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  1. No help from this Canadian. I have trouble just remembering what a stick of butter is.
  2. Because it's on his restricted list. Not only does he like it...he adds extra to his salads after they are served. His Mother was French Canadian mix and cooked with more butter, cream and sugar than you can imagine. Ed tells me that all his family had full sets of dentures from very early on. I'll quit now or I could get quite gossipy in my stories about his Mother's cooking. I, OTOH, never even tasted mayonnaise until after we were married. ps. I should add that he is not one pound overweight.
  3. We do use a fair amount of tahini, especially in hummus, but I'm not at all sure about the quality of it, seeing as it's purchased in Canada, in a provincial small-sized city. I wonder how I could figure out what is a good brand to buy. I usually buy it from our local bulk food store. It's not a chain, or a bottom-feeder by any means, carries good brands of this and that....but still I couldn't vouch for the tahini. I'll make it from what I have and see how it tastes. Ed is dealing with sinus problems right now...hence the dietary restrictions...and can't taste things properly to begin with.
  4. I've never made ghee but it doesn't look that difficult and I'm wondering what it tastes like. Ed did suggest I try it and I will. OTOH, it will take me a week to go through all the replies which you all so kindly provided. ❤️
  5. I'm like heidih, in that my memories of margarine go back to the 60s and 70s when we could not afford butter. Here in Ontario, the margarine came in a tough plastic bag, and was a dead white color. Not very appetizing to look at. Each bag contained a breakable color button and the purchaser had the option of coloring the margarine so that it looked more like butter. From the day we decided we could afford to buy butter....I've never looked back.
  6. Alas, mayonnaise is also out of bounds.
  7. Wow! Already I am overwhelmed and will have to spend much time going through all your answers. Thank you so much.
  8. At night we eat a light meal with our heavier meal at noon. In the summer, three out of four nights is a salad, or salads, of some sort. Night #4 is often steamed vegetables with a cheese sauce for Ed and a lemon juice/olive oil dressing for me. And Ed does not like my sauce on his vegetables. He has been using just butter recently. Now Ed has been taken off dairy for the time being to see if that will alleviate his sinus problems. My problem is to find a sauce which he will be willing to use. Who has a wonderful sauce in their repertoire? Thanks. (The sauce can have meat in it.)
  9. I would say that this is exactly what mine looks like. So delicious. Ate it for breakfast cold this morning...just couldn't resist.
  10. One of my other alternates is "rats". Or even "double rats".
  11. I know I am an older cook because dagnabit I AM an older cook.
  12. Inspired by heidih's photo and description of her Ratatouille, I just finished making my first roasted version of the dish. I made it for years in a pot, like a stew, but seeing as I love roasted vegetables, I went for this version. First time I've ever roasted grape tomatoes. Thanks to all for this wonderful thread. I made so much that I have to freeze most of it. I just hope it comes out of freezing as delicious as it is right now.
  13. It's been 11 or 12 years for me now, and much like gfweb...I can't actually remember why. I know I started out in learning about glacé fruits with the help of andiebasenji and how to make ice cream with paulraphael. And heidih guided me through the maze of the many errors in posting I made when I first joined.
  14. I read the topic...and thought...zucchini for sure.
  15. I just got it out of the library yesterday and have started to read it. I'm not Celiac by any means, but who knows about that intolerance which so many people have and their health is much improved by giving up wheat. Have you read it? Do you have any thoughts about it?
  16. Come to think of it, our flyers used to come on a Thursday to start on the Friday. Then some smartie no doubt moved his up one day and sooner or later, they all fell into line. Ed does the shopping in our family and he likes to shop the sales. Somehow he figures the money saved is worth the extra expenditure of time. And he'll happily go to four stores. Some of us certainly don't agree with him, but some of us don't do the shopping any more.
  17. Wednesday night we get the local regional free newspaper with all the ads and flyers in it. And the flyers start on Thursday. Still some of the chain grocery stores no longer produce paper flyers for inclusion in the newspaper, and some put in only a skeleton page or so, but all are online now. Why do the specials in the grocery store begin on a Thursday?
  18. Can't eat a bacon and tomato sandwich on gluten-free rice cakes! Now to find a decent pasta. My first purchase ended up in shreds after cooking. The second one, red lentils, not too bad. Sister-in-law tells me of GoGo Quinoa and now to find a location....
  19. Bought it and tried it and was pleasantly surprised at how palatable it was. Mightily surprised even. And I see that it comes in several formats. It's made in Ireland and imported, maybe by elves. And it ain't cheap by a long shot. Today, a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. On bread.
  20. We do have a Sobeys...the only store in town which carries Poblanos, although they are deemed 'hot'...and will hie ourselves off there today. Thanks so much, CD.
  21. So I am gluten-free for a month anyway...along with sugar-free, dairy-free, coffee-free...and so far so good...except for the bread part. Ed bought two kinds of gluten-free bread for me to try last week at a regular grocery store in Ontario. The whole grain bread was from Little Northern Bakehouse and it was awful, both untoasted and toasted. The sandwich bread was from Glutino...now there's an appealing name...and it was even worse. Is there such a thing as a passable...not good...just passable...gluten-free bread to buy in a grocery store in Ontario? No American brands need apply...I won't be able to buy them in East Central Ontario in a small size city. Thanks.
  22. This sounds like exactly my cup of tea. Thanks for posting.
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