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  1. Kim, I'm inspired by your post. I will need to give this a try this summer. Has anyone made less sweet pickles with this method? Love to see the recipe for bahn mi toppings.
  2. If the autograt was posted on the menus or on a sign in the restaraunt it's part of the bill. You pay it. Even if the service was bad. Period. If you don't like autograts the time to discuss it was before you sat down. If not, or if it was different from what you were charged you have a beef. I personally don't like autograts but I see the need, and with the exception of one time when I was a college student I don't feel I've ever noticed worse service due to autograts. That said. . . Katie, you seem to love your job, you seem to be very good at it and I would love to have a drink there some day and have you educate me about bourbon. But, if I had been sitting at the bar and watched you call out somebody else for a small tip, I would have nodded in agreement with you that you were right, then paid my tab and left. And I wouldn't come back to eat/drink there again.
  3. So you went to the restaraunt and left without trying anything, but you think you have enough information to post a highly negative review? Wow. I actually ate at a 5 Guys last week in Rockville and I thought the food was rather good for what it was. They quick fry thin patties and want to serve you a burger with two on them, which I think is their solution to how to serve a reasonably juicy medium well burger. Burgers were good, not like a steakhouse burger, but good. Fries where fresh, hot, not overly greasy and abundant. I'd go again. I suspect the experience folks are having in other locations is just the growing pains of any franchise. We'll see how they adjust.
  4. Smaller slices of bread?
  5. What he said. Olive Garden is inedible and PF Changs is a step up. Far better than the cheesecake factory which I loathe.
  6. Adding to the chorus of voices: it's pretty good in yogurt. And I use it to bread cutlets of all sorts in a 2:1:1 mix of flour to crumbs to wheat germ. Or you could invent a cocktail that you inflict on your friends. Something like tequila with wheat germ.
  7. Fate was sealed on a coin toss. Dale is a good cook but doesn't play well with others and has never broken out of his comfort zone. ← Neither did Hung. Or Ilan for that matter. I see why Dale got sent home, but have a problem with them sending home the executive chef from the losing team each year. Why would anyone agree to be executive chef? Why wouldn't the others just tank the contest to get him/her sent home. Lisa should have gone. She only had to cook and she tanked both dishes she made. Dale should have stayed on the strength of his dessert and the short ribs. On another subject - did anyone else notice how dissapointed Andrew looked when Jennifer and Nikki were picked to help out? I'm sorry he got sent home he just seemed more fun than the others.
  8. Bresaola. Cook from Rhulman's Charcuterie.
  9. Ahh, you know I hear people about Dale's behavior but frankly I'm inclined to give pretty much everyone a pass on their behavior in the last episode. Until you've worked a 36 hour shift I don't think you can understand what it does to you and your thinking. I like Dale's food and I think that he and Stephanie are the only folks who can give Richard a run for his money in the final. Andrew is the dark horse, but I think he needs a couple more years of experience.
  10. Price is highway robbery for those chemicals. Unless the tools are worth about $175.00 they are flat out stealing your money.
  11. We found out about cholesterol and the health risks of obesity. Nothing wrong with food like that every now and then, looks fabulous in fact, but it's just not the kind of thing you can eat every day. We also got considerably better non french food in this country, particularly asian food.
  12. It's $28 per week in New York, and numerous City Councilmen have tried to demonstrate how meager that is by living on it for a week - what Colicchio (a New Yorker) nicely glossed over is that person was trying to life on ramen, etc., and could not include any kind of veg, meat, etc. The Councilmen who tried it (Gifford Miller a few years ago, another young guy just this past week) all ran out of food by Day 5 and had to go scrounge from local food pantries - whose supplies are significantly lower than last year. That crack he made about $10 "not seeming so bad" is both glib, flippant and insensitive and he should know better. ← I'm not sure that Coliccio meant it to be flippant, it's hard to judge tone and intent on an internet post. I suspect the challenge was close to legit, but I suspect there were two qualifiers that were not stressed when presenting the challenge. 1) They were allowed to modify the food at the register in a way an average customer was not and 2) I think they were allowed to use some staples (cooking oil and such) from the pantry. But what to do want, it's a TV show. It isn't meant to be an instructional video on how to cook on a budget. That said, I for one would be fascinated by - and would gladly participate in- an egullet thread or blog with folks trying to cook on the food stamp budget for a week.
  13. Great pictures. Following with great interest. Any chance of a beer tasting?
  14. Looks good. Congradulations on the weight loss. Blog cries out for pictures of the pug, however.
  15. Just incredible. Hard to say anything impressed me more than the pbjs, but I think the food pics themselves were my favorite part. Thanks for letting us all share.
  16. I skipped from page 3 as I don't have time to read it all this morning. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the blog. Great food, great narrative and amazing pictures. I like scrapple though.
  17. No. Terrible idea. Darwin Award time.
  18. Same. I'm embarrased by how much I paid, but I keep a bunch of parsley in the kitchen at all times and the thing works great. I previously stored them in a mug or a wet cloth in a plastic beg, but frankly this works much better. No spills either.
  19. Bolognese sauce has milk in it. It's not just red sauce with crumbled hamburger. So stop looking at me like I'm a moron when I ask how it's made, you art school reject. Batter dipped french fries are the devil's work. Those who make them should be caught and punished.
  20. Easily my favorite issue of any magazine each year. Always find one or two things that I hadn't tried that end up being a real treat. Which sort of brings me to my two points/questions: 1) Anyone else have the same feeling about this issue? 2) Congrats to Rancho Gordo for making the list. May finally be a sign that I need to break down and order some beans. Edit: I missed the thread in the members section. My bad. Any mod willing to merge this with the existing thread?
  21. Had a chance to eat at the one at Regan airport. Really tasty, the spicy gardiniera was excellent.
  22. Russo's in Watertown is the best place for produce IMHO.
  23. Dr. Teeth

    Beer Glassware

    An online store called Glasshopper has a nice selection.
  24. Congradulations and good luck.
  25. Really like the can opener and vegetable peeler. Haven't used much else from their line.
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