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  1. Dropped off the second rabbit at the farm today - barn manager will have a pair of these boots in a few days I'm going to bet. I truly am an enabler aren't I?
  2. I was in a store yesterday and saw a woman wearing a pair of boots that looked like formfitting Wellies. She said a friend had to send them to her from British Columbia and she had been wearing this pair every day for about 6 years and she didn't really even feel they were on her feet. They were starting to develop some holes where she pushed them down around the ankle and we discussed that they could probably be patched with an inner tube repair rig. She has a farm and these keep her feet dry in the muck. They would be perfect in the garden - just hose down and step on the heel to get out of them! So I took the information from her and looked them up when I got home - now I want a pair - not that I need a pair! Wild Bird Society of Japan boots
  3. A lot of us started out with a little Badger airbrush from Michaels - using a 30% off coupon of course. I believe that Norman Love still uses them. Food grade - not sure!
  4. When you atomize a chocolate and fat mixture onto a frozen item you get a flocked appearance - that is not going to happen with a brush and a shell isn't the same effect either. This is cocoa butter and dark chocolate at around 50º C sprayed onto a frozen rabbit - notice the velvet effect.
  5. Atomizer from a pottery place. Even cheaper atomizer. Of course they splatter more than they smoothly cover. A mister might work reasonably well - make sure it is really warm so there is a chance it will spray.
  6. Interesting that a few short days after you posted this - I see this.
  7. Cacao Barry has decent nibs - not cheap but reliable.
  8. Kerry Beal

    Breakfast 2023

    Almond for me!
  9. Kerry Beal

    Berkshire Pork

    Sous vide 64º C for 2-3 hours. Then Big Green Egg to finish.
  10. Elaine Gonzalez Chocolate Artistry - an oldie but a goodie for techniques.
  11. Mine has eggs, a bit of stock and some sherry.
  12. Gotta be pre - kid so 23 years ago at least.
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