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Carolyn Tillie has been called a modern-day Renaissance woman. She is an accomplished jewelry and metal craftsman, culinary artist, and writer.


Her artistic endeavors have been numerous: In 1998, she received a Masters of Fine Art Degree developing elaborate artwork based on the Kabbalah. She continues to accept commission work for one-of-a-kind jewelry work. In 2001, she was the driving force and curator of the exhibit "Reflections of the New Aeon," in Long Beach, California – an exhibit that brought together rare, historical works by Aleister Crowley, Marjorie Cameron, Austin Osman Spare, Harry Smith, and J.F.C. Fuller showcased next to modern artists.


Shortly after finishing her art degree, Carolyn went to cooking school to pursue another passion in her life. Very shortly afterwards, she started creating, cooking for, and hosting a series of multi-course feasts. Some were based on actual historical meals while others were created with the moment in history in mind. This led to an affiliation with the Southern California Culinary Historical Society for which she organized an evening with Barbara Haber.

While simultaneously working at several wineries in Napa and Sonoma, she is writing a book on "The Eating Habits of the Victorian Gentry – The Culinary Crowley."

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