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  1. sweetfreak, there in nothing wrong with pastries and fruit salad - I would definately go with that and then add to them. By the time you finish up at church and get back to the house, it will be almost brunch time, which broadens your target foods a bit. I love serving tea sandwiches, mini croissants w/ chicken or country ham salad, chocolate dipped fresh and dried fruit, these rolls, deviled eggs, ham biscuits (tiny ones) and of course a big cake and champagne.

  2. God, you guys are great! Well, I told her that I would charge her $2 per cupcake when I talked to her this morning. She understands that I was really talking off the top of my head and that I hadn't really priced out my costs. So anyway, I have my first 'job' and I am pretty thrilled about those 12 cupcakes that I'll be making next week! Thank you all for your input!

  3. I know the reputation of Mamma Zu's, but I haven't had a problem with service at Edo Squid - maybe a touch 'cooler than thou', but they are all infants, so I am indulgent and forgive.

    Let me add Acacia Restaurant in Carytown. We ate there just the other day and the meal was excellent. I had beautiful fried green tomatoes with a shrimp tartar sauce and the loveliest white anchovy and grilled radicchio salad. I would have gone back the next night and had the exact same thing - no small props coming from no repeat me!

  4. Ok, so everyone agrees that we can freeze cheesecake, right :wink:? I want to freeze this cheesecake. But I want to gild the lily a bit and enrobe the cheesecake in white chocolate ganache, add white jimmies around the sides and top with 6" long white chocolate curls. So my question is: do I do the ganache before freezing or after? I will save the curls for after no matter what. Thanks!

  5. Stephen, you aren't even at your destination yet and I am already having a blast on my vicarious vacation! The pictures of PJ make me wish for egullet video - he is at my favorite stage, where every day and every experience is a big adventure and the grocery store no less one than Disneyland! Have fun!

    Photos of Momo, please.

  6. Marlene, I am sorry about your brother. The only bad part of web friendships is that we can't all come over to your house and pitch in like we can with our real life friends. I wish we could.

    Is anyone making arrangements for the non-pork types? What we've done with them in the past is to make a pot of shredded chicken bbq. That way, all the sides go with both main courses.

  7. I have to second this. I made this cheesecake this week and it is amazing and so good. The only thing I did (it was gilding the lily, I admit) was to melt about 1/2 c. peanut butter in the microwave and swirl it through the cheesecake before cooking. I ended up with pure nuggets of PB throughout the cheesecake :wub:! Abso-freakin-lutely incredible.

    I also make a really good Reeses Cup Fudge and if you want to go classic, I have a (thanks to egulleteers) perfected recipe for Peanut Butter Cookies that you can cook, top with a 'kiss' and then when the kiss melts, you smear it around - that way you get a taste of chocolate and PB together with each bite - not as pretty as leaving the kiss intact, but it tastes better :wink:!

  8. JJ, I broke my right arm while I was 7.5 months pregnant, and delivered my baby in April while still wearing a cast.

    Oh my, what a time to break your arm. I know the baby probably has you pretty busy, but if you have some free time, could you write me a manual on one-armed child care? Someday I'll need it! :smile:

    Does anyone know of any companies that sell custom-made cooking contraptions designed for people with disabilities?

    Really odd thing, JJ...I did a web search for "cooking with disabilities" to see if I could maybe find some cool equipment website for you and more than half of the links went back to egullet! Hope someone else has some info for you!

  9. Red Lobster?  That's the IHOP of seafood!!   :raz:

    Yes, but back in the 70s, they and Ponderosa were big. And if you're stuck on Route 17 in Paramus, they're one of the few choices available. :sad:

    OMG, Ponderosa! I had forgotten about them! In fact, that is my embarrassing restaurant experience. I actually worked for one of them for about 2 weeks while I was in high school. (They wouldn't give me homecoming night off, so I got my dad to call and quit for me - I am still a coward). Anyway, I was walking through a swinging door from the back carrying a huge tray full of single serving glass cups of pudding and jello w/ little dabs of whipping topping on them. I was carrying it on my hip and got wedged in the door. The door was the one behind the cash register where I was in sight of the forty-freakin-kabillion people in line waiting to pay. The tray tilted slightly and the little dishes started slowly, one-by-one sliding down the incline and crashing to the floor. I couldn't move without dropping the entire tray and all of my co-workers just stood looking at me in horror. I was the shy, easily intimidated, fat girl - and I wanted to die right there. Then, of course, the scumbag nazi assistant manager made me bend my fat ass in my tight little rayon skirt over in full view of everyone and clean the whole mess up. :laugh:NOW, I can laugh!

  10. Quick question. I have a cupcake recipe that calls for using melted semi-sweet chocolate as a dip for a mound of creamy filling that is piled on top of the cupcake (think of those dipped cones at Dairy Queen). Can I use a bar of good dark chocolate instead of the semi sweet? What % is semi sweet anyway? How 'dark' is it? Thanks!

  11. I had this on Saturday afternoon at Java Girl on E. 66th Street...a homemade marshmallow stuffed with chocolate...a bit two sweet; I think oreos would do better.


    Gooooooood God! Drool! I have promised myself that when the dry cool days come I am going to start the marshmallow experiments.

  12. I haven't used the sausage stuffer attachment for my KitchenAid yet, but I still fully intend to some day. :wink:

    I also have that attachment and have never used it. Actually, I don't know why I wanted it, since I prefer sausage patties to links.

    Me too! Me too! [waving hand in the air]. Mr. Kim gets smart whenever he sees that attachment in the closet, "MMM, that was good sausage. Oh, that's right - you never used it, did you?" :hmmm::rolleyes:

  13. The strawberry cake is based on Patrick's recipe from this  thread. I made it once before and really liked its flavour and colour. For this most recent occasion, I baked it in an 11 x 17 sheet pan, halved it, stacked it and created an 8  x 11, letter-size cake. To frost the cake, I whipped up a batch of cream cheese whipped cream. I thought the cream cheese and strawberry flavours came together quite well. The cake was a hit, especially amongst the female guests.

    Zee, which one of the three cakes that Patrick did on that thread is the one that you worked from? They all look good! And yours was beautiful, too!

  14. Kim and Zoe, Try this formula for a wonderful chocolate cake. I posted it just for y'all. It's very flavorful and an easy cake to make too.

    You can half it too for a 9x13.

    I was trying to make a chocolate cake with cayenne and I didn't have all the ingredients for any one recipe so I plunged in & used what I had. Kinda combined several recipes into my creation.

    Wow - I will be making this one soon! Thank you so much for posting that. One question, though. When you say that it will make 4 eight inch layers, do you mean to fill 4 8" pans with batter or to make 2 8" pans and split them? Thanks again!!!

  15. But I also tasted pretzel salad--omigawd--it is so delicious--my friend told me it's ground pretzels, strawberry jello, strawberries and something horrifically creamy and colorific--it was heavenly--washed down with sweet tea--I want the recipe!!!

    Here you go: Strawberry Pretzel Salad.

    Ok, I finished the cake. Here's the odd thing. Almost NO flavor in this thing. I chose the Black Velvet cake. It is as dark as an Oreo cooky. I made the cake as instructed and I went ahead and used the shortening and butter (I didn't have any margarine) in the frosting. The texture of everything is very good. But I just tasted a scrap of cake (from trimming) with a good blob of frosting and it was just blah. I didn't expect this thing to be as good as scratch, but I certainly expected it to be at least as good as Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker and it was not!

    But not to waste anything, I decided that I could practice my frosting skills and it is really beautiful. I used my new cake icer tip to put a zig zag edge on the cake and used a big fat star tip to put stars all around the bottom and all over the top. So I'm gonna call it my Paris cake - pretty, but tasteless :laugh: !

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