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  1. David - good God, man!!! What can't you do???? That upside down cake is a work of art! Those glisten-y, plump fruits don't even look cooked. Gorgeous!

    Doddie - you and Billy did good! I'd love to have one of those lovely cinnamon rolls! I love the look of concentration on his face while he's sprinkling the cinnamon! What a cutie!

    meredithla - the cakes are adorable, but I especially love those penguins! They look just a little bit naughty. Is the prone one bobbing for goldfish?

    The fruits of my kitchen work this weekend:



    Devil's food Caramel Torte. It was just a cake mix fix up, but very good anyway!


    These are called Rustic Nut Bars. Freakin' amazing! A shortbread like crust with a gooey, glazed nut topping! So good. They were scarfed up at the Super Bowl party that we took them too. Glad I kept a few back for us at home :wink: !


  2. Somewhere I have Clémentine in the Kitchen (my food books need a post Christmas reorganization :blink: ) and Perfection Salad is on my wishlist. Clémentine is wonderful fun to read. Its a great series, I think and I'd love to hear your opinion after you've had time to read yours! Congrats on your 'finds' - gotta love used book stores. I was so sad when our local one closed.


  3. That is too funny. I am an ice chewer (I prefer shaved ice) and have been since I had teeth, I guess. I didn't know it was odd, though. I thought everyone chewed ice. Vince Gill talking about the paucity of ice in Europe reminded me about my mom's first trip to England. When she got back to the states the first thing she did was go to a snack shop at the airport and say to them, "I want you to take the biggest cup you have and fill it to the top with ice, then fill it with coke". She says that and the hamburger she had a little while later where the best things she'd tasted in her whole life! :laugh:


  4. Yay! I'm so glad to see you doing this! I love it when people chronicle their entertaining or trips! It's like a mini-blog and there can never be to many of them! And I love it that it's you, Rachel. I know I'm a broken record about this, but I love your writing! Years ago, we used to drive from Batesville to Indy to go to someplace called Orleans House, I think. Is it still there? Did you ever go? The Journey sounds like an upscale version of that.

    Happy Birthday to Chris and thanks for letting us share it with you!!!


  5. doctortim - I love that pizza. That's what pizza should look like in my book!

    Pierogi - now I want fish tacos for dinner!!

    scubadoo97 - wierd how things happen. I had never heard of sefaas/lahme bi ajeen before and then you post them and my daughter's brings home leftover ones from a new restaurant visit the other night. They were really good and pungent!!!

    suzilightning - that bread looks wonderful! I want some toast w/ my fish tacos, ok? :laugh:

    Last night we had my MIL over for dinner - it was supposed to be someone else who bailed on us, and she came instead. She's a joy to cook for because she loves everything on the planet and I always do my exotic stuff for her, but the planned meal was for tamer palates. It was a good dinner, just not very exciting:


    Slow cooker pork roast with dried fruits. Those aren't carrot slices in the back, they are apricots. The dish was made with apricots, onions, prunes, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and Dr. Pepper. It was a....ah....um....er...Sandra Lee recipe :blush: . I know, I know, me too!! I watch her to laugh and she made this one day and it sounded good....and it was!! Anyway, I also served Tony B. gratin dauphinois (I love the evilness of sandy and tony on the same plate :laugh: ), our very favorite braised red cabbage and 'German style green beans' (an erzatz recipe given to me 25 years ago that we just love).


    I also served some lovely Billy Bread (recognized by everyone in the RichmondVA area):


    and gingerbread cake with lemon frosting:


    Leftovers tonight!


  6. Renka - gorgeous goodies, as always!

    I made this for dessert last night:




    It was a gingerbread layer cake with lemon frosting. I thought my top was pretty. I was inspired by Ling to do the 'nekkid' sides thing - plus, I ran out of frosting :wink: ! And I got lazy and used canned frosting because it was a weeknight :angry: - I won't make that mistake again. I honestly don't mind the flavor of some of them (and I love the texture - wish I could get that texture in a buttercream), but the lemon was awful - bitter and fake tasting. Duh, what did I really expect. But the cake itself was very good - I had some good spices and the flavors really came through and the moistness was perfect.


  7. Well, what set off the smoke alarm was the croissant she sold me and charged me for.  gallery_28660_5638_8196.jpg Of course I didn't check the food before I got home.  Who in the world would sell a burnt croissant to someone, while that person was standing right there?

    The questioin is:  WWFeGD?  (What Would Fellow eGers Do?)

    I'm inclined to do nothing.  This was done by the owner, while I was standing right there in her kitchen.  This is the way she does business, this is the way she respects the food she sells, and the customers she sells it to.  If it were an overworked staff with people lined out the door, I'd feel a little differently about it.  Not much, but some.

    What would you-all do?

    I am the wrong egulleteer to ask about this one :laugh: ! Unless that is a really bad picture that is exactly how I dream that my toasted things will come and never, ever do. I like really, really toasted things - too many restaurants bring me something that resembles stale bread - stiff and tan, but not what I call toast :angry: .

    Seriously, if you liked the place otherwise, what I would do is just remember it and order it 'lightly toasted' next time. She can't have helped seeing what it looked like when she put it in the box, so she might be like me - a 'dark toaster' (that sounds like a Seinfeld-ism :wink: ).


  8. plafield - that is gorgeous puff pastry. Puff pastry is on my 'to try' list because I don't really like the Pep. Farm kind and haven't been able to find any of the others in my area. Nice job!

    meredithla - OMG! That brownie is just out of this world! And I have to agree with Rob - what a picture!

    Brigid Mary - those cupcakes gave me a lot of trouble this time. I made them like I usually do and when I went to fill them, they were awful. Hard, chewy texture. I was up against it, and ended up using a cake mix (which I don't really mind - except for the extra work). They are just yellow cupcakes filled with the jelly of your choice and frosted with a peanut butter buttercream. Here is the recipe: clickity!

    CanadianBakin' - Here is a link to the cupcake stand: clickity! It is really nice - it assembles really easily and disassembles for cleaning and kind of disappears when the cupcakes are on it. Not too expensive, either!


  9. Nancy - if you want to serve cold fried chicken, here is a good recipe and some tips.  I did a huge fried chicken dinner for July 4th one year and I found a recipe specifically for cold fried chicken and did it in a turkey fryer.  Worked great and no last minute mess!


    Kim - can I nose around ALL of the recipes on your page? :rolleyes: I opened the appetizer index, saw good sounding recipes, but I felt like I should ask before looking farther.

    I'm starting to plan the super bowl party for next weekend!

    edited because I repeated repeated myself :raz:

    Nancy - I'd be honored. I keep all of those online for my own benefit, but also for anyone who would like to use it. It isn't private at all! For one of our Super Bowl parties, I did the Buffalo Chicken Dip Wontons and people just stood and ate them until they were gone - amazing things!


  10. DesertCulinary - that is a beautiful cake! I love the layers!

    Tri2Cook - gorgeous dessert. Caramel and chocolate is probably my favorite combination and I would love that!

    Jmahl - what was the texture like on the cookies? How much did you cut the butter and sugar by?

    Yesterday was the party for my daughter's 24th birthday (today is the actual day) and she requested Peanut Butter & Jelly Cupcakes:



  11. I have a similar question and I'll post it here first to see if I get any answers.  I am making a frosting with butter, peanut butter, cream cheese and 1 T milk.  Can I make this tonight, leave it out in a cool kitchen and then use it tomorrow afternoon without poisoning my guests?  Or should I just play it safe and make it tomorrow morning?

    Ta, Kim

    No additional sugar? It has always been my understanding that it is the sugar in the buttercream that allows it to be room-temperature-stable for days on end, though I guess the egg whites get pasteurized in the process, so maybe this isn't the case.

    Sorry, I was unclear. What I should have said was that the ingredients included those things. The frosting also has 10X in it.

    So I need to make it tomorrow morning, huh? :sad: Crap. Oh, not you guys! Thank you a lot - I really didn't want to make anyone sick, I was just trying to cut a corner. I am the ultimate make ahead girl. I don't ever want to do anything last minute.


  12. Somewhere there is a previous eGullet discussion about all these food-lover descriptives but, alas, I can't find it.

    Someone there suggested "gastronaut". :wink:

    But if, as bleudauvergne notes in her above comment, gastro in French is short for gastroenteritis - then just what in hell is a gastronaut :shock::laugh::raz: !?


  13. I have a similar question and I'll post it here first to see if I get any answers. I am making a frosting with butter, peanut butter, cream cheese and 1 T milk. Can I make this tonight, leave it out in a cool kitchen and then use it tomorrow afternoon without poisoning my guests? Or should I just play it safe and make it tomorrow morning?

    Ta, Kim

  14. Nancy - if you want to serve cold fried chicken, here is a good recipe and some tips. I did a huge fried chicken dinner for July 4th one year and I found a recipe specifically for cold fried chicken and did it in a turkey fryer. Worked great and no last minute mess!


  15. When I'm introducing myself to someone who isn't yet aware of my obsession, I usually just say, "I'm really into food".

    I'd rather be known as a good cook than a gourmand, or whatever.

    I do this, too.

    I don't really mind foodie, but I hate food enthusiast. I'd rather be an -ie than an

    -ist, I guess :biggrin: ! Besides, it reminds me of this odd, emaciated looking guy who shops at the store and calls himself a raw foodist <shiver>.


  16. Randi - we love ramen salad. We gourmet it all up and use Napa cabbage :laugh: , but our favorite part is the crunchy ramen noodles. I actually like the looks of that eclair cake - could you give us basic amounts (scaled down for home use :wink:)? And what an awesome slicing job. Perfect cuts!


  17. Rachel and I are on the same wavelength - I was going to suggest Frogmore Stew and slaw :laugh: !

    Something that has worked well for me in the past for brunches is to do a "french toast station". You just set up a few fondue pots, with bread cubes, a bowl of eggs and cream and all the toppings. People just do their own. Everyone loves this for some reason!

    And I love serving quiche for breakfast, because it doesn't have to be piping hot.


  18. Nancy - welcome, welcome, welcome! I did the same as you - lurked for years until I felt like I knew these folks and finally got up the courage to dive in!

    When is this shindig? Time of year is important. (And don't tell me next week, because I will faint :wink: ). Mark's ideas sound good to me, too!


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