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  1. I'm not a tea drinker, but @helenjp, I really enjoyed that post. (And learned a lot.)
  2. Tips, hints and interesting things

    Oh yes. And it really makes a difference.
  3. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Is this fairly common in farmer's markets where you are? I've bought produce at the Union Square Greenmarket that was, at best, sub-par. I now go to only one vendor because their stuff is always good. I have long felt that the USGM has very poor quality control, and for the prices that they ask (and get), it is inexcusable. I thought it was only here in NYC. I'm just wondering how common this might be?
  4. Interesting, all this ice cream truck stuff. We also had candy stores and grocery stores right on the block or across the street, and they sold ice cream. Yet we all waited for that Good Humor truck. There was a competing truck, Bungalow Bar. I remember the poor old man who drove it around, we would taunt him mercilessly. It was Good Humor or nothing. I love the idea of that ice cream boat floating around.
  5. I think there must be a big age difference between us. We had no music-box tune. These trucks had bells! The driver (aka the ice cream man) would pull a string, and the bells would jingle. We could hear him coming down the block. Not sure if you can see the bells at the top middle of the windshield. The still work! (Although I think these bells are replacements.) It was all very low-tech. But oh how we loved it. Loved the ice cream, too, although I'm not so sure how I'd feel about eating Good Humor these days.
  6. I was out walking my dog around the neighborhood and came across this Good Humor truck. Boy did that set off waves of nostalgia.
  7. Beef Bacon- has anyone made this?

    I remember a product called Beef Fry, which was basically bacon for the kosher crowd. I ate it once, a lifetime ago, and I remember thinking it was quite awful, although I don't remember why. Probably has more to do the particular product and cooking method than with "beef bacon" in general, which I have no doubt can be great, because why not? I also look forward to following this. When I entered "beef fry" into Google many (very many) hits came back with "Kerala style beef fry," which seems to be a big thing. So perhaps @Kerala can weigh in on that?
  8. Drowning in Figs!

    Such problems! I love fresh figs, but have never been blessed with such a large amount. I was thinking maybe stewed figs would be a nice option. I found this website with other suggestions, maybe it will give you some ideas: https://www.thespruce.com/quick-fig-recipes-2217623 The Figs in Syrup caught my eye. (I wonder if it can be frozen?) BTW - What are white figs?
  9. I eat my sponges for dinner. Now that really strengthens the immune system!
  10. A little taste of Kerala

    Your voice is as distinctive as your photos. Please continue with both!
  11. RIP Holly Moore

    Very sad news. I remember HollyMoore as the most unpretentious supporter of good food wherever it might be found, no frills necessary. RIP.
  12. Breakfast! 2017 (Part 2)

    Cute cupcakes, and very sweet neighbor. I love that polka-dot mug. (I love polka-dots.)
  13. Farmers Markets 2017

    @David Ross At this point I think I await your huckleberry posts almost as avidly as you await your huckleberries!
  14. Plastic wrap

    I use Glad wrap and it's usually okay. Someone once told me to put it in the freezer and then it doesn't stick to itself. I never tried it (who has room?), but it might be worth a go.
  15. Today at the Strand's cheapo stacks outside the store: the Zuni Cafe Cookbook for 3 bucks. I almost bought it, because really. But then I remembered I already have it. I'm sure it will be gone by Monday (I won't be there before then). If it isn't, I just might buy it anyway.