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  1. Criollo Bakery Ben FYI 4727 NE Freemont Portland, OR 97213 Mel; Let me add my admiration and best wishes for success in your gutsy (and huge undertaking). Having opened two places of my own I have a small idea of what you have gone through and are going through. ALL THE BEST TO YOU colestove
  2. All I can say about your blog and the contents thereof is incredible. All of the blogs have been great and I think they reinforce each other in some magical way. Thank you (all of you) for another great eGullet experience. colestove
  3. Kileen/Copras Cove(and lets not forget Lampassas). LOL When I was called up in the Berlin crises in 1961 I wouldn't let my wife move down because of the lack of civilization in the area. One of my expressions about the area was " If ever they give the world an enema Kileen Texas is where they will insert the tube." Great blog, I am enjoying it greatly. When the best place to eat within 30 miles is the NCO club(built from Elvis Presseleys stay at Fort Hood) you know it is a culinary wasteland. colestove
  4. My wife and I are driving from Denver to Phoenix for a few days, stopping in Albq on Tues. June 15, and Sun. June 20. We are going to stay at the Hampden Inn North on the north side (exit 231) on I-25. We are looking for someplace close with decent food. We don't need gourmet or expensive, just good food at a reasonable price. Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks colestove
  5. My accupuncturist(sp) said she and her husband an friens went three times within a two or three week period they liked it so well. I intend to try it sometime when I make the long journey to downtown Denver. colestove
  6. Moving it back a week is not a problem for us. We had a great time last time and are looking forward to seeing local eG's again and meeting new people. colestove
  7. Steven; thank you for your well written and well reasoned discourse. If the book maintains the same level of insight and information I think you will have made real contribution to "food writing" as a genre. I have never eaten at either place and the chance that this retired Denver cook wil ever be able to is quite small but I feel as if I have been able to get a real "handle" on both, not only the food but the reasons for everything being done. Thank you again for your insight and the well done presentation. colestove
  8. O yes I would(like to see the pics) and thank you for the lovely blog and great pictures. colestove
  9. I don't know how to find it nor do I know how to link to it, one of the best of all IMHO was the one on "snipe". It went on and on and people became more and more creative. My $.02 colestove
  10. My wife and I ate at Circo (next to Le Cirque) a few weeks ago. We ate at Le Cirque a few years ago and I looked at the menu. They have gone to prix fix menu. $95.00 person (Icant remember if it was 3 or 4 courses with a choice of several selections for each course. When we ate there the food and service were outstanding. I haven't eaten in New York but this was very good. I haven't eaten at Aqua in SF either but Aqua at Bellagio (a few years ago) was the best seafood I have ever had. colestove
  11. Family style, split the cost for food, know what you had to drink, tip accordingly, and bring cash or be prepared tto take cash and charge whole bill sounds good to me. Fred sorry you are not going to be able to make it. I hope the group is as friendly as last time and more people can come. Looking forward to getting together. colestove
  12. Dalat, July 10 sounds good to us. Will wait to see what others want to do. We are flexible except for June 15 to 22. Get to see my new grandson born in Feb in Tucson. colestove
  13. I think it's near Belleview. and yes its good Mexican food. colestove
  14. I'm going to be out of town from June 15 to the 22. Other than that I'm open. Denver, Boulder or environs is fine as is any of the cuisines mentioned. colestove
  15. THANK YOU-THANK YOU- THANK YOU One of the great joys of eGullet is the large population of facinating people with wonderful interests and marvelous insights. Your blog and all your posts are always eagerly read by me and I'm sure by many others. Thank you again for all the enjoyment you bring to me. colestove
  16. I did not do this but had to deal with the results. New dishwasher/helper. End of service Sunday nite. Fryer turned off for draininf and cleaning. Told new person to drain fryer in large stockpot. Went to write produce order (5 mins max) returned in time to see 5 gallon plastic bucket full of deep fry oil melt on floor. 25#of salt, much scrubbing 45 minutes and much cursing later, we went on with normal work. From then on I put proper pot under drain myself. colestove
  17. alacarte; thank you for your blog. As (almost) always the additional info and sidebars that happen on eGullet add greatly to the main purpose of the posts. IMHO the greatness of Egullet is in the *extra* *stuff* conained therein. End of OT comment. colestove
  18. Best wishes in a new and hopefully exciting professional placement for you. My wife and I are going to be in Las Vegas the last week in April and we will have to eat at least one meal again at Bellagio (my fave in Vegas.) Again best wishes to a very talented artist. colestove
  19. FG and Ellen, top notch work by both of you as usual. I hope that Ellens great work both pictures and prose can be put together in some way (other than bits and pieces,) in a coherant collection i.e. a book about the book. I would be delighted to buy both. Tank you both and I am delighted ttom have the chance to see the workings of such a great project. colestove
  20. Mongo-- If you can travel to Denver and want a really good Italian Experience let me suggest Luca d Italia. Fresbram and I (separate experiences) have both enjoyed excellent meals there. Frank Bonnano is IMHO one of the best chefs in the area. One more idea fouryour consideration. colestove
  21. I live in Aurora and have never eaten at Carelli`s. My wife and I took her daughter and son in law to dinner last June at Full Moon Grill and enjoyed it greatly. As afoodnut said the menu is not large but well thought out and well executed with the exception of desserts which I thought were not well done. colestove
  22. Fred, The Pavillion Chinese restaurant behind Tamarac Square has ans *authentic* menu that you might find interesting. I am no expert on *real* Chinese food but the *normal* food I have had for lunch there was quite good. It is not fancy, the staff and customers were mainly oriental. the phone # is 303-743-9777 if you want to call. BTW My wife and I and some friends went back to Luca d Italia Tues. Still great. colestove
  23. Thank you for sharing your holiday experiences. People like you open windows to the world and make eGullet the great joy it has been for me. Thank you again for allowing me to peek into a great experience. colestove
  24. Rachael, If it is anything like my mothers relish it will be great with bratwurst, hot dogs and any other similar sausages you like. The tomato relish. I dont know what to do with the corn relish. colestove
  25. Very nice report. The depth and breadth of the subject matter is *awesome* and the very nice attention to details and excellent reporting skills really helped get a feel for what was obviously a great experience. I was also reminded what a great arena eGullet is by how many people I *knew* from posts on this forum. Thank you again for the report. colestove
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