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  1. @chromedome, thank you for this link. I already have it in my library request notebook. This is one of the items I have been researching for several years and adored Drizzle of Honey.
  2. @MetsFan5, who in your life thought it was a good idea to give you an air fryer and instapot?? Gift card to King's or Wegman's....dinner at Jockey Hollow maybe......
  3. Just returned my copy to the library. I didn't copy any recipes out so it was a reading cookbook for me not a cooking cookbook. You will be happy as there is quite a bit of narrative.
  4. Thank you so much for this!! I want to finish the rest of The Lincoln Highway and really want to trace Route 66. Will add it to my folder.
  5. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    Just asked the owners. They are from bees that gather from the plants though they also do some infused honey. They said they are constantly moving the hives around and use limited hives in an area. Course in south Jersey its easy to find acres of blueberries to glean from.
  6. Jo, come on.... Manchester, England, England. we are NOT that different in age!!!!
  7. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    Cranberry honey from Cape May Honey Farm...and blueberry … and sage … and butterbean … and ……………………... When we go down in the fall I try to hit up this place then go visit Mrs. Rea for my jellies and jams, pickles and fresh limas.
  8. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    @Shelby, hope you are feeling better soon. Johnnybird has been between here and there and he just left for three places in 10 days a few hours ago. All of a sudden he decided he likes Black Forest ham and Finlandia lacey swiss cheese roll ups(YES those are required … no other meats or cheese allowed). Sent him off with them. I was hungry for breakfast … oatmeal with cranberries, cranberry honey and almonds. Still hungry so t.wo hard scrambled eggs with some chopped ham and white pepper. Very happy now
  9. I promise I will NOT sing that annoying song (though you may be too young to know what I am talking about). What do you cook that makes you gf swoon?
  10. OHHHHHH..... give me a bunch of appetizers any day and I'm as happy as ……. choose your own I find that anymore than 2 or 3 bites of anything tells my brain that it is enough and I am happyily satisfied.
  11. ohhhh…. I wish I could drink alcohol. Moet 🤤
  12. As someone who grew up on an island I liken this place you are at to that. Unless you can hunt, fish or grow it locally it has to come in by truck. Beer, wine, bananas, blueberries …. raspberries?! You have to pay the trucking fees … and the ferry fees … You're an hour from a big town? Gotta pay to truck stuff in. I noticed it when we did our Lincoln Highway trip out to the Nebraska / Iowa border before heading south for the prairie chickens in Woodward and Pawhuska. If a town wasn't big enough for a Walmart they would have a Dollar General or Wallgreens. Came back from that trip and bought both. The food deserts aren't only in urban areas
  13. I'm guessing the fruit was about 6.00 or 7.00 per No idea about the gift box … originally 75.00?
  14. Why so surprised? I did my own as well. We bought cold cuts, I baked the bread and rolls, the wedding cake and the groom's favor(white fruit cake). My mom made her clam quiche, I made quiche Lorraine, we all made stuffed eggs and green salad. We had a blast.
  15. Oh, gosh. I wish his family and friends great healing. I am so sorry when we were out west I wasn't able to meet up with him and cylexa.
  16. suzilightning

    Lunch 2020

    Bison chili with beans. Oh, I made it yesterday but it's what's for lunch today. Yesterday it was a big mixed salad and the final piece of fried chicken I had bought crisped up in the oven.
  17. John and I do our Christmas celebration on NYE. I got a tea towel as well - a black cat sitting in a small garden, two coasters with a tabby's face on it that came from the Cotswolds, a half peck basket from Vermont Country Store and a jar of Stokes red onion marmalade.
  18. Ohhhhh………. love your wife's choice. Can I give her my husband's email so she can counsel him on choices?
  19. Stock making today from the turkey breast from Christmas Day. It smells really good in here right now.
  20. gift cards for Quattro's in Pleasant Valley, NY from two brother-in-laws. useful as I need some duck breasts and bones for stock.
  21. Oh, thanks, Martin!! Another book added to the reading notebook. Report on the pickled hot dogs, please.
  22. suzilightning

    Breakfast 2019

    Nice food; nicer tablecloth.
  23. suzilightning

    Dinner 2019

    John has actually been home lately so a bit more cooking than when he is gone. I've been testing a recipe for a friend for crispy salmon and have it just where it should be. Been playing with several sides. Made a Martha Stewart recipe for shrimp scampi. That was interesting because it incorporated shrimp stock into the sauce. He liked it a lot. Yesterday I was craving pork. I stopped at the local butcher's and got a bone in and boneless pork chop. I baked off several sweet potatoes(white and garnet) then took them out of their jackets then mashed them with some butter and toast dope. I steamed some green beans. I mixed up a rub with some salt, oregano, mixed peppercorns and ground garlic, patted the chops dry and put the rub on them. Seared on all sides in some olive oil then into a 400F oven for 10 minutes. Out and rest for 5 minutes then slice and serve. The boneless chop served both of us now I will cut the chop from the bone and then roast the bone a bit in the oven for the cook's treat.
  24. @Shelby, that venison looks fabulous. This reminds me I have a package of backstraps in the freezer. I'll have mine with a dab of lingonberry jam, some old school green beans almondine and I'm craving a simple baked russet.
  25. not sure snacking or lunch ... butter crackers Pub President cheddar cheese on half Miracle Whip with a roll up of Black Forest ham and Finlandia lacey swiss on the other just enough for right now. the last of the French onion soup with a light sprinkle of gruyere and some croutons. Then for dinner buccatini and red sauce and a small side salad.
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