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  1. I baked a pound cake tonight from this recipe. Perfect texture and crumb and I think the taste is wonderful (I can't be sure because I was a bit rattled and forgot to add the extracts, but that is another story :blush:). It rose up really high in the pan - just over the top. When it cooled in the pan for a few minutes, the crown fell and I ended up with a nice high crispy crust that was totally empty. Can anyone look at the recipe and see where it might be possible to go wrong? I followed the recipe exactly. Thanks!!

  2. I really don't think that one needs a holiday to give a food gift to a lucky recipient.  In fact, isn't it much nicer to receive an unexpected homemade gift in .. say... July or August?  :wink:

    Miriam, I'd love to know about the cherry liqueur too.

    Obviously, I was joking, but what you said makes a lot of sense, Pam. How great would it be to have someone turn up at your door in July and say, "I was thinking of you and made you something wonderful" ? Love in action! I might try this. HMMMM.

  3. Chicken oysters! Chicken organs!

    Broccoli, cauliflower stems

    I have no problem with overcooked veg.

    End-of-cereal dredges milk.

    Celery leaves I mix into salad.

    Can't think of anything else at the moment.


    Chicken oysters! Most people don't even know what they are, I find! So we sneak the little carcass out to the kitchen after the meal and Stink (daughter) and I have a nibble.

  4. Even good/experienced cooks do this sometimes. My dad loves my Sponge Monkey Candy and my mom called the other day to say that he had made it and it hadn't worked. Upon questioning her, I discovered that they don't have a candy thermometer, so they tried to use the drop in cold water technique (I know serious candy makers who couldn't judge by this method) and they poured it into a 1/2 sheet pan rather than the (specified) 13x9 inch pan. When you finish cooking this stuff, you get this big oozy cloud that falls/pours into the cooling pan. It's like 'The Blob' and will spread out until it is either stopped (by the 'walls' of the pan) or it cools. So they ended up with a really thin, chewy sponge. God love 'em. I told her to do it right and THEN call me. :wink:

  5. I am so confused, Foodie :huh: . I know that US/Australia weather is opposite, but are our holidays opposite, too? It's only June in America and our next holiday is Independence day. :raz::raz::raz:

    To make up for my teasing, I actually do have an idea. I make this really good and easy Sponge Candy. My (English) stepdad likes it when I dip it in melted Cadbury chocolate, because then it tastes like a Crunchie (or a Violet Crumble). I also think that a selection of fruit curds with some short pastry tart shells would be a great gift. Happy Holidays! :biggrin:

  6. The only head I've eated is tete de veau, calf head.  It was boiled, and very gelatinous.  Your baked heads look much drier.  And like others, I'm sure, I'm wondering about the eyes.  I have a hard time eating eyes, and lips, even of fish.  It just seems too personal.

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: Abra, I love "too personal" because that is just exactly my thought, but I could never have put it that well!

    Those heads are cool and scary. Around my non-food friends, I would have to be very nonchalant about them (Kim: "All animals have heads, nothing gross about that" :cool:), but here, with y'all, I admit they freak me out just a little :wink: ).

  7. Well, we have tasted the bread and it turned out perfectly - just the same as always! I was so concerned about having to stop and start over and over again because of the dough climbing out of the bowl, but I obviously am a novice baker and from what everyone has said, that shouldn't make a lot of difference anyway. The KA has worked perfectly in the past to make this bread and I have strength problems in my hands and arms - if I had to knead by hand it just wouldn't be possible, so this particular recipe is perfect for me! Thanks so much for all the info. If I ever start baking more seriously, I will probably search out a better mixer. As SB says, the KA is great for what it does and for regular kitchen use, I love it and can't imagine needing anything else.

  8. I have made this bread a few times and had great success. Tonight, in my Kitchen Aid (regular sized one, not the big boy), the dough kept climbing the sides and popping up over the top. I had to keep stopping the mixer and stuffing the dough end back into the bowl. I kneaded it in the machine for an additional couple of minutes and it 'felt' ok when I took it out to rise. Do you think that my loaf is a loss? Why would this happen this time and not ever before? I am making it for my mother-in-law to show her that I can actually make bread (she will give me the recipe for her famous yeast rolls if I can). Is she hexing me :laugh:? Or am I hexing myself?? Seriously, can anyone explain this? Thanks!

  9. I am a properly indoctrinated Southern girl, so, even though I was only 23 years old when we got married, I registered for china and sterling. I still adore it and have added to it over the years. We chose a classic Haviland pattern for the china and have been able to add pieces that go with, but aren't exactly the same pattern from ebay, antique stores, etc. I tell my daughter that she will never be sorry for chosing good china and silver.

  10. You know, I've never really bought the concept that being a genius gives one the right to be an asshole. I've had it 'explained' to me a million times (spent some time in the theatre world :raz:) and my response was a shrug. I just don't think it is necessary, justifiable or excusable. I won't be watching this because it offends me on one level and, more importantly it bores me on another.

  11. Ok, yes, it's melting as I type. I guess my real question is this: is my candy defective (i.e.: did it get too hot or something)? Surely the wafer isn't supposed to stick to the candy, right? It is there just to prevent the candy disks from sticking together, right? Shouldn't it just pop off the disk? The wafer (good name since it lacks the exact same taste as communion wafers lack :laugh:) doesn't add anything to the candy, as a matter of fact, as I said above - it dilutes the intensity of the black sesame.

  12. I bought some yummy Yen Nhung black sesame candy. It comes in little disks separated by the same size/shape disks of this stuff. Said stuff is off-white, crunchy, styrofoam-y, edible and tasteless. It is also basically impossible to totally remove from the candy disks. I have tried scraping, cutting, etc. I still have some stuck to the candy. Is my candy defective?? I'd rather not eat the stuff - it dilutes the wonderful sesame flavor. I looked on the Asian candy thread and found mentions of sesame candy, but not of my particular problem.

  13. I'm with Dean on Thrashers! I've been going to OC for almost 50 years and whether we are there for 2 days or a month, we eat Thrashers every single day. No kidding. You are on the eastern shore of MD. Don't fight it. Eat whats good - beach pizza, Thrashers, warm caramel corn, frozen custard, steamed crabs. I am envying you so much. Wish we could get there this summer!!

  14. Ooh, cool!  I'm going to Belize at the end of the month, and will look for the Salad cream.

    YMMV, but I find the flavor of Heinz Salad cream very, very similar to bottled Coleslaw dressing. It might be easier for you to find than salad cream. But if you are ever near a Kroger or a Fresh Market, I ususally find the Salad Cream there.

  15. Thanks, everyone! Unfortunately I cannot wear the crocs - I checked with my boss today and shoes have to be closed in all the way around. The shoes for crews sound good and are closed in, too. Thanks also for the blood sugar concerns - I am a diabetic, but since losing weight I have normal sugar levels - I get checked regularly and do my own stick tests also. I think that my socks are all cotton, so I think that I will try the hiking socks, too. I really appreciate all the good information, folks!

  16. Not sure that this is the right place for this, but here goes: I work on my feet all day and my feet are sore :sad: . Also, my socks are adding to the problem. I thought that some of the folks here who also stand for a long time could offer some advice! I wear a thick soled New Balance cross trainer shoe and thick athletic crew socks (Nike). The socks seem to get little 'folds' in them or I start to feel like they are, anyway. I also start to get the feeling that there is grit inside my socks, but when I shake them out, there is nothing there :huh::huh::huh:? Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!

  17. Back to Sandy's original question, although I was born in Washington, DC I consider myself double-Southern since my mother was born in South Carolina and my father was from Virginia.  Also when I grew up in DC it was often called a sleepy Southern town since there were so many people from the South who transplanted there.

    Seriously, as I've already said I LIKE BOTH MAYO AND MW; it just depends on what I happen to be making or adorning.  I wonder, does that make me bi-condimental? :hmmm:

    DIVA!! I, too, am a born in Washington, double Southerner (Daddy VA, Momma TN) :biggrin: . I never ate anything at home but MW growing up.

  18. Hello everyone...long time lurker, first time poster! Nice to come out and talk to everyone! 

    There are parts here in the more rural (sp?) areas of Oklahoma that are still just stop for gas and thats it kind of stations. But I remember gas stations like that were common place. I was shocked to see some gas stations now have these mini-deep fried eveything kitchens. I didn't think anyone ate at them, but they are still in business so I guess they do. I think  its a statement of our convenience driven society.

    Hi, CKat! Welcome to egullet! Enjoy the craziness here! Everyone is very welcoming and helpful!

  19. Anna - those are adorable. I think they look great and I'd be glad to serve them to my herd of chicklets (nieces, daughter and her buds) anytime! Bravo!

    I think my favorite cupcakes are the ones that I make using this recipe: Coconut Cake. I am a coconut fiend and this is the first cake that really fills my 'need'!

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