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  1. If @Shelby brings plenty of tomatoes, then we'll be all set!
  2. Picking up BBQ from ZEF today so had to get ready to "tip" them properly πŸ™ƒ Strawberry & Grand Marnier: I used to like to inject strawberries with Grand Mariner and dip them in chocolate. The liqueur filled up the little space inside so there was a nice little surprise when you bit into them. Not sure how this will translate without the chocolate. Peach & Dark Rum: I usually roast the peaches and the skins disintegrate when I blend them up. I skipped the roast step so there are little red flecks of skin visible. They look pretty and hopefully won't taste bad.
  3. From one focaccia to another....I made the focaccia from Breaking Breads (recipe online here), using the poolish option from the book and used some of the dough to make a shakshuka focaccia that's another of the options. He bakes the batch in 8 mini loaves that I've heard others say are good for sandwiches so I baked most of them with just salt and olive oil. Oddly, most of my dimples filled back in but that's OK for my purpose. They're too big for one sandwich for me but I can easily cut them in half and make two. Crumb... ...looks kinda more like a ciabatta. No oil in the recipe except what's needed for stretch & folds and it's shaped on parchment, then loaded on to a baking steel with a pizza peel so the heat from above and below make for a short bake time. I pulled the one above at the recipe's minimum 9 minutes but went closer to 6 min for the rest. Here's the money shot for the shakshuka focaccia... The recipe in the book calls for making a slow cooked matbucha that sounds excellent but I was lacking both time and tomatoes so I pulled out some of @ElainaA's roasted cherry tomatoes and I think they were an excellent substitution. That was my last bag from the freezer, so time to re-stock!
  4. I'm very sorry to hear this. I loved reading David's posts and stories, especially the appreciation he shared for the local PNW produce and artisan products. The effort he put into hosting the Cook-offs was always apparent, from introducing the topic with interesting stories and background research, then facilitating the discussion and usually contributing a dish that was masterful and original. I just took a peek back at his 2007 food blog, eG Foodblog: David Ross - Black Pearls of Gold. As much as I enjoy re-reading David's writing, I couldn't get very far without tearing up but I'll go back another day.
  5. This story about a gentleman who set up a full woodworking shop in his apartment aired on local radio a while ago. Of course, @JoNorvelleWalker came immediately to mind.
  6. Indeed, it seems the power difference was a mistake. The text on the QVC page now reads 800 W Total Power Ooops. I missed @andrewk512's post just above with the same info.
  7. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Not atrociously large, but it was a good size for me. And since hands vary, the slice of "Spam" measures about 10.5 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.3 cm
  8. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Yeah, it was a pretty decadent bowl! I should have divided it into 2 portions as I couldn't finish the whole thing and had the rest for lunch πŸ™ƒ Today's breakfast was take-out treat # 3: "Spam" Musubi. They make their own "Spam" from pork and brisket bits. I believe they started making it to use up little bits and pieces from their BBQ. It's deliciously smoky.
  9. Too lazy to set them up. Once the time changes, I probably will.
  10. I ordered an item from them in 2005. It was something I was going to order elsewhere but when I checked, they were offering a better discount. I had no issues so no experience with their customer service or returns policy.
  11. One thing to watch out for with these or other fabric gloves is that if you inadvertently get them wet and then pick up something very hot, there would be the risk of a steam burn. Since you mentioned neuropathy, I thought I should add that caution.
  12. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Yes, basically as you say. ZEF BBQ is a small pandemic-driven operation that puts out a limited menu once a week for pre-orders on Wednesday for Saturday pick-ups. Usually big on BBQ with the best banana pudding for dessert but this week was a little different. They described this week's ramen as Hokkaido-style Tonkatsu broth, thick cut ChāshΕ«, 7-minute egg, scallion, roasted tomato & Sun noodles. The broth comes in a separate tub, completely jellied. They have heating instructions here that they provide with the order. This week, I also got some of their "Spam" musubi. They make their own "Spam" from a mix of pork and brisket. Haven't tried that yet. The Goan-style mussels I ate right away yesterday and they were amazing. The team got roasted peach & bourbon popsicles as a tip from me πŸ™ƒ
  13. For heat-resistant gloves, I've had these Grill Armor gloves in extra small (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) for about 5 years and am happy with them. I can't say they offer exquisite manual dexterity as they're still pretty bulky but they come closest to fitting my small-ish hands than most others I've tried. Like the mitt you mention, each glove can be worn on either hand so no fumbling back and forth when you just want to grab a glove quickly. They don't have a long cuff like the ones you show in your post, so that may be an issue for you. I have some extra long mitts if I need arm protection but the gloves are good for most of my needs. I'll have to check out those Lee Valley cut-resistant gloves and any other recommendations. The ones I have are miserably large and I should really get something better.
  14. blue_dolphin

    Breakfast 2021

    Take-out treat # 2: ZEF's Top Ramen Kit Mmmmm!
  15. blue_dolphin

    Lunch 2021

    Take-out treat - Goan-style mussels in a sweet/spicy coconut broth with their homemade bread. From ZEF BBQ My car overheated on the way there and again on the way back which was so, so annoying but once I got home, reheated the broth and crisped up the bread it was so, so good.
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