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  1. Ohhhh let me just say that I think the beer section at the Roosevelt store RULES. kudos to the folks that put that together. Read the tasting notes sometime, they are hilarious.
  2. malarkey

    Names for Homebrews

    It's An Old House Ale. Story: when me and my homebrewer-ex moved into a house together, we did lots of fixing up and painting. First rain storm we discovered that the ceiling in the dining room leaked like a sieve. We call and tell the landlady's hubby about it. He says to us "well, you know, it's an old house." First beer we brewed there, got the name. Oh, and when landlady found out, she freaked. It got fixed.
  3. re: fazool, proscuit, motzaRELL.. and especially "bru-shetta" I gotta admit these REALLY bug me. But I studied Italian with a woman from Tuscany, and what someone here said is true, this is not 'proper' italian, and it is looked down upon as sounding uneducated. She trained me well I guess! The one that made her crazy was the mis-use of "panini" which is plural; panino is singular, but you hardly ever see it used.
  4. I know what you mean, I know they are nitate free and all that but they are lacking in flava and they go bad in about a minute. Columbus brand, Boars and Salumi (duh) are it. ← Hmm no kidding?? Wow, I think the Golden Farms mortadella rocks. Along with the Golden Farms cappacola, both the spicy and the black pepper. I'll agree that the rest of the stuff there is so-so, but the GF mortadella definitely beats the brand they had before. Oh, and I do like the pâtés also.
  5. Why, that's the pan-seared fish with bacon and shallot vinagrette. Its yummy, no? Definitely one of my faves on the Brasa Happy Hour list. And it comes with those fabulous fried onions. So glad you enjoyed Matt's, I think it's brilliant. I'm looking forward to my next Vancouver expedition! We'll be sure to drop you a line... edit: oh hey, and for your next trip down, let us know ahead of time, I'm sure we could arrange for some personal chauffeuring around town
  6. Arne- So nice to meet you and "J"! Hope you had a lovely time, and please post about your dining excursions in Seattle, we'd all love to hear your impressions!
  7. What about Tia Lou's for mexican? Is it still there? Is it still good?
  8. I was wrong Denny and Western, the addy will be 3131 Western, so yeah, kinda by the P-I building. Rocky ← Its gonna be in the NW Work Lofts building.
  9. Hi Blork, welcome to eGullet! Flying Fish is pretty seafood centric (Belltown) and Matt's in the Market.. which is......drumroll please: "in the Market" usually has great seafood dishes on their menu. Actually, there's lots of good eats in the Market. Cafe Campagne, Maximillians, Matt's... All turn out good seafood dishes. Oh and there's Etta's too, a Tom Douglas establishment that focuses on seafood. For classic seafood prep (i.e., crab with drawn butter, a huge variety of oysters on the half shell) try Elliott's on the waterfront, just down from the market. There's also Oceanaire, which is downtown (west of the market) but I've not eaten there so I can't testify- but they are totally seafood centric.
  10. I love doing this. And yes, I'll admit I am one of those people who will talk to other people in the grocery store. One of my favorite things is watching people discuss & pick out beers ok, it's weird, I know...
  11. You simply MUST go to Matt's in the Market while here. Excellent chow for a reasonable price and plenty of charm to go with it. Make a ressie now. I'd suggest lunch on Saturday. (Or lunch on Friday if you are here that early). I'll watch the ISO... edit to add: Matt's in the Market, 94 Pike St, 206-467-7909
  12. Rogue's Imperial IPA in the big black bottle.
  13. Last night after class: Cantillon Kriek makes for a nice sleeping pill. ;-)
  14. I tried it when my niece was here visiting, largely out of curiosity, because I noticed they have a wood burning oven. First off, they don't run their oven NEARLY hot enough. I asked one of the chefs and he told me it was currently running at 523°, which isn't even as hot as you can run your own kitchen oven. The pizza wasn't horrible, the sauce was nice enough, I got a margherita because it seems to be a good 'test' pizza for anywhere. I thought the crust was a little thick on my visit. Doesn't beat Lago
  15. Thanks for the review crosparantoux. I love and adore Matt's. One of my favorite places in town to hang out, relax and have some excellent food. You're right, it has a great vibe about it. In fact... I think I might need to have lunch there this week......
  16. NO kidding LOL. Well, obviously in your list of priorities, food is nowhere near the top! PS- I'd bet they probably have a few extras on hand for diners that show up without.
  17. malarkey

    Worst Beer Ever Tasted

    I might have to amend my list with badly made homebrew. There's nothing worse than the taste of infected beer. (sadly, I know people who happily drink the stuff)
  18. Today: Tuna salad (not just ANY tuna salad, this one has artichoke hearts, capers, kalamata olives, mayo and lots o' dill) with chips and Rogue's Morimoto Imperial Pilsner. DAMN this is a good beer. If you can find it where you are at, I highly encourage trying it. (brewed with french pilsner malt, sterling hops, and czech pilsner yeast, it comes in at 8.8%) Here's Rogue's description: "Golden in color with a dry hop floral aroma and intense hop bitterness supported by a big malty backbone which culminates into a hedonistic mouthful." ;-)
  19. Della you should have hit him over the head and taken his Bridgeport IPA. Yesterday was Q day: While waiting for the food we consumed a bottle of Deus. A nice start to any day Then with the food (ribs!) came Deshutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale, with desserts (9 layer caramel cake and chocolate cookies) with Guinness Stout. Friday night: Cold fried chicken with 2004 Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale.
  20. man I need to go here! It sounds fantastic! Morimoto's foods come with dried bonito flakes so you can witness this lovely effect on your desk at work
  21. Wendy, I've not tried the Uli sausages, so you'll have to let me know what they are like. IMO if you want the saucisson l'ail, you need to travel north and visit Oyama's at Granville Island. They also have Bayonne. Let me know if you want to make a day trip :-) edit: yes, that's right, I'm willing to travel 4-5 hrs RT just for french charcuterie.
  22. Some places will send a half-ham. While its still a lot, its less than a whole. My current fave is the Holloway Ham. They are double smoked, so will be more smoky tasting than even a Smithfield. Holloway sells half-hams. If you want less smoky, go for a Smithfield or a Broadbent. A google search turns up all sorts of places selling country hams. Be sure the get the real deal though, and not one of those injected thingees I don't know of anywhere locally where you can buy real country ham. Tell you what, I have some Holloway Ham in my fridge right now, I'll bring a sample for you to taste this Saturday if you are interested...
  23. DO go to Matt's in the Market. No trip to Seattle is complete without going there.
  24. malarkey

    The Terrine Topic

    I'd love to become proficient at making terrines. Any other cookbooks you all would recommend to help a beginner terrine maker?? I'm not afraid of complicated recipes...
  25. heh! Just read that last night as I munched on some dinner before class. Funny review. I need to go here! Plus I can't stop thinking about those duck corn dogs they had at the Taste...
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