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  1. LOL All reality shows reek of this!
  2. I'm going to be spending a week in Austin at the end of October. I'm interested in finding the following things: - The best places to buy fresh seafood, and to get an idea of the types of seafood available there. - I'd love to visit a farmer's market while there also, and I think I remember hearing about one that is near downtown...? But I'm curious about which ones you think are the best. - Any good asian grocery stores? I've been to the Whole Foods and Central Market, so am familiar with those. I will also hopefully get a few restaurant meals in. If I can have only one high end meal in town, where should I go? If I want interesting creative comfort food where should I go? Thanks for your help!
  3. Daily Stuff: China: Woodland Spode. Simple el-cheapo stainless flatware. Speigelau stems, bordeaux or burgundy. Cloth napkins, always. Arranging food on the plate or platter?? Only when company comes.
  4. Just like the first one on Capitol Hill. Great pizza, good people. What more do you need to know? ← That they are only open 4 days a week?
  5. yep, it's still there. at least, it was when I went down there last summer.
  6. 586 Morris Avenue Springfield, NJ 07081 888-980-WINE (9463) Wine Library
  7. Wow, I'm surprised about Frites. I thought he did a booming biz due to Nuemos.
  8. Indeed, and it's fantastic. Had dinner there last thursday. So good to have it back, and... could there be a better location?! I think not!
  9. probably. while you can get crabs year 'round, they are somewhat seasonal, and that season is winter. that being said, I've had dungies in the middle of summer and they were quite fine.
  10. <raised eyebrows> Sure you didn't spend some extra time in Eugene??
  11. You and me both. I covet them and wait for them to start showing up at the farmers markets. Then I buy a truckload and vac-seal them so I can have them all winter long OK, maybe not a truckload, but a freezer-full, yes!
  12. Pacific Oyster is great, you won't go wrong there. Definitely casual and a good spot for a wee one. On the pier! Great fish 'n chips, too. Pacific Oyster
  13. LOL! I read the title of this thread, and started thinking..."hmm I don't think I'm embarassed about any cookbook I own..." Then I read this post. Yes, I would be embarassed to own a RR book. Or Sandra Lee. but I do own many non-serious foodie type cookbooks. I have lots of church cookbooks, from communities around where I grew up in KS. To me, those are very interesting pieces of Americana.
  14. but definitely some more than others. Boat St Cafe comes to mind immediately. Now, I love this place, but man, the parking is atrocious.
  15. Nice write-up cburnsi. Tell me about the chefs there, where were they before?
  16. What happened to Pat's? did he sell? I used to be a regular there, (started when he was still running the espresso stand at the Thriftway), till I decided it was one of my daily cash outlays that had to stop. I've been curious.
  17. for breakfast... not Simpatica?! Wow, I had a fantastic breakfast there last time I visited Portland. Or are you taking into consideration the how-to-get-there aspect?
  18. Unfortunately you are going to miss one of Seattle's quintessential food experiences, and that is Matt's in the Market. He's expanding and doesn't expect to open till mid April. (and these things never happen on time...) I would definitely recommend northwest seafood, whether you have it traditionally prepared, or in some ethnic cuisine. The recommendation for Union is a good one for your 'haute' meal. Do hang out & explore the Pike Place Market, it's our version of Reading Terminal Market. Oh, and we always welcome a chance to dine with a visitor
  19. Anyone who has ever had a good piece of Lane Cake knows this. Pie can never be that good. It can be good, but never THAT good.
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