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  1. I'd like to make a german chocolate cake this weekend for a party I'm going to. The classic recipes I've found say to use the Baker's German's Sweet Baking Chocolate. Should I substitute? When I searched, I found a post here that talked about the Baker's German's Semi-sweet having a recipe on the back... Will it be unbearably sweet if I use what the recipe calls for? Anyone made one of these recently? TIA!
  2. Actually, happy hour is 4-5:30- not what I said above. Ate at Moxie again tonight since I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to work OT on saturday + I was doing homework ALL DAY today. Had the lamburger. Wowie, this is quite possibly.. well yes it is, the BEST burger I've encountered in quite some time. Served medium rare, with a feta-pink peppercorn-olive-tapenade with lemon aioli, on what I deem a perfect bun (one that doesn't interfere with burger enjoyment) I drooled over every bite of this. The waiter was kind enough to bring me the more-special-than-plain sweet potato frites, but in actuality, I would have preferred the regulars. While I think these are a fine representation of sweet potato frites, I'm just not a huge sweet potato fan, and really was craving a good ole pommes frites experience alongside my perfect burger. Combined with a unexpectantly good Argentinian Malbec, this was a fine repast. Being a glutton for punishment, ...ok I'm just a glutton, I had to try the "half baked" chocolate cake. It hit the nail on the head as far as chocolate-I-love, which is dense, moist, and tasting very reminiscent of Thomas Haas' chocolate sparkle cookies and/or the chocolat chaud at Le Pichet. What a fine meal. And, during happy hour that fabulous burger is only $6. Can't be beat.
  3. They had rillettes at Whole Foods over the holidays. Hmm wonder if they still do. I saw them (and bought them) at the Bellevue WF before xmas.
  4. Stopped into Moxie tonight to check it out. It was a fairly slow night, maybe 5 tables filled and about 4-5 folks at the bar. Lots of yummy sounding stuff on the menu. The beer selection could be better/more varied, and I only briefly glanced over the wine selection, so can't really comment on that. Had the crab melt. Yum, good comfort food. Came with sweet potato fries. If you are a sweet potato lover, you might like these ones, as they actually taste like sweet potatoes. The crab melt isn't very crabby tasting, but it is good, with melted cheese and sliced cornichons and a wonderfully toasted bun. All washed down with a Stella Artois. BUT here's the best part: they have happy hour 4:30 to 6 and again at 11pm to midnight. Lots of half price goodies, the crab melt, the lamburger, the spicy shrimp cakes... Definitely a great reason to return, and a new happy hour joint for us! I'll be back, for sure.
  5. mmm don't think you'll find country ham slices at WF or Delaurenti's. At least not the type of country ham I suspect he's thinking of. You'll have to do mail order. Nothing wrong with that, it keeps for months in the fridge. I like Holloway Hams, they are double smoked and quite good, and have had success ordering from Burger's, Gwaltney and others. He should also check out the Smithfield Hams website, which points to a variety of country ham sites.
  6. Ohhh happy about Moxie being in my 'hood. Might have to stop by there tonight... ...A Hooters? In Belltown?!
  7. I am a lover of the green bean casserole. Although these days I make it with a higher quality mushroom soup, fresh or frozen green beans, and add a little hit of sherry and cream, (I don't put bacon in mine either) I still use the Durkee onions However, it's not something I make when I want to have a serious dinner party. It is something I make when we have our annual Big Ass Ham Fest, which typically inspires white-trash comfort food.
  8. Well, it depends. Usually with a long tasting menu w/paired wines, you are given a small amount of wine with each course, not a full glass. (Although, I've been to some where they kept filling my glass Also, tasting menus tend to be spread out over a significant amount of time, so consuming wine with the amount of food + time = you won't be smashed. Drink plenty of water, this also helps to keep you more sober. But do the wine pairing, really, over a bottle, because then you'll get a variety of wines and they'll match what you are eating. Oh, and don't be afraid to leave some wine behind in the glass. They'll bring you a new glass for the next pour.
  9. I adored this book, just like I adored her other two. I think she's a great writer, very entertaining to read and refreshingly honest. I love what you say about her being living proof that someone with an art history degree can have a meaningful and lucrative career!! OH and btw, the pasta carbonara recipe in there ROCKS.
  10. This is what makes me sad. They took that lovely old building and made it a sterile modern nightmare. I need to check out the food here, seems there's wild inconsistencies, as least in the opinions!
  11. OK, so maybe I'm behind, but I don't recall, (nor did a search turn up) any mention of either of these places. Now, as Seattleites we all know, quite smugly I might add, that the eastside is a culinary wasteland for the most part, with a few bright stars here and there, and WAY TOO MANY chain restaurants and fast food joints. I'd like to announce that today I found not one, but two exceptions to this rule in old downtown Bellevue. First is Zizo Market, a little Mediterrean/Middle Eastern market/deli on old Main. Wow, lots of fabulous ingredients here, ala PFI. AND they have a deli, offering sandwiches (including Lamb Shwarma) they have salads, tabouli, hummus, babaganouche, 2 kinds of mortadella, several kinds of pita. Tons of olives, lots of halal meats, all kinds of cheeses, lots of canned goods and unique things (a slab of apricot paste?) sour cherry preserves, all kinds of peppers. Wowie! It's high on my return list. Unfortunately, I didn't get anything because it was in between bkfast and lunch but I'll return to do some sampling and try a sandwich or two. Coffee was on my agenda so my next stop was just down the street at a place called Belle Pastry. Lots of beautiful pastries, all drool-worthy, they also make the refined style of baguette (as opposed to the rustic style) and I just had a sandwich made with it tonight and it's a winner. They also have chouquettes those fabulous little puffs of pate à choux sprinkled with rock sugar. Now we don't have to travel south 3 hours to Saint Honoré to get them!! This is probably my favorite area (besides Bridle Trails State Park, of course) of the eastside. It actually has a feeling of history and charm. Go visit these places and keep them in business Zizo Market 10204 Main St 425.646.9496 Belle Pastry 10246 Main St 425.289.0015
  12. Went last night before class. Had the bistro salad with asparagus, goat cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil (excellent salad) and the steak frites, which came with 'moroccan' butter on top, slightly spicey-almost harissa like. The frites are just this side of crisp, I really like them but the caveat here is that 1) I'm a frites junkie and 2) some people might like theirs a bit more crispy. I had a helluva time deciding what I was going to have also. I'm going next wednesday before class again ;-) because I need to try the duck! Lots of yummy sounding stuff on the menu here!
  13. I would assume so. same name and all. I had a favorable experience at the Kirkland one for lunch one day. Not bad at all.
  14. Is there something wrong with going to Esquin for lunch?!
  15. LMF's list is right on. Both Lola and Palace Kitchen are Tom Douglas restaurants. Don't miss Matt's in the Market, it's a very Seattle experience and very charming, Le Pichet & Cafe Campagne for classic french bistro fare, I have a special place in my heart for both of those places And of course, Union for higher end dining, at 1st and Union right by the Market. Gorgeous food. I would also add Lark to this list, up on Capital Hill, it's small plates done very well, you can have as much or as little as you like. they don't take ressies so try to go early (open at 5) it's an easy cab ride from downtown.
  16. Man, talk about someplace that had been there forever. It was there when I lived on the hill in the late 80's. I remember liking the orange beef there...
  17. April Cornell has some really great table linens, but it depends on what you are looking for. She's sorta Laura Ashley-ish, lots of florals and vintage type patterns, she also has some plain. I love her stuff. April Cornell There's a store in Bellevue Square, and one downtown, in the mall across from the Bon, er, Macy's. (Sorry, I'm blanking on the name of that mall!)
  18. have eaten at Cocorino twice now. Chicken Salad is excellent, lots of fresh herbs, very tasty. Only marred by my suspicion that they microwaved the bread. (you know that chewy tough, can't quite bite through it thing?) Micros do horrible things to bread. With a fresh piece of ciabiatta, this sandwich would rock. Leave off the side salad though. Also had the salad nicoise on another day. ugh. flaws include: they use california black olives, romaine lettuce, low grade tuna. a salad not to be repeated. I worry about this place: there are obviously only two people working there, and even with the place barely half full, they can't keep up. no way to bus your own table, ordering is slow. I'd like to see them survive, other stuff on the menu looks promising. I'll report back next time I go.
  19. Thanks for this list! This will certainly help when I'm in that neck o' the woods and have no idea where to go.
  20. How are the croissants at Cafe Besalu different? I thought the croissant from Dahlia was good, but fully intend on going to Cafe Besalu on my next Seattle trip. ← They are light and crispy/flaky and ohh so buttery. IMO, I'm actually sorta surprised you thought the croissants at Dahlia were better than Senses.. I guess I need to try a Dahlia croissant! I always go for the bread when I'm there. The monthly breads are usually quite good, especially the corn bread which is the August special, sometimes spilling into September. The olive ciabatta is also great. IMHO, Besalu has the best croissants in Seattle. Be sure to go there next time, and get a ginger biscuit also. Sorry I didn't get to meet you Ling- too many things going on- hopefully NEXT time! (and hopefully next time you'll stay longer!)
  21. I'm also happy to report that the Purple Cafe is a very nice Kirkland choice. Had lunch there today- Had the BLTA and a glass of pinot noir Food is good, lots of variety on the menu, sandwiches, pizzas, a whole sheet of cheese & wine pairings, good by the glass choices. I'll be back!
  22. This class: Wood-Fired Pizza Class List for CC Is being hosted by our very own Mr and Mrs Toast. They are most gracious hosts, so if you are thinking of taking this class, I can heartily recommend the pizza making experience they offer I can tell you one thing for sure: you will be forever spoiled by the pizza coming out of this oven. Chef Gabe is using his day off to play with fire! Wood-fired pizza is unlike any other, and baking on a wood-fired oven is an experience not soon to be forgotten. One of our students has such an oven and knows of Chef Gabriel's near-obsession with the concept; he's offered his home and the use of his pizza oven for this fun class. We'll make pizza dough of several flavors, work on different sauces and toppings, and bake our creations in Paul's screaming-hot wood-fired pizza oven. This is sure to be a blast! When: Sunday, October 9, 4-7 pm. Who: Taught by Chef Gabriel Claycamp. Where: Private Home, Woodinville How Much: $70 includes a full meal. How: Call us at 206.284.8687 or click here to register online. Please see "The Fine Print" for registration details and our cancellation policy. Registration is limited to 10 students.
  23. My only worry about this place is (I'm judging this solely on window design, and the fact that they relocated the door) I'm afraid they've gone techno-industrial with the design. Highly inappropriate in an old 30's brick building. YOMV
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