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  1. LOL, I gotta agree with you geoff. While I can do a burger without fries, dang it just ain't right. I'm sampling Sambar tomorrow night ;-)
  2. I think its natural for foodies to be momentarily fascinated with people who don't care about food one iota, and to contemplate that for a bit. Its sorta like looking at a car accident. You just can't help it. I would not like this woman as a dinner guest. These are the types that turn up their nose at something you've lovingly made, saying "oh, I'm not that hungry.." And let's face it, when WE cook, we want people at our table who will appreciate what we are offering. At least I do.
  3. Larry's used to (hopefully still do) make a great one that has blue cheese in the dressing.
  4. Franglor's. I remember it well. The BEST red beans and rice.
  5. I was in Vancouver for the day last Saturday. Drove all the way up from Seattle just to shop at G.I. Well, had to show my niece Vancouver, her first time in Canada! Bought a big fat Morteau sausage from Oyamas, took it home and made a lovely white bean soup with onion, garlic, thyme a bit of rosemary and some summer savory. Also bought a saucisson sec and some rillettes and some paté and some rhinelanders... Dang that was some great stuff, especially that Morteau simmering sausage. I LOVE those. I always stand there all agog in front of Oyamas for a few minutes till I snap out of it enough to start asking for stuff.
  6. I gotta vote for Sundstrom. I've had some epiphany food at Lark. you know.. take one bite, hear celestial choir...
  7. I agree with HH&C's post. These guys need to know these things, they might already be aware, but they should also be aware that its being discussed on a very visible public forum like eG. I WANT this place to succeed, its potentially one of my very favorite places. And as everyone has said, all these things are fixable. I would hope that they want the servers to be knowledgable, especially since the folks that work at Bottleworks seem to know everything about the beer in there and are always very helpful.
  8. Ohhh I'd like to hear that story. I'll ask next time I see you
  9. oh geez, I didn't stop to count, but I'd guess around 25 on tap, and a whole bunch more in bottles. The menu has them separated by country. There's a Great Britian section, a Belgian section, and a Germany section. And I think they do have some American too, but funny I can't recall...
  10. I'm wondering if we are ever gonna see Total's sheeps milk yogurt again...
  11. I got my copy!! Yea! I think its a great list, and a job well done to all eG'ers who took part. How nice to see a 'best of' list I actually agree with!
  12. yep, went with LEdlund last week. If you go, have patience. They are still working out the service thing. We had croquettes and the spinach salad and moules et frites and the leek gratin... or was it some other kind of gratin? All the food was great, except the moules were not as fresh as they should be. I have every confidence though that this place can pull it off. They've got everything else right: the beer is fabulous, the selection outrageous, the upstairs downstairs thing is smart, and it has a great vibe. I'll be there again, no doubt ;-)
  13. That place is unfortunately gone. What about Whole Foods? They are now carrying stuff from Golden Farms, and IMHO, the mortadella ROCKS. I also like the cappacolas they make, both a spicy one and a black pepper one. The salamis I'm have from there are just, eh. But I haven't tried all of them. My fave for dry wine salami is the Molinari, and you can find that one at Met Markets and I think at QFC.
  14. ah HA! Another local food blog! How dare you hide this from us!
  15. OK, looks like it is finally here. Brouwer's Café will be opening Tuesday the 22nd of March. I think I might need to go...
  16. Seven Stars Pepper, Yes, Yes, Yes!! HEY BastilaShan, where the hell you been?! I was wonderin' if you were still hangin' around!
  17. OH my god. I'f I'd known about LeBeau on my last visit I would have gorged myself. These look just outrageous. I ADORE gaufres Needless to say, this is HIGH on my return list. Excellent blog, Daddy-A. You do the PNW proud.
  18. I'm intrigued by the 'bridge.' What was the inspiration for this? Is it to maximize counter space? It seems to me it would be very awkward for the people sitting at the bar stools behind it, as it looks to be face level. But that just could be the perspective the photo creates. I'm with you on the fridge. Freezer UNDER fridge, much better design.
  19. Tolliver sez: "He means the typical Italian grandmother doesn't put the green onions, for example, directly on the cutting board and slice them using her Global Chef knife using her knife skills. Instead, she'd hold the green onions in her hand and slice them up against her thumb using her paring knife, often right over the bowl, pan or cutting board. Mario is about authenticity in Italian food, both in ingredients and in the cooking/prepping methods" LOL, my mother, who is of German and English/Scottish descent, preps/cuts foods like this. This is hardly an "italian" thing. Its more like a "non-chef" thing. But don't get me wrong, I like Mario, a lot. The Babbo cookbook rocks, and Molto is still my favorite show of his, imo better than the 'eats italy' series.
  20. Great minds think alike! I had the duck last Friday night. Mmm, mmm, good... ← Whenever there's duck on the menu, I'm ALL over it.
  21. too funny Wendy, you were there monday night? I was there sunday night. First time! (you'd think I'd get to places in my neighborhood sooner than this). I had the chop salad with buttermilk dressing and the duck w/garlic sausage w/lentils. I think the vibe of the place is great, especially at night when all the candles are lit. I like it!
  22. malarkey

    Your humble servant

    If you went on one of the Beer Tours, you'd realize what a sedate, thoughtful bunch they tend to attract. Serious people. And I drive all day, so I dont have any beer until dinner, when it's over. ← Notice he doesn't say that he's quiet all day, just that he doesn't drink all day. LOL!
  23. Oh honey, that's nothing. Look up some of yer favorite spots in the I.D. Rat City.
  24. Oh god, how can one forget that one. For me it was "wait a half-hour after eating to go swimming... OR, you'll get cramps and sink to the bottom like a stone" Drinking out of the garden hose will give you worms. Now, a friend told me that one, as kids we ALWAYS drank out of the garden hose.
  25. I too noticed Alton obsessing over the fact that Feenie used a beurre blanc *and* a hollendaise. He thought sure they'd break before being presented to the tasters. From what I could tell, they held together pretty well, but we didn't get really close views once the tasters had them. Man, I bet he's anal. Congrats, Chef Feenie! I was really happy to see him win. (not canadian, but LOVE the Vancouver food scene...)
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