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    Wine Podcasts

    Wine Library TV, but not in podcast, I watch the vlog. Gary Vaynerchuk certainly pulls all the pretention out of wine tasting. IMO, it's a riot and very entertaining as well as educational. Some people have labeled it "2nd grade level" but they quickly get labeled back as snobs LOL. He's all inclusive, he's not about to exclude newbies to the wine world. I like it.
  2. LOL this is hilarious! OK, I think I need an excuse to visit this place soon...
  3. you know... I wondered if that was you, but dang it, its been so long since you've shown your face at an eG gathering that I wasn't completely sure! Indeed, you did get some great air time, Placebo! I'm sure someone here will be willing to lend you a tape of the ep! (I didn't record it)
  4. well of COURSE, he can't remember.
  5. A friend of mine just returned from Brittany and had some homemade bread that had been made with a french flour that already has leavening in it. He said it was like the french version of bisquick, but that bisquick can not be used as a substitute for this type of flour. He thinks the flour already has yeast in it, rather than baking powder. Any idea how to make this, or buy an equivalent item here in the US?
  6. None of these are walking distance of Denny & Westlake, in fact, not much is in walking distance of Denny & Westlake, especially in the winter. Are you up for a little cab ride? I'll second Boat St Cafe!
  7. Alaskan Winter Ale, their seasonal, brewed with spruce tips. A Winner!! The spruce tips compliment the hops and there's a bit of spice going in it too... yum. After trying it I went out and bought a whole six of it
  8. Cahors is good. But you might like to try to find a nice Corbiers. It comes from the same region as the main casoulette towns & really works well with it. Let it breath well & you'll be delighted. ← Thanks for the recommendation, Dave. I'll look for some!
  9. OK! I'm jumping into this fray and planning on having a cassoulet dinner sometime in late January. I'm going to go out and buy Paula Wolfert's book because I've asked for it 2 (or 3?) christmas' in a row and still haven't gotten it! grrr... I have both duck and rabbit confit going in the fridge right now. OK, so not really traditional, but... thought I'd give it a wing and see what happens. Will order tarbais beans (might be able to find them locally) and will make my own toulouse sausage, probably using Paula's recipe. Love the idea of fish first and then a grand marnier souffle after! Ooo la la! I'm also going to look into the wines someone mentioned here (cahors, others) as my modest cellar is mostly burgundies! yummmm
  10. As I drove by them on my way to work yesterday, I was just thinking I needed to go back there. I really enjoyed it the couple of times I went. That location is horrible though. I can't imagine anything other than a destination restaurant surviving there. ← NOOOOO! I really liked that place. Yes, the location sucked, but you know what? You could always find parking there! I hope the owners + chef can find a new spot that gets more traffic. Their food was fantastic, and the place had a good vibe.
  11. I've had the Essential Bakery version and the Marabissi that Ling mentions above. The Essential one is nice, but the Marabissi with tropical fruits rocks. Really delish.
  12. Excellent- you'll find some fabulous food there. I don't really find Union's atomsphere 'romantic,' but I think you'll have fun.
  13. Weeelllll! Since kitchenmage stepped out on the proverbial limb to defend the Herbfarm, I guess I don't have to be the first. I love Jerry Traunfeld's cooking. I've had food there that still lives in my mind and on my taste buds. Tell them it's a very special occassion, and book a room next door. I think you'll be quite pleased.
  14. Lunch Sat or Sun: Matt's in the Market Dinner close to Key Arena: Moxie late night snacks.....? Palace Kitchen open till 1am.
  15. Scene: Office Party. Offending item: Sysco potstickers and eggrolls. They weren't bland, they tasted horrid.
  16. malarkey


    ohhhhh I really should participate in this thread with some photos. Nachos are one of my specialties. They are SO satisfying!
  17. depending on where you choose, I would imagine you could conjure up a passle of Seattleites to join you. Have you thought of Union?
  18. It's called Bambinos... I think it's supposed to be NY style. ← That's it, and its at the end of 4th Ave, not 2nd. Thanks for the feedback folks.
  19. Just want to add we just had a fabulous dinner last night at Boat St. We started with a half bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau, in fact the last bottle poured off a cask they'd gotten for the Thursday night 'est arrivé' party. Apps were a special pork pâté that really was great. It was a chunky country style and the flavor was wonderful. We also had the arugula, pear, walnut & Bleu d'Auvergne salad: people, get this if you are going soon. the flavors were incredible. I've never had a better blue cheese than this one. Entreés were the poussin, and yes little miss foodie is right, the sauce is to die for. We also had the savory flan which happened to be Leek last night. These things are SO good, no matter what is in them. Also on the table: Shrimp done in a sort of diavolo sauce, crispy, spicy, and came with a baguette spread with goat cheese crottin that had been toasted under the broiler. yum. But the killer combination on the table was the pork belly with romesco sauce and sweet pickled onions. The flavor created by having all these in one bite was just stunning. We had a bottle of red with all this, and to tell you the truth, the only thing I remember is that it was french but it was lovely. chocolate pot de creme for dessert, panna cotta with blackberries and of course, how-can-you-leave-without-it: the amaretto bread pudding.
  20. so what's the deal with the pizza place at the end of 2nd Ave., just down the street from the 5 Point?? Sorry can't remember the name... but the sign suggests it's wood fired pizza...?
  21. Oooo- Just had The Last Caprese myself last night. For some reason, my local grocery store carried lovely ripe heirlooms up until yesterday. Then, they vanished, overnight. I had two left over last night, and happened to have some leftover buffalo mozz from the caprese I had over the weekend ... picked up some fresh basil at the store and voila, my Last Caprese of the year. I even contemplated the last bite of tomato for a few seconds, realizing that it would likely be next July or even August before that flavor crosses my tongue again.
  22. The Morning Roll and the Pecan Sticky Bun. Yum!
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