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  1. Ling, if you are into eggs, you GOTTA try the duck eggs from Sea Breeze Farm. They are (gasp!) $8 a dozen, but good god they are fabulous. Rich, huge orange yolks. The last dozen I bought were so big the carton wouldn't close. Fry 'em up in a bit of duck fat and drizzle them with white truffle oil
  2. We have many good markets here in Seattle, most notably Pike Place Market, home not only to many amazing fish, meat, fruit & veggie vendors, but also to more than a few lovely eateries with some fantastic views thrown in for good measure. We also have several Metropolitan Markets (formerly Queen Anne Thriftway) and the now demised and may they RIP Larry's Markets. But we also have huge asian markets (both Central Market and Uwajimaya) AND we also have the wholesale places that happen to have retail outlets: Mutual Fish and Pacific Food Importers. The importance of these last two can not be overstated Not to mention our own little Carniceria El Paisano, a mexican meat & grocery market, selling the most amazing chiccarones! And we can't forget World Spice, where you can find any and all of the freshest spice & herb mixtures; and our beautiful bevy of farmer's markets, some of which run year round. Interestingly enough, when I go to prepare a special meal, I still end up making multiple stops to find all the ingredients... but somehow, I don't mind, and I do think that's part of the joy of it all.
  3. Seattle has these BN celebrations (and perhaps others I don't know about): Le Pichet Cafe Campagne
  4. OHH this is so on my list for next time I'm there...
  5. Mistral!! Oh, the Asian Pears are just that, a pear. Not a cross with an apple.
  6. Welcome Miss Jme! I'd put these toward the top of your list: Matt's at the Market Cafe Campagne Boat Street Cafe Monsoon Zoe Tamarind Tree (maybe Green Leaf instead) Mistral Union Veil The Harvest Vine Lark Lampreia El Portal (Happy Hour!) Le Pichet And on the eastside: Szechuan Chef
  7. malarkey

    Alaska Spot Prawns

    I noticed these in the store just the other day. I need to do something with them, I adore them. Probably my favorite shrimp.
  8. I've also heard that this is the best way to enjoy Canlis. Wendy & Dayne, have you redeemed your certificate yet?
  9. I too have made the quiche recipe twice now in a springform pan with no leakage. I am rolling fairly thick, but really about 1/4 inch and not more. Guess I've been lucky! I love how silky soft and custardy it is. I will NEVER eat a hard-scrambled egg type of quiche again. My only problem is I can't seem to keep my ingredients from floating to the top during cooking. I'm talking about the florentine version. I need to make the lorraine. damn, it looks so good.
  10. Welcome to Seattle, LDLee. Do post about your experiences once you are back. I personally would switch out Wild Ginger and Chez Shea, but they, that's me. I think I'd put Lark and Le Pichet into those slots :-) Herb Farm has a format that many, MANY people have complained about on this board. However, I'll bet you will NOT be disappointed in the food. At least, I never have been. I've had dishes there that still live in my memory...
  11. This is a good point. I haven't watched all her shows, but the ones I've seen she does go to locally owned restaurants, thus giving them national exposure. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, has she ever promoted a national chain on $40 a Day or Tasty Travels? Well, that would be me, however, I wouldn't put BK at the top of my "burger" list. I do tend to avoid national chains, preferring to support the local economy by finding the down-home diner or roadhouse. Really, it's her persona that bugs me. The giggling is awful, the cutesy perky thing is awful. Just not my style. Plus, I'm interested in more serious cooking. I'm just not in her demographic.
  12. I've made this before and there's a really fine line of when its just right and when it will turn into a rock. LOL ~Also, I think you should have iced your cake immediately when the frosting was done (and still warm).
  13. LOL! Actually, the question that never got answered is 'who does RR's research?!' I'd like to know. I agree with the general sentiment expressed about her here. I do think she's a "lowest common denominator" type of fake foodie front person, her audience is people who think they are foodies, but really aren't. OK, that sounds snobby. So sue me.
  14. It's worth it. Last time I ate there it was knocked OUT.
  15. Wow! You've set to cooking right away! As you've noticed, we're having a bit of a respite from the dreary fall weather. I was really hoping this would happen, as this is what a Seattle fall is SUPPOSED to be like. Warm golden sunlight.. the trees turning... Luckily, the farmer's markets all keep going for quite some time, and some even go year round. You'll find more crafts than veggies in the winter, but there is always something interesting going on. Have you made it to Ballard Farmer's Market yet? A vendor there is making crostini with toppings for small snacks and they are divine! As we get deeper into fall you'll see heavier greens galore: chard, kale, mustard, all wonderful for braising or sautéing. I even had a grilled kale at Vij's once that was killer-good but I have NOT been able to duplicate that one at home!
  16. malarkey

    Fresh Hop Beers

    Oh gee, look, Sierra Nevada won first place two years in a row. What a surprise gawd, I so love that flavor. Um, anyone from Seattle going over for this??
  17. Ohhh good news indeed. These are now on my list and a trip to Bottleworks is impending. I have a bottle of the 18th Anniversary Pils but haven't opened it yet.. last night: Twilight Ale, as the summer starts to fade...
  18. Actually I would say 'yes' but mainly because you will have picky eaters in tow. The "chicken breast" eater and the "no small plates" guy will not appreciate Mistral. I think Canlis will be right up their alley.
  19. What Tighe doesn't mention (but it is implied) is that this photo is from the Salish Lodge website. Yep, I'd call that stacked food. hey! All those in favor of stacked food, raise your hand!
  20. Interesting that everyone just assumes that IC#1 is Lorna and IC#2 is Henry, without actual confirmation from either one of them. And then, Renka says this: ...which is a strong indicator of who IC#1 is! Plus the other giveaway was Lorna commenting that the peach "foie" idea was actually a Ferran Adria recipe, which of course, is her way of outing Henry's originality LOL
  21. HMMMM kinda hard to vote without tasting.. but since we're only voting on presentation and originality, I'm going to give the edge to Iron Chef #1 with 9 points. Iron Chef #2 gets 8 points, because I think the peach "foie gras" with crushed ginger altoids is highly inventive. Can we also guess identities? Iron Chef #1 = Lorna Iron Chef #2 = Henry
  22. McKenna's Meats. Yes, it's killer good. The spicy one is especially good. I would have to second the Washington Wine suggestions.
  23. oh damn! they are in my 'hood too! loved their take on CFS too. That's too bad. I'm sorry to see them go.
  24. My question would be, why would you want to?? Just eat foods that are naturally low-cal that taste fabulous. Chemically altered diet foods don't usually taste very good at all, and anyone remotely interested in food won't stick to a diet of such foods. Salads with homemade vineagrette, grilled or poached fish, roasted meats, vegetables simply steamed with a touch of olive oil & butter and a bit of sea salt... All lovely tasting and easily worked into a reduced calorie diet.
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