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  1. Food funnies

    Nothing is sacred: https://xkcd.com/1905/
  2. Worst Halloween candy

    http://www.thekitchn.com/the-10-worst-halloween-candies-for-trick-or-treating-251628 Black Twizzlers? I don't think I've ever seen them.
  3. Worst Halloween candy

    Ditto candy corn. Gross. I can't think of anything else that even comes close. My favorites (of the non-chocolate candies) are Twizzlers. Just thinking about Twizzlers makes me smile. When I was a kid, my favorite chocolates were Chunkies, hands down. We hardly ever saw them in our Halloween bags, but sometimes we got lucky.
  4. Looks like you figured it out pretty well. Nice looking crust. Damned if I know what I would have done. But my question is: why doesn't the book address this? Didn't you mention something in the area of $650? Does the dough have any yeast in it? Or is it just flour and water? Because if it has any yeast, I'd add the puree at the beginning, just like the other purees. (Which are made of what, by the way.) The salt might make it take longer to rise, but it would still rise. Then you wouldn't have had to deal with incorporating the olive puree into a stiff dough.
  5. King Arthur Flour's Magic in the Middles. Haven't made them in a long time. What a good cookie!
  6. I'm looking forward to it. I was in Italy for a brief visit a few years ago and was in Venice for only two days of that visit, but I loved it from beginning to end. I stayed in a lovely Airbnb apartment, and very memorable to me were the owner's instructions of how to get to the apartment from the train station. I arrived at night so it was dark and I was on my own, so I was a bit nervous. I'm paraphrasing, but the instructions went something like this: when you get out of the train station make a right and walk forward until you get to the Big Bridge. Cross the Big Bridge and then walk a little and you will pass the bus station. Make a right and go over the Little Bridge. Go straight and you will walk through a park, turn to your left and then cross over another Little Bridge. Continue straight, cross one more Little Bridge, then go to the left and continue until you see some shops and then you will pass a pizza restaurant. It is a very good restaurant, I recommend you have dinner there. Also, ask for the owner because she has the keys to my apartment. She will give you the keys and then tell you how to get to my apartment. There was not the name of a single street in the instructions, just lefts, rights, and bridges. (And a pizza place.) It worked like a charm, the restaurant was indeed very good, and, as I mentioned, I absolutely loved Venice. So I very much look forward to your blog!
  7. Restaurant pet peeves

    During the time that I lived overseas I remember being in the States once for a visit and going to a restaurant with my sister and her husband. I was surprised when the server did not immediately place three glasses of water on the table, and mentioned this to my sister and husband. They said there's a water shortage and the new rulings stated that water should be served only if a person requested it. (This was during the 80s.) I requested it and got it. My sister and her husband ordered Diet Cokes. The reasoning here is that many people do not drink the water, so it shouldn't be given as a matter of course during a time of shortage. I know that my sister and her husband would have let the glass of water sit on the table, never would have taken a sip. I agree that it probably didn't put much of a dent in the water levels, but I think it was more a matter of trying to change our level of consciousness about things, and I wish it had continued. If water is requested, by all means serve it and continue to refill the empty glass, it means the person is drinking it; this is not about limiting consumption of water. But if it's just going to sit on the table and then get dumped down the drain? Not sure that's such a great idea.
  8. Vanilla sticker shock

    Do you know what the difference was between the two imitations? I have the one you pictured above. I just bought two more, but the photo on their web page just shows the outline of a bottle shape, there's no actual product with a label, and I'm wondering which one they're selling. Last time I bought it, I don't remember whether or not there was a photo of the actual bottle or just the same outline of a bottle shape. Your mention of two imitation vanillas made me wonder. Well, I guess I'll soon find out.
  9. Old cookbooks

    @CantCookStillTry: That Stork Cookery looks wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen a series of children's books that revolves around food and recipes. Can you possibly show us a photo of one of the recipes?
  10. Vanilla sticker shock

    There's a thread about the wonders of fake, I mean artificial, vanilla. Gold Medal seems to have won hands-down. I use it now in baked goods. I'm going to buy some more now, because the rise in price of real vanilla will probably trickle down to a rise in price in the artificial stuff as well.
  11. What does this mean?
  12. Thanks for doing this. I don't see myself going this route, but I appreciate your posts. The breads are beautiful, and no doubt delicious. I really love your enthusiasm for the topic! (Did you try that chocolate-cherry loaf?)
  13. Pumpkin

    Give the lady a slice of pumpkin pie ... with raisins!!