappointed that no Ontarians got back to me with a decent potato salad potato. However, Ed bought some red potatoes in FreshCo, unpackaged, red skins with white flesh, alas he didn't check to see the geographical source for said potatoes, and lo and behold! today we have delicious proper potato salad. Still, we are back in business. The rest of the 'spurious' red potatoes will go into potato soup.
  5. @gfweb: they WERE red potatoes. That's the problem. @Katie Meadow: but I am looking for an Ontario brand name to use. I'm still looking for a brand name available in Ontario. I've started researching the Loblaws brand name 'Farmer's Market/Délices du Marché'. I have a package of coloured peppers in front of me with the information I need. And sad to say...yesterday I made our favourite cucumber salad with Farmer's Market cucumbers and was stunned at how wet the cucumbers were. The recipe calls for 1 cup each of water, vinegar and sugar. I put NO water at all into the mix and still the liquid sitting in the mixing bowl was amazing. I'm wondering if the brand is similar to the 'No Name' brand, also a Loblaws brand, mostly canned items, which we don't use at all. Many of the items are just not to our liking.
  6. Recently I started a topic in Cooking: Mushy Red Potatoes in Potato Salad. Ed had purchased red potatoes...exactly what is called for in potato salad...under the brand "Farmers' Market" and they were incredibly mushy, even when cooked for under ten minutes. Not just mushy on the surface...which can happen easily (for me) when I don't catch the potatoes exactly when they are just right...but mushy through and through. Ugh. ElsieD reported also using this brand and being disappointed in them. What I need now is to be steered to a suitable brand name, available in Ontario, which someone has used recently to make a non-mushy potato salad. Thanks.
  7. Darienne


    Ed's Mother was French-Canadian...Metis actually. Now she made French-Canadian style beans. She was an amazing cook.
  8. The bag is almost empty now. So don't worry this one. We'll eat them. But the potato salad, which we had for supper along with our other usual salads, is really pretty awful. I know Ed will eat it. I don't think I will.
  9. We just steam our asparagus and eat it with butter. We do eat quite a lot of it. Mostly we like the rather thin ones, but last week Ed bought just about the fattest asparagus I've ever seen. Oh, I thought, these are going to have lots of tough ends. And I was so surprised, that fat as they were, the entire stalk was soft and completely edible when steamed. Looked back at the first page of this topic and found my entry all about our asparagus patch which supplied us for years...until the year of the massive renovations when the many large trucks completely destroyed it.
  10. Well, these were sold as "red" potatoes and noted as for potato salad. And that makes two of us who found them objectionable.
  11. I knew that. We won't make a special trip to town to return them, but Ed does all the shopping and they came from the local city's Superstore so it won't be a problem. And while you noted that colour of flesh and skin are not necessarily what we think they are, these potatoes are still meant for potato salad. It says so right on the package. And definitely they are not.
  12. Right. Except that I wasn't making mashed potatoes. Actually, I'm not crazy about mashed potatoes although Ed loves them. I wasn't raised on them. I'll keep your information in mind next time. Ed is still returning the unopened bag and buying a different brand next time.
  13. I have been thinking it over and have decided that there is something wrong with these potatoes. Red potatoes do not have yellow flesh. We'll take the unopened bag back and leave it at that. I've been making potato salad for years and this bag of 'red' potatoes is the first I've ever had trouble with. But thanks for all the replies.
  14. I am very annoyed. Ed bought Red Potatoes "Farmer's Market", No. 1, product of Canada and today I made...or tried to make...potato salad from them. And yes, they had red skins, but I must say they were a somewhat strange color inside for red potatoes...quite yellow. So I boiled them. I started the timer when the water was not even back to 'boiling' yet for 8 minutes. Not taking any chances after the last mushy lot which I admit I was not paying really close attention to. So I was careful this time. Tested them after 8 minutes. Thought...hmmm....maybe one more minute. Thought wrong, wrong, wrong. Plunged them into cold water. Still too late. Mushy, mushy, mushy. Ed is a potato salad aficionado but he will force himself to eat this. What is going on here? "I laugh in your general direction" when I think of Mark Bittman's recipe in "How to Cook Everything" calling for 15 minutes of boiling.
  15. Well, I guess I have to go and test the butter now...
  16. Welcome to eGullet and I hope your new business thrives and soon.
  17. I love lamb, liver and cooked beets. Ed will not touch them. He likes head cheese. Yuck. I won't eat anything jellied. We both like sauerkraut. No one with any sense at all likes gefilte fish. We both can't stand Nutella. And we don't eat shellfish of any kind. Partly heritage; partly I don't like meat that crunches. I've never had corned beef and cabbage but I'd like to try.
  18. Our last move was to the farm almost 26 years ago. And it was following a house fire (the less said about that, the better). So everything which was left unburnt, was taken into storage and fumigated, including the contents of our waste paper baskets. However, I had no work to do either packing up or moving. Unpacking yes. But so much was lost. It was a terrible time and the move was traumatic. There's a little log house below the actual farm house called the Dog House, because that's the name on the front of it above the door. Once upon a time, I've been told, long ago, the raw milk was picked up there. There's stuff in there which has not even been looked at in the almost 26 years. Ed wants to die on the farm. (His Grandfather on his Mother's side died in the field behind a horse-pulled plough. Yes, he could easily have had a tractor...he didn't want one.) Perhaps he'll get his wish. If he does die here and I am still alive, it goes on the market the next day and our real estate agent, who was here last weekend for a visit, knows that. Interesting. Much as I love it here, I could not do it without Ed. Our son keeps hounding me about our selling the farm yesterday and moving into the city. I think he is terrified at the prospect of having to deal with the place and contents upon our deaths. I haven't yet mentioned the Drive Shed, called that because you could put two 18-wheelers into it. It's Ed's domain and I never go into it unless forced. The interior defies description.
  19. That is beautiful. Simply beautiful. Oh, how I wish....
  20. Fresh basil recalled: https://www.consumerreports.org/food-recalls/fresh-organic-basil-recalled-over-cyclospora-contamination-concerns/?EXTKEY=NF12NCP2&utm_source=acxiom&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20210213_nsltr_food
  21. Frybread. Oh my oh my oh my. My very favorite. We've eaten it all over the Southwest. Best place in Shiprock New Mexico. Also Funnel Cakes at American fairs. We have a place near the farm where they now sell it. A teensy piece for $8. I don't think so. So I came home and made it in the kitchen. Great fun. But only once. You really don't want to start making that kind of stuff at home....
  22. Darienne

    Salad 2016 –

    And I have three in a salad and I have no idea where they come from. No point in asking Ed what the placard sitting above the cucumbers said. It's more than enough that he does the grocery shopping.
  23. Darienne

    Salad 2016 –

    This recipe doesn't call for salt. And we, living in the Far Frozen North, and shopping in a small provincial city, get cucumbers, English or not.
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