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  1. My wife and I and another couple went to Del Friscos last night for the rest. week menu . Three of us had the 6 oz. filet and one had the mahi mahi. Filet is not IMHO the best steak to judge how good the steaks are in a place, but the steak I had was very good indeed. A friend of mine who sells for a broad line distributor had reccomended the creamed spinach on the regular menu and it was outstanding. I could not see or taste any shortcuts or skimping in anything. The service was excellent and the meal was well paced. As is true in all high end steakhouses everything not on the prix fixe menu was expensive. (6 oz Coca Cola $2.25 !!!) It was the first time I have ever been to Del Friscos and my wife and I want to go back when our retired incom will allow a special occasion visit. colestove
  2. The website for Denver Restaurant Week with the rests. and most of the menus is up. www.denverrestaurantweek.com is the site for the week this year which is Sat Feb 24 to Fri Mar 2. The prices are the same as last year, $52.80 for two and $ 26.40 for one. There is a pretty good selection of places, and many of the menus looked pretty good for this sort of event, where they are going to have a lot of people order the same thing in a short period of time. If it is like last year the weekend times will fill up soon at popular places. colestove
  3. Brooks I have to say that I have read as many of your posts as I see while surfing thru this incredible resource that is eG. Since the tragedy that was Katrina et al I have been even more aware of you and the part of the world you call home. I wish I had more material things that I could contribute to help you and the thousands of others in the same or worse circumstances. I have laughed and cried as I have read yours and others stories, and seen on TV some of the reality that is New Orleans these days.. My admiration and best wishes to all. colestove
  4. Just beautiful.. The balance that inspired pastry people get between ridgid formulas and creativity is amazing to me. I read the pastry and baking forum on a regular basis. Not because I do any of the beautiful things I see but to just be awed by the skill and dedication of artists such as you. Thank you for showing this. colestove
  5. I have to add my second to the above . I took my 90 yr old mother, my brother, his wife, their son and daughter in law, and my wife, on Rons advice. It is a Texas roadhouse for sure with the decor to prove it. It was the best chicken fried steak I have ever eaten and I have been sampling cfs for more than 40 years. The best part is we went for lunch and the cfs was only 6.00$ each. A real deal as they would say in Texas. Thnx for the tip. I intend to go back in June when I have to go back to help my mother for a few days. colestove
  6. WONDERFUL, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Your beautiful post and pictures along with Ellen's amazing posts of her trips are just two of the way more than twenty reasons I am hooked on eGullet and continue to spend way too much time on same. Thank you again and all the many great posters on eG. So much to learn and enjoy, so little time. colestove
  7. YEAH,YEAH YEAH. YOU GO GIRL!!! Sometimes (not often enough) the good people score. After reading about your trials and tribulations, ( I opened 2 places of my own and can relate somewhat) I think I have some idea of the deep joy is the only word that comes to mind that you must be having. Contiued success in your work. My heartfelt awe at your achievement. colestove
  8. WOW AWE INSPIRING Thank you as always. As someone that thinks of "roughing it" as a motel with black and white tv and an unheated swimming pool, your travel and adventures always amaze and enlighten me. I am looking forward to the rest of your trip. Your photos are great also. Thank you again. colestove
  9. I'm not Amy but Chapter One is a BBQ place on Quebec where Iiliff turns into Evans. It has gotten mixed reviews from some of my bbq buddies. I like Big Pappas on Evans just west of Monaco in the same center as the Palace oriental rest. He uses hickory in a Southern Pride smoker. Cooks at 215 to 225 degrees for about six hours. Does two kinds of ribs, brisket, pulled pork, hot links, chicken etc. Also has pretty good catfish, several sides, both sweet and reg. iced tea. In fact my wife and I are meeting my foodie friend who turned us on to the place, for lunch on Monday. colestove
  10. This is not a matter of "how mwny balls can you keep in the air?" This is a matter of how many things can you invent while getting ready to play with them. We at eGullet are extremely fortunate to be able to observe and participate in such a series of projects. Thank you all for the chance to see this from the beginning. The vision and creativity on all sides of the equation is litterly awe inspiring to me. Onlu at eGullet would we have this opportunity. Thanks again colestove
  11. The starting time is 8:30 am and the day runs to 9:00 pm on Food Tv. Sorry for the error. I don't know how to edit a post. colestove
  12. I don't remember seeing a note on Food TV's tribute to Ms Child. If this is a duplicate I'm sorry. Food TV will run tributes to Julia Child starting at 9:00 Am eastern time this sunday 8/22. The tributes will run into the evening, don;t know exact time. Might be a good workout for a vcr or TIVO. colestove
  13. The only thing we have scheduled so far is th 11 of Sept. Either Sat. or Sun. is fine. Lookinf forward as always to seeing the Den. eGulleteers. colestove
  14. I thought after the middle of Sept. was the tentative choice. The sooner the better after that great review. colestove
  15. Sorry to burst your bubble. Golden Plate has been out of business for some time, the location has been several different things,(none of them anywhere near as good). The scuttlebut was the couple that owned the place broke up and there went the restaurant. I never had dim sum there but I ate there several times both dinner and lunch. For this non "Chinese" food eater it was very good and several Chinese people I know liked it as well. Dim Sum sounds good for us for the next meeting. colestove
  16. We are in (2) looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope the new people can make it. The reccomendations from the eGullet "experts" sound good to us. See you Sat. colestove
  17. The three I like in Denver are Liks on 13th ave in the capital hill area, Bonnie Brae on so University (about Exposition) and Michelles on south Clinton in Centennial (across from Country Dinner Playhouse). Liks and Bonnie Brae are both locally owned, not fancy but make good ice cream in lots of flavors. Michelles is "fancier" out of Colorado Springs and I think has more "pizazz" in some of there sundaes etc. They make there own hot fudge, and hot caramel toppings and the toffee ice cream with hot caramel topping sundae is to die for IMHO. Now I remember one more, the Soda Rocks (I think) on Mississippi just east of the Old So. Gaylord shopping block. (Hemmingways on so Gaylord has really good fish and chips BTW) Hope some of this helps. colestove
  18. Whatever you Vietnamese "experts" decide is fine with us as long as there are some not too "exotic" dishes for us middle of the roaders. Looking forward to seeinf eGuleteers. colestove
  19. There was a story awhile back in the Nationl Restaurant News the original co. expanded too fast had money and mgmt. problems and closed some stores because of those problems. The last story I saw said they are in some form of reorginaztion process and the parent of Del Frisco, Lonestar etc is trying to buy them. More info as I become aware of it. colestove
  20. The trip was actually to Phoenix and we were only in New Mexico 2 nights. The meal we had the first night proved to us that New Mexico style cooking is way too hot for my wife and I's spice challenged palates. It was good but we had to have the chili on the side so I can't give you any meaningfull comments on how "good" it really was. The meal we had on the way back was Fathers Day night and we wound up with a decent rib eye steak at Texas Land and Cattle Co. They closed here in Denver some time ago and we like there steaks better than Outback and we were both tired from the heat and travel, so we settled for that. The meal highlight of the trip was lunch at Capitol (sp) Grill in Phoenix. I echo your comments about the one in Denver. Very good food and service. My wife had the lobster salad, I had the crab and lobster "burger", which I ate with out the bun, and my brother had the filet caeser salad. We got a tour of the restaurant after and I would be happy to trade my income for the forseeable future fot the money they have in prime beef in their walkin and the wines in their "cellar". The rest of the trip was takeout pizza, and chain city tto suit my 89 year old mother. Thanks for asking. colestove
  21. The more the better or something like that. colestove
  22. Count us (2) in. Looking forward to seeing people again and hopefully meeting new eGulleteers. BTW Fred congrats on 5280's best chocolate chip cookie award in the Top Of the Town issue. colestove
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