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  1. Mmmmmmm I think I might pass on this one Rocky!
  2. Sampled 3 tacos from Rancho Bravo today, pollo, carne asada, and al pastor. YUM!!! Sooo glad to find this close to work! They do a kickin' business. I waited in line and most people in front of me were obviously making large orders for their co-workers. Overheard from the guy in front of me: "I'll take 7 beef tacos, 6 burritos, 4 tortas..."
  3. Yes! I forgot about this little place... I have noticed this place, and there is a menu up at work. I'll have to check this out. OMG YES! this is very close, and is very high on my list of places to try. Wow, this one might be the choice. I'm meeting some folks today for lunch, they've asked me to choose. If I can get them to come to Kirkland, we might do this little place. LOL somehow I felt this place had AVOID written all over it. LOL yes I am thrilled there's a Trader Joe's for after work shopping-for-dinner stuff! Why, OF COURSE!! And, it is a sponsor of one of my favorite local equestrian organizations: Hillbilly Farms!
  4. ok folks, yes, I'm working up here in Totem Lake, world's best example of bad suburban planning, and I'm wondering if anyone familiar with the area can recommend local good eats. PLEASE??
  5. When Noah's first opened in Seattle, they were Kosher. They dropped it pretty quickly though, I believe within a year.
  6. It's really just because of their sign, and the fact that it's day-glo bright inside because of a ceiling full of flourescent lighting. Ick, sorta the same colors as a Baskin Robbins. One door south of the Home Street Bank, in fact, I think it's the same building.
  7. don't think so, but I'll look today to be sure. There's Pat's on the Ave, which I would think will survive the others, because Pat has been making espresso on the Ave for a lot of years and has a loyal following. The weirdly cartoon like place just literally a few doors south of there is still functioning, although I don't know how.
  8. Ooo, haven't noticed that yet. I'll keep my eye on it. The little place next to Le Cadeaux Gourmet has opened. It's ice cream and espresso. *sigh* do we really need 3 places offering this in 3 blocks?!
  9. I'm also currently crazy about 35th St Bistro but that would require a short taxi ride to the Center of the Universe, beautiful downtown Fremont. It's a french bistro, so perhaps Le Pichet will fill that bill for you, but 35th St makes the tastiest eggs benedict in town on Sat/Sun for brunch. I'm also still very adoring of the food at Lark (also a short cab ride, but up to Capital Hill this time, even closer than Harvest Vine!) review here. Small plate venue, eat as much or as little as you like, I've heard angels singing while eating here.
  10. If you've never been to Matt's in the Market, I'd advise a trip there. Lovely food, lovely space, lovely people. Always high on the recommend list for out-of-towners.
  11. ok, I just found this: Local foodie Bob Day hired Boat Street genius Renee Erickson to help him recreate his favorite bistros in Paris.
  12. This dinner was lovely. While the service was a bit spotty- they were running their regular dinner menu along with the wine dinner tasting menu- The food was very good with 2 outstanding dishes: the rabbit stuffed crepes and the Lamb Two Ways. The rabbit dish had a deliciously rich-but-not-overly-so reduction sauce, I thought this dish had beautiful flavors that were, for me, groan inducing ;-) The lamb dish had a perfectly rare chop, with braised sweetbreads and a very tasty celery root "chip," thinly sliced then fried, capping the whole thing. Wowie, once again, there was a lovely reduction sauce and this dish matched the wine served with it to a T. More groans. But really, all the dishes in this menu were very nice and there were some surprising pairings: beets with fish, who would have thought these would go together? They did, amazingly. The beets were very small and tender & buttery, the cod meltingly tender & moist, cooked perfectly. The foie gras hollendaise on the scallop was a thing of beauty, as if Rocky and I haven't had enough hollendaise lately, imagine it with a bit of foie in the mix, just enough to add an subtle note of something extra to the sauce, and the dessert bears mention also, just because it was a very interesting combination of flavors: Aged Grafton Village Cheddar, set beside an apple tartlet, which was not a small apple pie, but a compote of apples set inside a delicate crust that had been baked separately. On the side, a generous drizzle of aged balsamic. The tartlet crust was the sweetest thing on the plate, next being the apples, cut into very small dice. The cheddar was fabulous, the entire thing being an interesting contrast of flavors. Served with a riesling, it was on the whole a savory dessert course with tiny sweet notes. Great stuff! ... just who is the chef here? anyone know? They are doing a champagne dinner on Sept 14th...
  13. I really liked the Eggs Bene at Glo's. I do find the addition of grilled tomato a bit curious, because it adds an dimension of flavor that I'm not sure 'belongs.' It's not that it doesn't work, but it moves the total flavor experience away from what one would expect from this dish. The tomato & hollendaise seem to compete for the dominating flavor position. I liked having bacon there instead of canadian bacon. The hollendaise is more lemony than any we'd had up to now. And I loved the hash browns, but I'm a sucker for hash browns. And I'm with Rocky, I came away from this thinking "I can't look another egg in the face for a few days!" ...but, after awhile, I'm sure I'd be game to go again One thing I've realized about going to these places mid-week: If one really, REALLY wants breakfast at one of these joints without the crowd, get yer a** outta bed early and git down there, it CAN be done before work. Both The Dish and Glo's are open at 7am. Eggs Benedict: Eggs Blackstone:
  14. This morning, Rocky and I ventured to The Dish on Leary Way in order to sample their version of Eggs Benedict. We met at 8:30am <yawning emoticon> and started in on coffee and checked out the menu. They offer 4 types of Benedict, canadian bacon, sausage, bacon, or veggie (which includes tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach). I chose the veggie because I believe someone (maybe bon-vivant?) thought the veggie bene rocked, and Rocky chose the sausage. Unfortunately, the waitress also told us that Chicken Fried Steak was their special of the day. Hmm. We ordered a side of it. Needless to say our eyes were bigger than our stomach. Verdict: The Eggs Bene at The Dish is worthy, and Rocky thinks it should be the benchmark. The hollendaise isn't as light and lemony as the one at 35th St Bistro, but it was nicely done and there was plenty of it. My veggie bene, I thought, had too many veggies, and the flavor of the 3 together just wasn't that special. I'll let Rocky comment on the sausage bene, but I think I remember him saying something about Jimmy Dean... Also, the eggs could have been a bit runnier. I had one that ran a bit, but the other was fairly hard cooked. The potatoes here are pretty dang good. I liked them better than the ones at 35th St Bistro, but I prefer crunchy taters. the CFS was.. OK. Not bad. Good gravy, but I've had better CFS, even in Seattle. It's been awhile since I've been to the Dish. I forgot what a nice vibe this place has.
  15. how is it that I've not been here yet?! This needs to be fixed! for anyone wondering.. they are here: 1036A S Jackson St - (206) 328-2245
  16. Ooohhhh we could EXTEND the Eggs Bene Crawl!! Hey, this could be Important with a capital "I". Record Breaking, Earth Shattering. So Arne, WHERE is the best Eggs Bene in Vancouver?
  17. I LOVE Baguette Box and IMHO their fries are in heavy contention for BEST in Seattle. With or without white truffle oil
  18. Speck and I will make an appearance at this dinner (and we'll sit and EAT too!) so if anyone else is planning on coming, let me know!
  19. We actually discussed this, because, believe it or not, we HAVE read Kitchen Confidential and we are STILL willing to do a Eggs Bene crawl. We wondered, are we risking gastro-intesinal melt down? Should we limit it to finer establishments, and go when they first open? We pretty much decided that keeping to the last two might help us avoid disaster. But yes, we are STILL willing to do it, because goddamit, Eggs Benedict, washed down with champagne, is nirvana. And all that said, I've been eating Eggs Benedict out in finer establishments for YEARS without incident. knock on wood... I do love to make it at home also. It is a great start to a Sunday morning...
  20. 35th St Bistro is having a wine dinner this coming Wednesday, the 24th. I've had 3 meals here now, and I think this place is shining ! ________________________________ Subject: J.Christopher Wine Dinner Just a reminder... One of Oregon's best winemakers will be with us next Wednesday: Wednesday, August 24 Jay Somers, J. Christopher Winery Jay Somers got his start making wine at Oregon’s boutique winery, Cameron. Jay is now making his own wines, heralded as among the most interesting wines to come out of Oregon. We’ll be enjoying his Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noirs, paired with Jay, his wife Rhonda, and six delicious courses of summer's luscious ingredients, including. Please Join us for this very special evening. The cost is $75/person, excluding tax and gratuity, and reservations are required. This dinner is selling quickly - book a table between 6 and 9:30 by calling the 35th Street Bistro at 206.547.9850, or by email at jchrist@35bistro.com. The Menu: Heirloom Tomato Salad, baby greens, balsamic syrup '03 Chehalem Vineyard Chardonnay Rabbit Stuffed Crêpes, melted leeks, summer vegetable succotash '03 Cuvee Lunatique Chardonnay Seared Sea Scallop, fresh angel hair pasta, fines herbs '04 Croft Sauvignon Blanc Roasted Black Cod, organic baby vegetables, parsley coulis '03 Willamette Pinot Noir Lamb Two Ways: Grilled rib chop over braised lamb sweetbreads '02 Cuvee Saskia Pinot Noir Apple Tarte, aged Grafton Farms Cheddar '04 Willamette Riesling
  21. next time we'll be equipped with the camera!! But yes, Rocky is right. The eggs bene at 35th St Bistro rocked my world. Its the best eggs bene I've had in years, since the old Illiterati closed.
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