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    Dinner 2020

    Wow the fry on that fish is incredible. That looks super.
  2. Dr. Teeth

    Bad food?

    I would agree with DDF on this one, although staph aureus is more of a worry than listeria given that it was already baked. But since it’s 12 hours after you ate it you probably got away with it though.
  3. I does bring a tear to the eye, doesn't it. Congratulations on the haul
  4. Please don't. The thread is fascinating, as are the pizzas being generated. Can you tell me a bit more about the current cooking technique. I have a pizza steel. Do you pre-heat the steel prior to putting the pizza under the broiler? In a 500 degree oven? or under the broiler? How far do you set the pizza from the heating element? My favorite odd combination, if you are doing requests, is tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella and canned artichokes
  5. Dr. Teeth

    Pegu Club

    Sorry for your loss
  6. That’s a good looking CSA. I’d be real happy with a haul like that. I agree with Shelby potatoes are a precious thing right about now.
  7. Looks super. Did you notice the lack of a roux at all?
  8. I don't own a blue star, but I have a GE with one larger burner, about 21k and it does come in useful for boiling water for pasta and wok cooking. That said, I looked into various options like a 3/4 inch gas pipe and a professional range before coming to the conclusion I was being a bit crazy. The reason I am posting is to caution you about going around manufacturers guidelines to save a few bucks. Part of what talked me out of the professional stove was looking into various fire codes and ordinances. When you start to tinker with a range you at a minimum void any warranty, you may also void your home owners insurance if you have a fire. I would proceed with caution.
  9. Dr. Teeth


    I think that's going to be the inscription on my tombstone.
  10. Dr. Teeth

    Favorite Stouts

    Might help to know where you are located. Those are really great stouts if you like great big imperial stouts. Probably as good as anything available nationally. Other nationally distributed ones I like are Founder's Breakfast Stout, Bell's Black Note Stout, Goose Island Bourbon County, Terrapin Wake n'Bake Stout and Victory at Sea by Ballast Point (technically an imperial porter, not a stout). Terrapin and Victory at sea are the only ones made year round rather than seasonally so it might be easiest to find them. Gigantic stouts that taste like fudge are a style that local breweries can do very well. If you are near D.C Jupiter's Cake by Elder Pine and most of Aslin's stouts are fantastic.
  11. This. x 1000. I own most of the books suggested in the 2012 FrogPrincesse post. They are of limited in terms of how much they can teach you. I find it very challenging to translate a photograph, worse yet a black and white photo or a drawing, into an actual plant I come across. There are also fairly extensive restrictions about what you are allowed to forage and from where, at least around DC. Now would be a terrible time to make yourself sick or get in trouble. You will learn a lot more having an experienced forager take you out, than you will from a book. Just my 2 cents
  12. Dr. Teeth

    Frozen Pizza

    I think Chicago style translates much better to freezing. Gino’s East, Giordano’s and Lou Malnadi’s are all pretty good and shipping out frozen.
  13. Ok, because if not, Chromedome was talking a lot of trash about his baking.
  14. Bamboo cutting boards are on my list of least favorite things. I find they are too hard and blunt my knives like crazy.
  15. Dr. Teeth

    Matzo brei

    Shain, that is the most beautiful matzo brei I’ve ever seen, and matzo brei is a childhood favorite of my wife’s. I’m going to have to try to make it for her. Thank you for sharing.
  16. They have run that price the last 2 holiday seasons. In red, black and a turquoise they call “mint.” I think it’s a gateway cocotte, designed to get you hooked. it is also a super deal. Every time they post it I am tempted to buy another.
  17. He’s the guy that took the canned pumpkin
  18. With the increasing difficulty/cost of scheduling peapod deliveries and stores around my area (Maryland D.C suburbs) being sold out of a lot of items, I've been buying more items online. Anybody else doing the same? What have you found, where are you shopping? I've found: 1) World Market. Who knew? I think of them as a place that stocks little bottles of shelf stable European food, but they were doing free delivery over $50 and hadn't marked up their prices. I bought a couple of things (tomato paste, ramen) that have been totally sold out around here. 2) Giordano's. My boys fell in love with Chicago pizza after a trip there. Two had birthdays in April and wanted pizza. They were only charging about 20 bucks delivered for a frozen deep dish, which is about what they charge in the restaurant. 3) Broadbent. The sale Rotus posted a link to was super, ham and bacon are totally off the shelves around here. 4) Rancho Gordo. Back ordered for months, but still promising to send out beans
  19. Sorry if I'm late to the thread. I've had a 5800 series FoodSaver for the past 3 1/2 years. It's one of maybe 5 cooking related items I own that if it got lost/stolen/broken I would just buy another without looking at the other options. Only complaint that I have is that it's larger than most of the other models, about the size of a large toaster oven, so it doesn't sit on the counter and goes back to the basement between uses. I use it for soups, big packages of meat from the store and venison. Works great for all those things. I just had a package of pork shoulder chunks from 2018 that gotten lost in the bottom of the freezer. They were great. I put them in a sunday sauce and I never would have known they were a couple of years old.
  20. Chuck is always fine in a braise. I find, however, that when I braise things other than brisket (which you could cut into somewhat smaller and more manageable chunks and trim the fat cap) or short ribs, I always end up wondering why it isn't as good as brisket or short ribs.
  21. Griswold. Ebay. No longer made and collectible, but as long as you don't want an unusual one can be had for <$20.
  22. I'm going to take back my comments about Casey. Having looked at the stories on the net, it looks like her comments were taken off her facebook page and not intended to be public. While I don't think that makes them a whole lot better, it is the nature of the internet to let one shoot ones mouth off. Disappointing finale all around though.
  23. I have a real problem with the random elements introduced to the finale. I think the finale has been a "cook the best meal of your life," straight ahead challenge. I really didn't like the random elements which all went Hosea's way. Casey's comments were classless. Especially if what she was saying was that Carla's cooking school wasn't very good. Utterly classless.
  24. Dr. Teeth


    I think it's one of those "will be around longer than you will" items. I say go for it, as mentioned above, I don't think any pathogenes can grow in it, it just may not taste as good as a newer bottle
  25. Well, c'mon the guy wears a t-shirt that says "I make good babies," in most of the early episodes. Is there any guy on the site over the age of 16 who thinks that's appropriate to wear outside the house (or inside for that matter)?
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