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  1. Another one from me :smile:! I have an update. We ate at 1 N. Belmont last night and were, to be honest, underwhelmed. The food was only ok to good. Not what the atmosphere and prices would lead you to expect. Also, the service was not very polished. We had dinner plates on the table for 45 minutes after everyone had finished eating. Sorry!

  2. I love this topic and everyone's responses. Klary, your husband's response made me laugh and get a little teary at the same time.

    I hope that I leave behind a lot of intangibles - memories of meals at my house and holidays spent feasting. I am the family 'food' person and everyone has come to expect to spend most holidays at our house. They know that every Christmas dinner will be exactly the same and that other occasions mean anything goes! My nieces now eat oyster stuffing. My daughter's favorite thing growing up was ordering calamari at restaurants and tricking her friends into eating squid. Those things have to do with my influence. I love that.

    And there is this: my cookbook

  3. Mr. Kim looked this up for me and remarked how quickly we (egulleteers) deteriorate from constructive advice to drooling food worship. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    He was afraid that if I reported this, he would offend someone. I told him that we have entire threads making fun of ourselves for this kind of thing.

    So I am going to leave it out, right? They (there are actually 2 pies - for 4 people - that's another thread) and we should eat them by Monday. We all agree that I won't be poisoning anyone! Thanks!

  4. I ended up having to peel them like apples (and they were tiny little suckers, too) and cut them off the stone like a mango :blink:. They had very little flavor and were not at all juicy, so I sliced the chunks as well as I could, sugared them and let them sit in a colander over a bowl for an hour. I reduced the resulting juice on the stove (it only boiled over twice :shock:). I ended up with enough for two pies. One I did as a two crust and flavored with brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The other I flavored with cinnamon and brown sugar and topped with an oatmeal, butter and coconut crumb crust. I felt like I really needed to guild the lily (considering the lily was more like a weed :rolleyes:) this time! They are cooling right now and I'll report back as to taste later. We have company coming tomorrow for the weekend and the pies were supposed to be dessert/snacks for then. Thank goodness I have brownies in the freezer :laugh:!

  5. I am so glad that everyone has had good luck with this cake. It was so funny at Easter when I served this cake everyone wanted the recipe. When they saw that it was a 'from scratch', they kinda backed off. They said it looked like a lot of work. I think, especially considering the results you achieve that it is a fairly uncomplicated cake!

  6. Thanks so much. I have been continuing the blanching - longer than usual to help remove the fuzz. I am cutting off what I can and then I think peach preserves or chutney! I am so disgusted with them, I think that I will just rough cut them and throw them in the freezer and just deal with them later :rolleyes:!

  7. Bumping this up for some advice. I have a Foodsaver (or a 'suck thing' as we call it at our house :biggrin:) and use it a lot. A couple of problems that I have noticed:

    1). We'll sometimes remove a sealed bag from the freezer to discover that the seal has obviously failed and that the bag is no longer tight around the food

    2). The cannisters don't seem to hold a seal. No matter what we put in them, we need to take them out of the refrigerator ever couple of days and reseal (Mason jars, however, seem to work forever - we have jars of sealed Red Rose tea that we keep for my parents when they are here and they stay sealed between their visits no matter how long it is)

    Any ideas what we might be doing wrong?

  8. I have a bushel of peaches that my in laws picked up at an orchard last week. They have been sitting in a box on my dining room table since then. I have some time today and figured they wouldn't last much longer, so I would go ahead and process them now. First I discovered that they aren't all that ripe. They taste ok, I guess, but aren't very soft or juicy. But they are starting to shrivel. Should I let them sit for a few more days? Close them up in a paper bag?

    The other thing is that they are impossible to peel. I tried the blanching that has always worked for me and it hasn’t made any difference at all. My knife is sharp and still the peel is really, really hard to get off. Also, I discovered that they aren’t freestones :angry: – so how in the hell do I get the stones out of these things??? I am ready to give them to the freaking birds :wacko: . Does anyone have any help for me? Thanks!

  9. I live in Richmond, so I think I can give some insight.

    Kuba, Kuba - Cuban, casual, really good

    1 N. Belmont - French - all rave reviews, disclaimer - I am going for the first time on Sat.

    Edo Squid - fantastic Italian food

    Dogwood Grille & Spirits - one of Richmond's best restaurants

    Zeus Gallery Cafe - interesting menu

    Croaker Spot - funky place serving great fried fish

    Full Kee - amazing authentic Chinese

    Millies - upscale but casual, excellent and inventive food

    Have a great time and let us know where you ate!

  10. I have actually searched out and found and MADE the copycat recipe for those freakin' garlic cheese muffins.  And Mr. Kim has confessed that when alone and unobserved he consumes vast amounts of circus peanuts.

    :blink:  :raz:

    Would be more then "great" :wub: if you posted it!

    I don't have the copycat recipe ... but. A manager at a local RL was happy to tell somebody ( :wink: ) that you could get the same thing by mixing some shredded cheddar into that Betty Crocker biscuit mix, brush with butter and sprinkle with garlic powder.

    Thats it!! Thats it!! :laugh::laugh: ! You actually mix the garlic powder in with the melted butter (I think the recipe I found called for margarine, but I sprung for butter :wink: ) and then DIP the hot cheese biscuits in the garlic butter :wub::wub: .

  11. butter, 10x, milk, vanilla

    That's fine for a couple of weeks, provided the milk wasn't close to expiry when you used it.

    I think its actually a little older than that. I tasted a little bit and it doesn't taste 'off' but it tastes much sweeter than I remember - nauseatingly so. Thanks, Sugarella - I think I'd better toss it.

  12. Can anyone read about the Christmas feast at Mole's house in The Wind in the Willows and not want to belly up to the table with all the little caroling mice and Ratty and Mole??

    There is a whole genre of mystery/food books also. Unfortunately, most of the ones that I have read are not terribly well written. On the up side, I have gotten some pretty good recipes from them :wink:!

  13. Neither one of my grandmothers could cook. My paternal grandmother mostly didn’t try and had no interest. She was totally wild and told great stories about her youth, but if you wanted a cooky in her house you generally got a Metrecal cooky. Anyone remember those? Metrecal was an early version of Slimfast. Bebo’s fridge never had anything in it but gin, a pint of milk (for coffee), olives, cocktail onions and a lemon. I loved spending the night because she would tell amazing tales about Washington DC in the twenties and thirties, order out for Chinese and (even at age 70) be up for a midnight run for subs at Mario's. Bebo made one dinner a year - Christmas night and it was delicious, but anyt other time, you were served frozen, canned glop!

    My maternal grandmother cooked every day and was, if possible, worse than my other grandmother. She was a second generation Italian American and her tomato sauce was: tomato paste watered down with…water :shock:. Pot roast was a chuck roast with a few carrots and potatoes tossed in the pan plus a couple cups of water, covered with foil and baked. The only spice she had in her house EVER was a shaker of powdery pepper. Bomo used to roll her eyes at the cooking that my mom and my aunt did (both very accomplished cooks) and say that she didn’t know how they tasted the food through all the spices (it is certainly possible to over season food, they, however, do not). All meats were incinerated. No onions were ever used. She didn’t bake much and usually kept her cooky jar full of these weird store bought coconut flavored cookies that looked extruded with little grooves on the top – tasteless and dry and about $1/hundred. One time when I was visiting her, she had to go into the hospital and I was trying to cook dinner for my grandfather. The only wine I could find was Manechevitz Concord grape (we are not Jewish – she just liked the taste :laugh:). God rest their souls, they were not at home in the kitchen, but I miss them both and would give anything for a midnight run to Mario’s with Bebo or bite of Bomo’s Duncan Hines Devil’s food cake (the best thing she ever cooked) :wub::wub:.

  14. I am enjoying this so much, Lori! I love the input from Alyssa and Mr. Lori and the pictures.

    Do you still have foods that your bodies can't manage? With me its rice and steak. I can eat a hamburger and any kind of pasta, but one bite of steak is all I can manage and not even a bite of rice.

    We have something similar to BB's - across the river from us - you have inspired me, next day off, I'm off on a short trip!

  15. I had some friends over for the US / Ghana World Cup Game.

    I made Spanglish Sandwiches. Thomas Keller was the food consultant on the film and came up with this sandwich for Adam Sandler to make as  midnight snack. Its basically a BLT with melted cheese and a fried, runny egg!



    Oooooh, Henry. I am so having one of those for dinner tommorow. Today Mr. Kim got the first of the Hanover tomatoes and tonight we went a bought white bread & Nueskes Applewood smoked bacon. There is Miracle Whip in the fridge and lettuce in the crisper. That has been the plan since he found the tomatoes this am. I will show him your photo and we'll be adding the egg for sure!

  16. It says right at the top of that recipe that the person submitting it had the exact same issue.  I think it's just a quirk in the recipe - that's twice the butter called for in any of the recipes I have used (been on a pound cake blitz this month).  I would just chalk it up to wierd science, smack the crust down with the back of a spatula and cover it with a glaze  :smile:  No one will know.  If anyone says anything, just look at them with pity and say 'aw, can't you get yours right?  All the best cakes are done this way'  :laugh:

    That is actually me. I linked to my webpage where I had posted that recipe. But I think you are right. I am not going to worry about it, since everything else was great.

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