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  1. Thanks for all this. Not sure how this will work - I don't have room for both and can't expect the hubby to have to preheat and turn over toast...
  2. Just to be a complete pain (ie clutching at straws) - could you try toast at 450º F combi?
  3. Didn’t Nathan and modernist bread have you mix up dough without the bran in it and add it later so that it wouldn’t cut the gluten strands?
  4. They've done this before - first they have a seconds sale for people in their country - then they run a second one in English for the rest of the world.
  5. If you can get your hands on some Sosa flavorings - adding a tiny bit of that along with the tartaric and bit of booze at the end might just give a nice peachy flavor.
  6. I've looked at each of the steam ovens that have come out - this has been the first one that interested me after the CSO.
  7. The only chocolate chip cookie - this is based on a Jacque Torres recipe - reminds me of Paul Raphael's browned butter and muscovado cookies.
  8. Well - he said the cost to make was too high - so I’d say no
  9. Spoke with Bhavani a couple of days ago - he's figuring that he'll have units in Amazon.ca in the next few weeks. Just working on getting them shipped to the fulfillment center here.
  10. I do have a plan that would get it to me. But I need to be sure it makes toast equivalent to the CSO first!
  11. I'm in Canada - how about just a squidgy white bread like wonder bread
  12. Just for shit's and giggles - toast under Combi at 390 and see if we get something more like the CSO would do - please and thank you.
  13. Two issues around that (ie flash trip to Buffalo) - border closed and this particular item is over the weight that it's fair to expect my Buffalo contact to handle!
  14. @md8232 - you need to make toast for us as a test - please and thank you. I contacted the company - they won't ship to Canada unfortunately - but before I figure out some way to get my hands on one of these I need to know if it can take the place of the CSO on the counter. CSO's first job every morning is toast. The setting looks like convention 390 F for 8 minutes.
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