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  1. Fibilou - the nougat is beautiful. I really want to try to do that someday!

    Kerry - forgive my ignorance, but what is a cocomel? Do I dare to hope its a coconut/caramel candy??? If so, I need one.

    Tammy - I loved the marshmallows - those are something else that I am determined to try sometime!

    Ron - I make that seafoam, too. It is so easy and good. I dip it in chocolate. It reminds my dad (Ted Fairhead who post here, too) of a Cadbury Crunchie bar (an English candy). So good!

    Simonne - your candies are beautiful. I loved the green ones especially!

    So many gorgeous sweets! I can hardly bear to post my stuff here, but I love looking at everyone's efforts, so I'll contribute! This past weekend I got a start on my candy making for Christmas.

    I made - Aunt San's fudge - just a really simple, super creamy, never fail milk chocolate fudge that my great aunt made forever:


    She always used Hershey bars, but I use Cadbury milk bars - I much prefer the flavor.

    Reese's Cup fudge - peanut butter layer topped with a layer of Aunt San's Fudge:


    And a new one this year - Dark Chocolate Fudge w/ Dried Cranberries & Almonds:


    Mr. Kim said it might have been the best thing that he had ever eaten. :wub: I love feeding folks!


  2. Just thought I'd drop in (and momentarily out of my crazy life) to pass on some comments and post a few recent meals.

    Bruce - I'd love the recipe for the Lime-Cilantro dressing - it sounds perfect for jicima!

    Stephanie & Marlene - those steaks were gorgeous, I will be showing those to Mr. Kim who is very much in touch with his inner caveman. And Stephanie - nice to see yet another eGullet convert to roasted cauliflower!

    Kobi - the cheesesteaks looked perfect - did the store shave your beef or did you?

    Dr. J - your 'after' picture was hilarious and that plate is beautiful!

    Jamie Lee & Prawncrackers - fried rice :wub: ! Oh, how I miss fried rice (as I might have mentioned before rice is one of the few foods I haven't been able to manage since I had a gastric bypass). Fantastic!

    kellytree - I am impressed with your daughter - what an amazing meal, anyone would be proud to serve that!

    Ted - your steak pudding looks gorgeous and delicious! You aren't mad at me for slightly freaking out over kidneys, are you :wink: ? 'Cuz I think I'd love a STEAK pudding. Remember, I work in a Urologist's office now - so I'm particularly sensitive :laugh: !

    Here's some of our recent dinners:

    Creamy Swiss Chicken & Noodles - just good old comfort food:


    The fantastic cannelloni that David Ross posted awhile back. It was fantastic and delicious - my pictures are not as pretty as David's. I was so happy with the dish that I ordered the cookbook off abebooks.com:



    And, inspired by Magus' gorgeous hamburgers in his Burger Helper thread last night was Cheeseburgers on onion rolls w/ all the fixings including grilled onions, creamed butterbeans and salad:




  3. I agree with Dave and will go even further. To me, the fat that is rendered is the only reason to cook a goose. The yield is very small. We didn't find the meat all that great. But that fat. Swoony! If you decide to do one - roast potatoes and sweet and sour red cabbage are the best side dishes! Make sure to report!!


  4. I always have at least 2 kinds of flour - White Lily for biscuits and AP for most everything else. I just got a huge bag of White Lily in a gift basket and will never make enough biscuits to use it up before it goes bad (or stale or buggy orwhatever flour does). Here's the dumb part: can I use it for regular baking? Cakes, cookies, quick bread? See a make a LOT more of those than I do biscuits - especially since I discovered Mary B's :blush: . Ta!


  5. "Eternity is two people and a ham."

    I can't eat much country ham at once, but I do love its flavor. I've nibbled on plenty, cut some chunks off for the freezer, and thrown some into an incredible split-pea soup. What are some other dishes that are good with some country ham? (I didn't grow up eating the stuff, being from a Jewish Southern household, so I don't have deep reserves of knowledge on the subject...)

    This is a wonderful use of country ham: Crab, Country Ham & Limas w/ Jalapeno Cream


  6. Magus - I've just read this entire thread in one sitting (very quiet day at work) and I have to tell you that 4 people walked up behind me when I had the picture of your hamburger up and wanted one! They thought it was available somewhere nearby! So I guess you should add Richmond, VA to your list of future sites! I think we are all going to 5 Guys tonight for dinner, inspired by No. 9 (a pale imitation, unfortunately) :laugh: !

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your journey and will keep up with this thread! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


  7. Oh, I have way too many magazines, going back years. My process is to go through them and read what I want, then go through again and write down the name and page # of recipes that I want to make. Then I tape the piece of paper on the front page of the magazine. The idea is that I will go back to them and make them sometime. I do it often, but I have so many that I won't ever finish them. I also use the same process with cookbooks.


  8. Klary, that just looks too good.

    Kim, I love the meatloaf idea.  I am literallly keeping a list of ideas I'm getting.

    I'm sort of embarrased to admit I had beef again tonight.  Last night I made a beef stew recipe that appealed to me because it had orange zest in it.  Beef and orange is a heavenly combination.  I prepared it except for the slow cooking, and put it in the crock pot today.  When I got home tonight, I cooked noodles, made a salad, and poured some very cheap Shiraz.  It was perfect, also because today was the coldest day we've had in many months (like in the low 70's!).  It was so tasty.  I love to come home from work to the smell of a good dinner cooked & ready.  Tomorrow I go out of town for a conference, so I'll be eating out for a few nights.

    Susan - I, too, love the combination of beef and orange. Our very favorite pot roast, Ronald Johnson's Italian Pot Roast has orange peel in it and it just isn't the same if I don't have that orange flavor!

  9. Susan - thanks for the recommendation! I was wishing for it in the 'what do you want for the holidays' thread and was going to PM you for your brand. I just put it on my amazon wishlist!

    Ce'nedra - If you are really interested in Cincinnati chili, I have a very authentic recipe: Clickety! I don't know if you will have any trouble finding all of the ingredients, but reading the blogs from other countries, you might be able to substitute what you can't find.

    Jamie Lee - I'd love to come and hug you and cook with you and eat your food! Everything you make looks and sounds wonderful. I hope you are feeling hungry soon! I think of you a lot!

    Bella SF - so funny you should mention those green beans, because I just recently made roasted green beans with shallots and hazelnuts - featuring lemon zest. It was a Bobby Flay recipe that Mr. Kim saw and requested and they were so good!

    Klary - what a lovely compliment! That I inspired you! It is usually the other way around! I am honored :biggrin: ! Your soup and biscuits look wonderful. Your roasted cauliflower always looks more roasted than mine. Do you parboil or blanch it at all, or do you roast from raw?

    Last night's (and most likely tonight's since it is 6:30 and no one seems to be rattling those pots and pans in there) dinner was meatloaf, corn and MIL's (really good) Curried pumpkin soup with cool toppings (Fruit Chips, pumpkin seeds, cashews and toasted cocoanut):


    The meatloaf had a technique I hadn't seen before. You pressed a layer of brown sugar on the bottom of the loaf pan then spread a layer of catsup on top of that and put the mixed meatloaf on that. When cooked and flipped over to serve there is this sweet/savory slightly caramelized top. MMMMMM.


  10. Some beautiful meals, y'all!

    Monavano - You have inspired me - I need to make some onion soup soon. I make a really good one that you bake instead of cooking on top of the stove and it included roasted garlic and an egg. MMMMM. And it's also time for some Cincy chili!

    Nakji - I loved that you used the garlic scapes. I discovered them for the first time this summer and loved the pesto I made with them. I would like to use them like you did, too!

    Susan - like everyone else, I am drooling over your panino. I always use just two heated cast iron skillet and it works fine, but I just love the thinness and crispness of yours! I may just have to add a press to my wishlist for Christmas!

    Prawncrackers - you can protest all you want, but that picture obviously made all of us ready for egg on pasta! :laugh:

    I am starting a new job, while still working on night a week at the old one, so I haven't been cooking a lot, but the other night I did manage this:


    This was a new recipe that I tried for a Swiss cheese, ham and brocolli soup w/ biscuits. It was very good - the Swiss was different and went really well with the ham and brocolli.


  11. The word 'Supper' used to describe an evening meal conjures images of dry meat, sloshy overcooked vegetables from a can served with floury gravy and probably on a plate that is sectioned into different compartments.

    Dinner sounds much nicer.

    Also, I defy anybody to use the word 'goopy' to describe food in a positive light.

    Yeah, or 'gloppy'. And yet I love 'gooey'! :laugh:

    Supper will depend on your geographic location, I guess. To me (living in VA and growing up summers in NC) supper just means the evening meal. Dinner was the meal that my Yankee friends called 'lunch'.

    I keep a food/kitchen/entertaining journal and I know I overuse 'delicious', 'really good' and 'tasty'!


  12. Jamie Lee - love your soup - I really need to make that :raz: !

    Susan - I am so glad to see your 'pretty' food and great photos again! Please stay and keep posting - I have missed you!

    Marlene - the lasagne is gorgeous - I love that browned, cheesy crust!

    Pasta for me tonight again!

    Tagliatelle & Meatballs, salad and garlic rolls:



  13. Kim:

    That does look daunting indeed!  (But oh, so delicious!)  Do you just skip Thanksgiving?

    To all the rest!  I love each of your lists!  Thanks!


    We pretty much just wait for someone to invite us and offer to bring flowers and make a pie :laugh: . So far no one has offered this year - Mr. Kim, the child and I might just be on our own.



    Now you know that's not gonna happen! I am already working on our list...


    Mince meat for pies

    Oysters for dressing


    Gravy mixings


    (Twice baked potatoes to be made by Kim and wine from Mr Kim)

    Gas up car on Tuesday for Wed drive.

    Pack on Tues night for early start

    Yay! See my PM! I will definitely make the twice baked potatoes! :biggrin::biggrin:

    New list:



    Cream cheese


    Fresh Chives

    Vacuum Bedroom ( :raz::raz: )

  14. I want a cornball. (I could never imagine, prior to eGullet, ever making that statement :laugh: ).

    Lunch today was a Sunday football feast. Boring and frustrating games (Redskin fan, 'nuff said :angry: ). Pot stickers and egg rolls and what our house calls 'chippydip' (say it out loud :wink: ) and some fun Asian goodies I found at the Asian market this morning while I was looking for Potsticker sauce.



    Meltykiss from Japan - these were little cubes of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate that were covered in cocoa. Pretty good - kind of like an 'Ice Cube' when it began to melt (for those of you who know what an 'Ice Cube' is). The other is Barquiron (w/ cashew nuts) from the Philippines. Little tube shaped things with a crispy, wafery outer shell. Inside is almost powdery and crumbles in a second. Odd thing was that the first one that we opened was crushed and the second one whole and they tasted different from one another. Hmmm. I tried to take a picture of each one of the goodies, but just got a boxy shaped brown blur and a tube shaped tan blur :rolleyes: !


  15. I haven't made cupcakes in a bit. Thought I'd add the Halloween cupcakes made for nieces and nephews:


    Cupcakes are orange. The little bits on top are bone, pumpkin and skull shaped candies.



    Hard to see, but on top of the icing 'webbing' is a little plastic spider. Crappy pictures.


  16. Kim:

    That does look daunting indeed!  (But oh, so delicious!)  Do you just skip Thanksgiving?

    To all the rest!  I love each of your lists!  Thanks!


    We pretty much just wait for someone to invite us and offer to bring flowers and make a pie :laugh: . So far no one has offered this year - Mr. Kim, the child and I might just be on our own.


  17. I couldn't get back to sleep this morning thanks to my pug, Otis

    From your avatar I assume Otis woke you up by giving you indigestion?


    Believe me, at 5 am, we do threaten to fricassee him!

    David - the cannelloni is beautiful. I have meatballs and sauce in the pot right now and I'd trade it in a minute for those! Do you make your own pasta sheets? I can't imagine that I would do that, but we do have a pasta store nearby and they might sell the sheets. Would you possibly be willing to PM me the recipe? I have made cannelloni before, but am intrigued by the chicken liver addition.

    doctortim - I am so envious of your pasta making abilities! They are all gorgeous. And delicious looking. Lots of pasta making lately. Cool weather, I guess!


  18. I had a Dutch friend in high school who brought what he called "chocolate sandwiches" for lunch. Sometimes he'd give me a bite (he was a good friend, what can I say??). They were ordinary white sandwich bread spread thinly with butter and then topped with either a mixture of dark and white chocolate flakes (which were specially purchased and shipped from the homeland) or what I grew up calling "chocolate sprinkles" (which were also specially purchased and shipped from the homeland, and which had a more genuine chocolate flavor than the waxy version I knew from ice cream parlors). The chocolate was then topped with another buttered piece of bread to make a portable sandwich for the lunchbox.

    I loved these things and wished we Americans grew up on such delights. Chocolate sandwiches? Sign me up!

    My English step sister used to butter a piece of white bread and then spread it with Hershey's syrup. I thought at the time that this was gross (I was four years younger than her). This was before I had tried pan du chocolat :wub: ! I'll give fairy bread a try (as an inveterate Anglophile and Fairyphile, I am obligated), but I am kind of a mind with Dianabanana. Somehow the idea of the sprinkles with the soft bread against my teeth gives me the heebeejeebees. I love them on cookies, but even as a kid didn't sneak handfuls of them while decorating Xmas cookies.


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