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  1. I'll 2nd/3rd/4th the Seven Stars Pepper recommend. That would be a real treat for a midwesterner.
  2. Oh, and The Ark at the end of Long Beach in Oysterville. For a great low-key lunch/dinner: burgers at The Corral Drive In - Long Beach.
  3. Bistro in Cannon Beach, and there's some little place in Gearhart that's supposed to be pretty great too. Shouldn't be too hard to find - Gearhart is a tiny town.
  4. I was waiting for someone to bring up raspberry vinaigrette. I've never had a good one, although someone on this thread said at the height of the season it can be great. chocolate "decadence" type desserts. seared ahi, I'll agree that one is over-used. And, quite frankly, steak restaurants in general. I can sear a damn good steak at home. Yes, I know its 'prime,' but I still don't care to spend hard earned $$$ on a steak dinner.
  5. I had Shiner Bock while in TX recently. With some BBQ, natch. It was a fine, fine hot weather beer. I enjoyed it. When in Rome, you know. I also admit to drinking a *shock* Coors Light while there. Not by choice, but because someone handed me one, and it was with a light supper, and it was also, surprisingly, drinkable, on a hot summer late afternoon. Especially with food. Not sure I'd choose it, certainly not as a session beer, but hey, like I said, when in Rome....
  6. Have Anderson Valley's summer seasonal in the fridge at the moment: Summer Solstice Cervesa Crema. Quite frankly, it's not my cup o' tea. Malty, spicy, slightly sweet, I'm not getting any "crema" out of this one at all. Also..well...it's completely devoid of any hop flavor.
  7. This is excellent news, papachef aka chefturnedbum! Love the new name. Hope you can post here when things are are happening!
  8. In their heyday, I'd say the Hilltop & 74th St Alehouses had fantastic food. somewhere along the way, something happened, because now the food is pretty lackluster. It was definitely a step above "pub grub" and I had some pretty amazing dishes there. Timeframe was ~'95, '96 or so. I'd also wager that most people don't really know wine pairings beyond "white with fish, red with meat" but I would agree that people are less likely to be familiar with "lighter beer with spicy foods or subtle flavors, dark fuller flavored beer with meats, cheeses, etc." I know the Pike Place Brewery tried doing food & beer pairings, having suggestions on their menus, but IMO their food, (here we go again) just wasn't that good. So perhaps you are right. I'm not as familiar with the beer scene as I once was, but off hand I can't really think of anyplace that caters to beer geeks (certainly not on the level Brouwer's does) that has exceptional food, and seeks to pair that food with beers. Has anyone read the Garrett Oliver book?! But c'mon, Brouwer's could at least raise the level of their food to "good pub grub" which it ain't even hitting now. And the food that they are offering isn't that complicated, and is easily made better just by changing a few things.
  9. Mmm I don't know about that. This is one bar that is TRULY designed for beer geeks. Too bad they left food geeks out of the picture!
  10. Can't wait to read your review Rosie. I'll be there on July 15th, just made my ressie!!
  11. And swearing in italian! don't forget that!!
  12. I know I'd have to hit Stone Brewing and Pizza Port.
  13. Uh uhuhuh.. is that going to be the same Stewart's Meats as in the one in McKenna?? The one with the killer beef jerky?!
  14. it used to be a convenience store, with very empty shelves. I'd only been in it once. You can still see the sign sitting inside the place. If there was a liquor license app posted, that's a good sign! (edit: can't spell!)
  15. Good God Daniel! What an account! I wish I'd seen this when you originally posted it, I could have helped with some suggestions in the middle of the country there, although I think you did fine. Hint: next time through KS, stop in Abilene and go to the Brookville Hotel. Not as cool as when it was in the old space, but still an institution. Down home fried chicken, mashed taters, gravy, biscuits, etc. AND if you do Highway 50 through KS, I got more suggestions there Let us know when you do the Seattle trip! I'll echo what a few other folks have said.... "ah, youth" ..nothing like beer for breakfast and no sleep and party on and eat everything in sight! Enjoy it while you can!
  16. And we, as a whole, have the power to do some serious damage to this business, just on word of mouth. Course, it could be argued that he's doing it to himself, ultimately, by his inhospitable manner. But word spreads fast in the digital age, and on a board as visible as eG, he could soon find himself with an empty restaurant night after night. I give them a year, tops. The dining public won't put up with that shit for long. There's just too many other great places to go in this town.
  17. And just exactly what is going on at the corner of Taylor and Aloha (one block east of Crow) ?? Hmmm? No signs yet, but I'm thinking its gonna be a restaurant. At least I'm hoping so
  18. We spend every Thanksgiving at Manzanita. Have been for 12 years now. I know exactly what you are talking about.
  19. Bill's Tavern on the main drag in Cannon Beach. Pub fare and they brew their own beer. Lazy Susan Cafe for breakfast, Bistro Restaurant for dinner. I've eaten at Pulicci's before but its been years so I can't say yay or nay to that one. I notice there's some new places I haven't checked out yet.. I'll be checking those out come Tgiving timeframe!
  20. Yeah, but do they get soft shell Atlantic Blue Crab in the PNW? ← We get it shipped in, but quality can be shaky as you might guess. When its good, its fabulous though. Do ya'll get Dungeness?
  21. Had dinner at Brouwer's again last week. Had a croque monsieur and frites. They are still using crappy bread. No excuse for this with Essential just down the road. I've not had a lot of croque sammies, so I really have no frame of reference for this, but to me it was fairly bland and I would have liked the cheese on the outside of the sandwich to be crispier. (they broil the sandwich after grilling) They've changed how they do frites, but its still not right. frites came in all shapes and sizes, skin on, some still dark and mushy, and some lighter and less mushy. Hmm. I'm not sure why they can't seem to get this right. frites aren't that hard! I'm pretty sure that dandelion is right, they aren't pre-soaking, and I also wonder if their fat isn't the right temp. Yay for the bottle list, and the on tap selection continues to rock.
  22. CR sockeye at $8.99/lb. at Pure Foods yesterday. Grilled over charcoal on a cedar plank. Major YUM.
  23. Wow, I wonder where they are getting wild boar? could it be farm raised and they are just calling it 'wild' boar??
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