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  1. @Darienne, girl, you obviously have NOT read my posts!!! I grew up with: Apple pie without the cheese Is like the kiss without the squeeze My great grandmother used to say this all the time and she grew up in Rhode Island. My husband's family came from Ireland, Germany and Denmark to the Hudson Valley of NY. These heathens use vanilla ice cream...SHUDDER …. I adore a good gingerbread and also have my great grandmother's receipt for soft molasses and ginger cookies that get topped with a very, very thin shaving of aged cheddar while warm. When cooled we drizzled with lemon confectioner's sugar. I use ginger in many ways and lately I have been using it, lemongrass, cinnamon sticks, star anise and shallot to make stock for pho...
  2. Sounds like you've had a few Italian hot dogs in the day - Jimmy Buff's? @TdeV, not CaptainCarl, but in this neck of the woods dirty water dogs are hot dogs fished out of street cart where they are held in a salty water vat - many times Sabrett's.
  3. http://www.coloradolifemagazine.com/May-2016/Denver-Omelet/ https://gunthertoodys.com/scrambled-history-denver-omelette/ couple different explanations … I don't care. I love the combination and remember sharing a western(Denver) sandwich with my grandfather, Pop, many Saturdays as a kiddle at a luncheonette in Riverhead, NY near the train station. WOW... hadn't thought about that for years....thanks for bringing it back. To this day if I go out for breakfast I order either a Western( and still can only eat half) or corned beef hash with hash browns and hard scrambled eggs ….. and take 2/3 of that home.
  4. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    Shelby, Lindang….. PM me and I will tell you how much I need you to buy It is 11.99 +here for fresh oxtail and no one has frozen. Beef cheeks?!? No way to find them...….
  5. so...… next year same story. John leaves tomorrow for ice climbing. He had to wake up early (10:00 EST) for a therapeutic phlebotomy. Went to "nap" at 16:30 EST. I'm sure he won't wake up until tomorrow but not sure when. There is his gluten-free pasta ready to reheat; I thawed some shrimp to saute and also roasted some red and yellow grape tomatoes with olive oil, garlic and capers. Just had a big dinner salad. Because of weather conditions tomorrow he may not leave until later so he can have his pasta and shrimp. I am craving some of the ragu Bolognese I made on Monday...… works for me.
  6. @Smithy, that spanakopita looks to die for!!
  7. I went to restock our supply of Utz's dill pickle chips. 😢there were none !!! We adore dill pickle chips. Whenever we see one we try it. THIS is the best we have found.
  8. OK all you enablers. While reading this section on Stupid Bowl Sunday I ordered some beans. I'll try to figure out who to cook for and what to cook with them as HIMSELF doesn't like to eat beans as he "expresses himself" . Uhhhhh…. trust me when you drink beer you do the same.😛
  9. Woman, those were martinis!! You are drinking a GLASS of white wine. Or as some of us who are allergic say - "Amateur"
  10. Also had it with some bourbon back in the day with the mini hot dogs...... Course the woman was from Ohio by way of North Carolina
  11. WHAT!?! Not BBQ sauce and grape jelly?🙄
  12. John loves it so I keep a container in the fridge for him. It usually finds its way onto pasta...………..SIGH
  13. John just walked in with his lunch ... leftover potato and onion pierogies thinly sliced oven roasted pork chop drizzled with CATALINA DRESSING!!! I am going downstairs now so I can meditate, pet Smudge and Sinder and try to figure out WHERE he came from and WHY I married him
  14. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    Getting ready to start John's dinner for tonight: shrimp with broccoli and his gluten free pasta He really wanted pasta and shrimp when he got home Tuesday but had other things to eat up. He's getting it today. Poulet aux vinegre tomorrow I'm craving soup so a vegan split pea soup with carrots, potatoes, onions and croutons along with a spring mix salad.
  15. I feel you. Johnnybird once had a major jaw infection, underwent surgery and one of my best pot roasts went into the blender. He said it was delicious.
  16. Portuguese sweet bread tomorrow for John and our plumber friend
  17. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    With John home I make a bunch of stuff and let him decide what he wants for breakfast/lunch/dinner especially during the week. Weekends IF he is around is a bit more organized. Tonight it was breakfast for dinner …. thin gluten-free pancakes, turkey bacon, turkey sausages, blueberries and real maple syrup. He will probably follow it up in an hour or two with the leftover pork pho he had last night.
  18. Mine from 2007.... love it especially when the herbs come in fresh in the kitchen patch
  19. Two weeks to pitchers and catchers …
  20. Enjoy.... up here we have Tanti Bacci which I enjoy. Never ate at Jockey Hollow, either. Maybe need to figure out a lunch date.....
  21. suzilightning

    Dinner 2020

    I was talking with a friend who just returned from a 10 day work trip to India. He said he was craving a steak AAAAHHHHHH. I woke up this morning thinking the same thing! It has probably been 4 years since I have a NY strip. I don't grill at home as Johnnybird does not approve of "burned" meat as it causes cancer. Too much to do today to stop or go out so seeing if I can reply to his messages I'm going to make a s bison burger for dinner tonight and the remainder of meat will go into a smooch for when he gets home sometime next week. I have some sautéed pork and some Indian-ish broccoli and cauliflower dish foe tomorrow.
  22. Pho rice noodles were on sale this past week with coupons picked up some. Pork was on sale and I had a bunch of stock. 2 of the steaks I cut are going to be used as is; the rest will be slivered, sautéed and made into pho if/when John gets back.
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