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  1. I use a Brillo pad to lightly clean and 'sand' then rinse. If it is particularly stinky (or if someone else in the house used it hours ago and didn't clean it :angry: ), I make a paste out of water and baking soda and let it sit for an hour or so. I recently became converted to one of those lightweight, inexpensive plastic cutting boards for onions and garlic. I still use my wooden one for most things, though - I just like how it 'feels', but I love being able to wash that plastic one really fast!

  2. Lawd have mercy--I top my cheddar cheese grits with stir-fried broccoli!!

    Is a Yankee dispensation in order?

    Fress, you can put anything SAVORY on your grits and be ok (we are, after all Southerners, not barbarians). It's when you start adding sugar or fruit :shock: that we get out the shotguns!

  3. There are lots of cookbooks I have that I've never used.  But they were purchased because that's the kind of cooking I want to do "someday."  i.e., Bouchon.  Sort of like buying bigger clothes for kids, expecting them to grow into them.  And sort of like purchasing jeans 2 sizes smaller than I wear, fully believing that someday I'll un-grow into them.

    For me, it's not about good cookbooks and not so good cookbooks.  It's about fantasy and intention . . . or put another way, about vision and aspiration.  And perhaps a little self-delusion?  :biggrin:

    This is where I am. I buy the cookbooks fully intending to cook extensively from them, perhaps even cook through them ala "Julie and Julia". I read each one and make a list that I put in the inside cover of each cookbook before it goes on the shelf. On the shelf is where they tend to stay. Good intentions...you know the rest.

  4. I am making cupcakes right this minute! I have Ina Garten's Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes cooling now and Key Lime Cupcakes with Coconut Meringue in the oven. Those last are one of those 'Cake Mix Doctor' concoctions, but they sounded so good that I figured if they are worth it, I can always adapt a good yellow cake recipe for it. I am off work Tues, Wed and Friday this week and expecting company this weekend, so I am cooking my head off (Mr. Kim is going to clean :wub: ) and having a ball. I made the Cook's Illustrated white sandwich bread this morning - really beautiful looking - I am waiting to taste until Mr. Kim gets home!

    Anna, is that recipe for a yellow or a chocolate cupcake?

  5. I am tossing the American Heritage Dictionary.  It lists 'ex-presso' as an alternative pronunciation of es-presso ...
    American Heritage Dictionary is like the New World Dictionary: It's the trendiest of reference materials.  Instead of leading from the front (as dictionaries used to be bastions of proper usage), many now are reduced to reporting only "popular usage".

    Wait a minute. First Kim (and Susan), please mention edition and size of AHD you have. That's important, more below. I've got a shelf of anglophone dictionaries handy (not counting the foreigners). For years, many US word fans have prized the full-size 3rd ed. of the AHD. (1992, not quite 12 inches [30 cm] high, often black paper cover). Just months ago I was told (by a literary scholar) that lexicographers and linguists dislike the AHD for being too prescriptive, exactly opposite of complaints above. To name just one example (probably distracting, because it's outside many people's universe), for 25 years I've seen complaints in print about a US pronunciation shift in a word I don't use much but some people do, especially if they are being "fancy." As one essayist put it in the 1980s, the "correct" or traditional way to say this word, patina, stresses the first syllable (like STAMina), but that newbies, so to speak, shifted it to paTEENa and don't realize this. My point: AHD fullsize 3rd supports that essayist (PAT-uh-na as the leading pronunciation example) and gives the story behind the word. (It comes from paten, if you're curious.)

    The AHD originally stood out via pictures (now more common) and advice from a diverse Usage Panel. (Which split evenly, in 3rd ed., on US syllable stress for harrass, in which "Curiously, ... each side regards itself as an embattled minority.") Between the 3rd and the 4th editions though, the photos went to color, unfortunately in some cases (to see why, compare beret, derby, and fedora in fullsize 3rd vs. 4th). It also simplified or omitted many diverting, even brilliant little articles about strange word histories and dilemmas. For instance, at aggravate, Comstockery, dinner (apropos this forum!), Frankenstein, kludge ("not `etymologist-friendly' " -- AHD), and Melba toast. May have made other changes too, and it is in process of revision, current 4th to be replaced by "new" 4th this summer.

    My defense of AHD therefore reflects only 3rd and earlier.

    :blush: um. It's whatever turned up on yahoo when I search for 'dictionary' :blush:

  6. I can heartily recommend the Bavarian Chef in Madison - just north of Hooville on 29. Phone #:540 948 6505. Just to let you know: you do not want to eat here and then have a road trip ahead of you. This is solid, filling, delicious food. Make sure that you don't have anything more strenuous than a slow short stroll ahead of you that evening :wink: !

  7. What always bugs me about this whole shtick (the faux chef home thing) is that the producers think that that is important to me :wacko: . Why am I any more likely to cook someone's recipe if they are filming in their home than on a set??? This is what drove me to scream at the tv during that Next FN Star show. I was constantly disagreeing with what the execs were telling the contestants. "The audience wants to think that this is your home, not a set". NOOOOOO! I don't care where they are, I care what they are cooking!!!

  8. I watched all the episodes and want to add my thoughts.

    The show taken in totality was really good viewing, with a good mix of

    personalities and talents in various areas of the kitchen.

    I enjoyed the competition until the penultimate episode.  I believe the

    end was predetermined and if this was so, took the viewing public for


    It is my thought the producers did not and could not see Dave meet

    Harold in the finals.  Harold clearly to me, came across as having the

    overall abilities and was most centered in terms of cooking, dealing with staff

    and the overall business end of heading a restaurant.

    Dave's personality just did not meet that post. 

    The problem for me was that in terms of taste, Dave far and away won over

    Tiffany.  It seemed none of her dishes did much for any of the people tasting

    them, yet she won over Dave.  Incredible.

    I do not think the producers wanted the chance of having a final challenge with

    Dave versus Harold.  Know why.  Because based on taste, Dave had a damn good chance of winning and those involved did not view him as Top Chef material.

    I cannot believe most viewers did not see all of this coming. 

    It was truly a no brainer.  There was simply no chance in hell that sullen Tiffany was going to win the challenge over Harold.

    That did it for me and I resent the notion that the audience was played with in such

    an arrogant and demeaning manner. 

    It was almost as if there was a a little picture of that arrogant twit Stephan in the corner of the t.v. screen with his shit eaten grin looking down on us.

    Just my impressions.

    What Howard said. For all the (many) faults of the Next Food Network Star, they were at least upfront about their goal. They were making their judgements largely on what, according to their market research, would appeal to the food network viewer. With TC, you had to pay really close attention to discover that the judges' "decisions" were made in concert with the producers'. Many times the judges had to tap dance all over the place trying to 'justify' a decision that was so obviously not theirs, but Bravo's. I really hate "Reality TV" and this is one of the reasons why.

  9. Strawberries + Bruschetta ................. I'm sure there's been some sort of crime being committed here.  :hmmm:

    If said crime involves crispy bread, dripping with butter and sweet berry juices sign me up.

    Yup, me too! If you go to the recipe, you'll see that it's just good bread (I used a thin ciabatta), toasted crisp, buttered, with sliced strawberries on top. Sprinkle with sugar and caramelize. Thats it. What could be wrong with that :unsure: ?? I think that 'bruschetta' is just a sort of short cut word so to explain how it is put together. Anyway. How is this much different from strawberry jam with toast?

  10. Our favorite casserole is a layer of stuffing, topped with a layer of chicken and gravy, topped with corn and mashed potatoes....we call it Christmas in a Can.  There's no can, but you get the idea.

    I would probably go to KFC next time I am in the States if they were using torn up original recipe chicken breast instead of the deep fried nuggets...and I would have to ask them to leave off the cheese...why are they putting cheese on it?  Some kind of southern ripoff of poutine?

    I am waiting for them to just do Sack O'Skin....chicken skin, breaded (original recipe, please) and deep fried and served in a sack, perhaps with hot sauce for dipping.  THAT would be my idea of KFC heaven.

    OMG, Badiane!!! I have said this very thing for years. I love fried chicken, but the very best part of any fried chicken is the skin. I have always wished that you could order a plate of fried or roasted chicken skin (of course, I couldn't eat it anymore - gastric bypass :sad: - but it is my favorite!).

  11. At Southside 815 in Alexandria VA, I had what they called a Low Country Shortcake - Chicken, Oysters, Succotash, mashed potatoes on Cornbread covered with gravy. It was excellent :wub: . But it wasn't KFC :blink::blink: .

  12. I am tossing the American Heritage Dictionary. It lists 'ex-presso' as an alternative pronunciation of es-presso, 'kul-linary' as an alternative to 'kyoo-linary' and (my own personal biggest pet peeve) 'kar-mel' as an alternative to 'ka-ra-mel'. :angry::blink::angry: ! OK. So maybe it's only me that gets all flipped out over this stuff :rolleyes: . Does anyone else out there get steamed over what you consider (because, of course, I could be totally wrong :raz: ) to be mispronunciation of words? It doesn't bother me at all when it is my mom or someone I am serving at work, but when it is a so-called professional on TV, I get sooooo pissed. I may need help here :unsure: .

  13. I tried making Giada De Laurentiis' Strawberry Bruschetta today. I watched her do this on tv the other day and, as far as I can tell, I duplicated it exactly today. I am having no luck caramelizing the sugar :unsure: . It's as if the juice from the strawberries is making the sugar wet and therefore it won't caramelize. I tried to 'pile up' the sugar a bit and use the torch really quickly after putting on the sugar, but can't get a caramelization. Is there something that I could do to avoid this, because it looks so good :wub: and we are just starting to get strawberries here! Thanks!

  14. Oh, wow, oh, wow, petite tête de chou! That custard recipe was awsome! Mr. Kim and I both just loved it! I used your idea of doing half butter half olive oil and since Mr. Kim doesn't like smoked cheeses, I used an aged Gouda that I had on hand. It feels very cool to make something that 'upscale' from what are basically leftovers and 'on hand' items. Thank you so much!

  15. A garlic custard would be fabulous!!

    OK, Bill. Garlic custard is one of my favorite things. Do you have a tried and true recipe? I had it at a restaurant one time with lobster meat and a butter sauce and it was amazing.

    Go to http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/lamb-chops-garlic-custard. Looks good to me and it's a web exclusive--not in their book.Based on dish Cindy Wolf serves at Charleston in Baltimore.

    Bill, that looks truly wonderful. Thanks so much for the link. I copied and will definitely be making that soon!!!

  16. I thought that we had discussed this before, but couldn't find the thread. It is a 'magazine' that you can subscribe to for free and it's put out by Kraft foods. Essentially one long advert. Which is fine - it's free, after all. But it is very, very snark-worthy. One of the recipes offered is for grilled pizza. I was reminded of the most recent blog. The recipe calls for one ingredient: 1 DiGiorno Thin Crispy Cust Supreme Pizza. You put it on a grill. You heat it up. You take it off. Serves 5. :laugh::laugh::laugh: ! I love this. I am going to subscribe. I can read this while watching Sandra Lee.

  17. Does anyone have any opinions on the so-called Knife Safe? I use it for drawer storage and I'm going to be travelling with it for the first time this weekend. Thoughts?

    I have seen those at Sur la Table and thought that they were great. The only thing is, is that the knives will still roll around in whatever they are packed in. That was the only reason that I didn't get them. Plus - I could never remember what size knives I had when I was at the store and I could never remember to measure the knives when I was home :wacko::biggrin: !

  18. A garlic custard would be fabulous!!

    OK, Bill. Garlic custard is one of my favorite things. Do you have a tried and true recipe? I had it at a restaurant one time with lobster meat and a butter sauce and it was amazing.

  19. Here you go. Savory Custard With Caramelized Onions and Smoked Cheese

    Substitute the three large eggs for four (or more) of your yolks. Personally, I like to caramelize the onions with half butter (unsalted) and half extra-virgin olive oil. And while smoked cheese is super tasty a soft, tangy goats cheese also works well.

    If you have access to fresh herbs (such as chervil, chives or summer savory), by all means use them, too!  :biggrin:

    Thank you so much. That sounds fantastic. I have to work 12 pm to 10 pm tomorrow through Sunday. Do you think that I can make this in the am and reheat when I get home?

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