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  1. Some gorgeous stuff, y'all! I am totally humbled. Now that I finally have a working camera and have figured out how to re-size my images so that I can post them here(thanks, Chris), I thought I'd just use this thread to post all of the stuff that I made for the holidays:

    Iced Almonds - amazingly easy and really, really good - I added hot sauce to one of the batches and topped with coarsely ground sea salt:


    The dessert spread on Christmas Eve:


    Calipoutine's Magic Brownies:


    Oatmeal Raisinettes and Chocolate Chocolate Chips:


    Lemon Chess Tarts & Mince Tarts (Ted Fairhead made the mince tarts):


    Three kinds of fudge:


    Peanut Butter Cookies & Pecan Turtles:


    Sugar Cookies:


    Candied Pecans:


    I still have some of most of this in the freezer! Items are going every day to work with us to be finished up by someone else :laugh: !


  2. So I did go out and get a Mcmuffin. Its not a problem for me to not order a value meal since I really dont care for the hashbrowns.  I'd rather have grits!!


    According to Dottie's weight loss zone an egg mcmuffin as 6.5 points.  I'll just round up to 7.  I'm sure mine has more because I always get the folded egg instead of the egg it normally comes with.  I can't eat any runny yolks or I burp!!( TMI I'm sure).

    Wait!! You have a choice of how the eggs are made???? Does anyone else get a choice where they live? We sure don't in Richmond! I think I'm glad, though. If I could get runny egg yolks on my Egg McMuffins, I'd have one every morning :laugh: !


  3. suzilightning! That Ruby Chicken brought back some memories. I have been making that dish for years! It was from an old Family Circle magazine special recipe issue - I think that it was originally my mom's book! It is one of those recipes that makes a double portion and you can freeze it and cook it from frozen, so I make it for welcome to the neighborhood and welcome new baby meals to this day. It was so cool to see someone else making it! Do you remember where you got the recipe?



    i've been making this for at least 20 years. a coworker described the basic recipe to me and i've tweaked it over the years to include the fresh zest, lessen the sugar, or replace the sugar and spices with Toast Dope. Please, please check the recipe that i entered in RecipeGullet and see if i've violated(inadvertantly) the copyright agreement. what book was your mom's recipe in? can you post it or a link?

  4. Dinner the other night was Ruby Chicken

    Ready for the oven:


    roasted sweet potatoes and an idaho along with steamed broccoli complete the meal


    suzilightning! That Ruby Chicken brought back some memories. I have been making that dish for years! It was from an old Family Circle magazine special recipe issue - I think that it was originally my mom's book! It is one of those recipes that makes a double portion and you can freeze it and cook it from frozen, so I make it for welcome to the neighborhood and welcome new baby meals to this day. It was so cool to see someone else making it! Do you remember where you got the recipe?


  5. I am thrilled! Three of my favorites, as Rachel noted. Sandy's posts are always among the most interesting and educational (in a good way!) on eGullet, I love Randi's feeding the multitudes thread (I vacilate between wanting to come up and cook with you and gasping in horror at the lack of appreciation you get from some of those folks) and I always want to join MizD on her exotic (to me) restaurant visits so she can show another white girl how to eat like that :laugh: !

    The weight loss issue is one I will be watching, too! I had a gastric bypass and lost about 100 lbs. and need to lose an additional 30 and it won't budge. I'm hoping for some inspiration!

    Looking forward to this week, y'all!


  6. We have a hodge-podge of a trip to DC coming up the weekend of February 9th. Friday night we are hoping to meet up with friends from the area (I am a native, living in Richmond now). These friends are very food friendly and will most likely be working that day. These are old high school friends that we haven't seen in awhile, so talk (and consequently hearing one another) is important. I'd love your opinions. My ideas (after scouring the boards) are:

    Zaytinya (leaning towards this)



    Cashions Eat Place


    Lunch on Saturday is going to be at Mario's in Arlington - no decisions there :laugh: !

    We are going to a concert (Manilow - Mr. Kim's choice :wink: ) at the Verizon center at 8pm Saturday night with friends who are driving up that day to meet us. They are different from the other friends. She eats lots of things, he only eats very plain food, but is happy if there is a plain steak on the menu. They don't like to pay a lot, but as long as mains aren't in the $30 range, we should be ok. The only place nearby that seemed good was Matchbox - other ideas are welcome! AND - if the concert is at 8, what time should I make dinner reservations for? I'd also like to find a place nearby - or on the way back to Crystal City via Metro for fun after concert drinks/snacks.

    I was thinking of Trio's for breakfast Sunday if they are open and then a wander around the Dupont Circle Farmer's market (or maybe Eastern Market) before we have to head back to Richmond. Lunch may be in Old Town - is there a good fish and chips place anymore (that also serves other stuff - unfishy stuff :hmmm: )? Or maybe Southside 815 - we liked that pretty well and our friends would like it a lot.

    I know this is a mishmash, but having the second set of friends to consider is putting a monkey wrench in the works. This is also a sort of anniversary celebration for Mr. Kim & me (Manilow is for him and the food is for me :laugh: ) so I don't want to just do the chains that the second set of friends would be satisfied with.

    Enough of my novel...thanks, y'all!


  7. I completely understand why mac and cheese is #1. You can serve it at any dinner except the most fancy (it is a traditional holiday side for many Southern and African American families) and I have yet to find exactly the recipe that I want. I try new ones all the time and have for 30 years and still don't get what I really want. Nothing fancy - funky, interesting cheeses are fantastic, but NOT what I want in my mac and cheese. Creamy, moist, deeply cheesy. I have actually tried the Paula Deen recipe and that's not it, either :sad: !

    It is an interesting list - many of the dishes are what I actually make and sometimes hesitate to post about on eGullet :wink: !


  8. This is the recipe I was given by a friend years ago when I was doing a really severe low fat diet. They are called 'Feather Pancakes' and turn out very light, high and sweet. They are still my 'go to' pancake because when you add a teaspoon of vanilla, they taste like an airy white cake, which is just what I like in pancakes:

    1 c. flour

    2 T. baking powder

    2 T. sugar

    1/2 t. salt

    2 eggs, beaten

    1 c. milk

    1 T. vegetable oil

    you mix the dry then the wet, then put them together. I really like using an electric griddle, which I either wipe with an oiled paper towel or use an oil spray. When I eat pancakes I only use syrup (real maple, if possible - but if not available, I don't turn my nose up at Mrs. Butterworth's or Karo) - no butter. I think that butter is wasted when you use it with syrup and just adds untasted calories.

    This sounds like a perfect post-holiday easy dinner. Dinner in pajamas in front of an old movie. At about 5:30 with bedtime by 9. MMMMM. Just what I need!


  9. I love it when you post addendum to the blogs, Sandy. Its always interesting and new information and it really adds a lot to my enjoyment of them!

    Verjuice - this is just so much fun - I can't believe you are blogging over Christmas. I can not imaging being able to do that! You are my hero.

    I, too, would vote for some recipes, food and photos of 'home'! Also, what is "off the grid"?

    Thanks, Kim

  10. I was up until 4am baking decorated sugar cookies (and back up to go to work at 7) :blink::huh: . They were the most boring ones I have ever made! I just scattered the sugar around. I think that Santa was red and Frosty was white, but I can't make any promises :wink: ! If the freakin' USPS would bring my new camera :angry: , I could show you how crazy they are!


  11. Now that you mention it: "au jus" as in "with an au jus sauce."

    "As jus" means "with the juice!" it is the sauce! Just say "the roast beef is served au jus" and leave it at that.  This is more annoyingly redundant than shrimp scampi.

    The one that I grew up with is "tuna fish", as in, would you like extra Miracle Whip on your Tuna Fish sandwhich?" There are no know beasts such as Tuna Fowl, or Tuna Moose, (there is a bad pun in there though) or Tuna Mammal. It's a tuna, full stop.

    Now on the other hand I can see calling canned tuna "tuna fish" and a beautiful rare hunk of ruby fish "Tuna".

    That's exactly how I use 'tuna fish'. I only ever call the canned stuff 'tuna fish'. The whole stuff is 'tuna'. Shorthand, I guess. Plus, that's what I grew up calling it. Maybe it's regional? Anyone know?


  12. David, that looks wonderful. I love seeing all kinds of food - fancy and 'un'! Makes this place decidedly less intimidating for us totally unfancy cooks when a cook of your caliber makes comfort food! I sure wish I had that waiting at home for me tonight! I haven't cooked a real meal since our tree trimming fondue meal on Sunday and I probably won't cook another one until the weekend before Christmas!


  13. It being early summer, do you have good tomatoes yet? If so a tabouli salad with bulgur and tomatoes and cukes and lots parsley and mint might be good "filler" without being too wintry. And it's colorful. Or if you like the potato idea, how about a warm/room temp potato salad with radish, celery etc and a bright mustard olive oil dressing? Or a rice salad with roasted red and green peppers and pine nuts? That a nice complement to lamb.

    Speaking of potato salad, I have a wonderful recipe for Potato and Green Bean Salad from Cuisine at Home magazine that was wonderful.


  14. And speaking of the secret vegetable club, because we've been besieged with requests to keep the blog alive, and because tomorrow is in fact Vegetable Morning, we'll be ending the blog sometime tomorrow, and not tonight.  So you can sleep sweetly, secure in the knowledge that we'll still be here in the morning.

    We need a happy dance smiley!! I am doing it right here in my chair in Richmond, VA wishing I was in France!!! This is like a novel you wish would never, ever end! Thank you so much, ladies for your generosity!


  15. Conor - I don't know a lot about NY, but took a great trip there this spring with a lot of help from eGulleteers. Here is my report. We truly loved Degustation.

    Have a great trip and don't forget to report back, please. I could use a vicarious vacation :wink: !


  16. Ellen, thank you so much for sharing your dad with us. I think I can see him! Here I am at my desk at 8am, quietly dabbing away the tears and hoping that no one notices because how can I explain that I'm crying over a story on a food site :wink: ? Your story touched me, as it obviously did others. I have realized for a long time that food is so much more than sustinance, but your wonderful words brought that home again in a very powerful way. Thank you, again!


  17. Are we talking about frozen fries that you bake or fry in oil, because, to me those are two different subjects. Baked fries are generally very nasty, I think. Off flavors, textures, very dry, etc. The Alexia fries are the only baked ones that I've ever tasted that I'd make and eat again.

    On the other hand, I actually quite like the frozen fries that I pan fry. I don't want anything fancy on them - no seasoning and certainly no coating. I usually by just the standard ones - not steak fries or shoestrings, but something in between (of course every so often, I succumb to the siren song of the trashy crinkle cut :wub: ) - Giant grocery stores used to sell a house brand basic and cheap frozen fry that was wonderful - don't know if they still do. Lots of salt and some vinegar or ketchup from a squirty bottle and I am happy.


  18. Last night was our annual fondue/tree decorating dinner. We started with beef fondue (tenderloin) with bearnaise, horseradish cream, curry sauce, Bobby Flay's sherry vinegar steak sauce & crudites and dip (Seven Seas Green Goddess - very traditional for this meal in Mr. Kim's family :biggrin:) and crusty rolls. Dessert was chocolate fondue (I experimented this year and did Tolblerone :wub: - amazingly good!) with pound cake, angel food cake, macaroons, bananas, maraschino cherries, dried fruit and blackened marshmallows :laugh: .


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