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  1. LM good to hear you are going to do a look at the dining scene in Denver. I enjoyed your reviews in 5280. colestove
  2. Katie,Your story reminds me of something I saw while on active duty in Dallas in 1961. My wife and I went to a steakhouse to eat and the table accross from us ordered oysters on the half shell as an appetiser. The tray had the oysters homemade cocktail sauce and a ramekin of *grated inhouse fresh8 horseradish. One of the men proceeded to put three or four heaping spoonfuls of the horseradish in the cocktail sauce. One of the ladies at the table told him that he was playing with fire. He replied no problem He proceeded to put a heaping spoonfull on an oyster and throw it to the back of his mouth. Of course it got about half-way down his throat before he got the full blast. I dont think I have ever seen anyone in more pain from spicy hot food. He suffered the rest of the time they were there. Since then I have been very careful about trying spicy food. colestove
  3. Beef Wellington, Steamed carrot pudding with hard sauce colestove
  4. colestove

    Fried Turkey

    I am deeply grateful I was not eating or drinking anything while reading your moving discourse. I would have wiped out my entire keyboard and moniter. My eyes are just returning to normal vision and my sides have almost stopped hurting. GREAT REPORT colestove
  5. I am a retired chef (business cafeteria) in the Denver Area. My boss put money in the budget a few years ago to send me to the National Rest. Show in Chicago. My wife and I decided to splurge and she went with me. I made reservations at The Ritz Carlton for sunday brunch and at Everest for a top drawer dinner. The service at both was the best we had experienced but two things stood out at Everest. At that time I was on several medications and as I started to take them after dinner one of the service team asked if I would like water without ice to take my pills. In the glow of one of the best two or three meals I have ever eaten I forgot my credit card. John Pierre (the maitre d ) called after we got back to the hotel, told me he had the card and before I could panic about the cab ride to get it,offered to come to the hotel and leave it at the desk. A very nice end to a great meal. colestove
  6. colestove


    AL Roker and a chef (whose name I don`t remember) did a turduken on the TODAY show late last week. The chef said *get your butcher to do the boning,unless you want to have a mess and take a long time.* It did look good but I kike your stuffings better than the generic spinach he did. colestove
  7. I saw Martin Yan in person at a local dept store a few years ago demo ing something or other The only thing I remember is the incredible skillset he had with a Chinese cleaver. He cut chicken breast meat so thin you could see through it and boned a chicken in well under a minute. After that I began to use one in my work kithen and the more I used it the more things I learned to do with it. colestove
  8. One more awed THANK YOU. You have a great gift in both your writing and your photography. They allow me to see well beyond my small space. THANK YOU again for your experiences and insight. colestove
  9. zilla, a quick comment from a dessert lover but fairly small eater. I think you may be getting a higher % than you think. My wife and I almost always share dessert after a dining out meal because we do not want to get so full we dont enjoy the experience. Your desserts sound great and the experience you are having should pay great benefits as your career goes forward. Thanks for sharing. colestove
  10. Re:SOS The person cooking SOS in the service makes all the difference. When I was called to active duty in the Berlin crises I was one of 2 1st cooks. When I made it(as taught by my mother) we never had any left and I had one soldier who took two trays, put 3 slices of toast on each and had me fill them as full as I could without spilling. When the other shift made it we had to throw a third of it away. Same people eating in the same mess hall. Biscuits and gravy is still one of my faves and I now have to put it on the menu at home in the next day or two thanks to this thread. colestove
  11. Ms Ellen; I am in awe as I read your accounts of your life and times. Thank you so much for your reports and incredible pictures. Awesome in the best sense of the word. Thank you again. colestove
  12. I live in Aurora, have not eaten at Adega but want rto when the budget or special occasion permits. I have eaten at several (IMHO) of the *better* places in town and I am always happy to trade ideas. Welcome to a great site. colestove
  13. I would add Sakata corn from Brighton Co to afoodnuts list. Some of the best corn I have ever eaten. colestove
  14. My grandmother (speaking of *jello* salads used to serve green jello with sliced pears in the jello topped with a large dollop of mayo and a generous portion of grated cheese. colestove
  15. JINMYO The more posts of yours I read, the more I look forward to the next one. Thank You for all you do for this wonderful medium. Its you and others like you that have made me addicted to eGullet. Thank you again. colestove
  16. With apologies to the McGuire Sisters (and the original composer). BACON in the morning BACON in the evening BACON at supper time be my little BACON and I`ll love you all the time colestove
  17. And in Salt Lake City (strange country to many eG members) there is another Little America just outside the main downtown area. One of the best hotels in town. colestove
  18. Ogden Nash *Reflections On Ice Breaking At A Party* Candy is dandy Liquor is quicker colestove
  19. afn: They have been open for several months maybe even a year. They are in a new building just south of Three Margaritias (sp) across from The Country Dinner Playhouse. They also make their chocolates which are outrstanding as well. From what I can tell the original family still runs the operation and the quality control is very good.
  20. Suvir There is a place called Michelles on Clinton south of Arapahoe Rd that is excellent. It is family owned and operated. The co started in Colorado Springs . They make their own hot fudge, hot caramel, and other toppings. They also offer sandwiches etc, I can not comment on those because I only go for the ice cream goodies. All of the flavors i have had have been good. Hope thi helps. colestove
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