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  1. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    I'm a liar. Sleep is for people who buy their bread. This is one good loaf. Flavorful, lovely texture. Sweet dreams.
  2. The Bread Topic (2016-)

    Plain old boring bread, just like all the others. Levain, a bit of yeast, flour, water, salt. From Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery, mostly. I won't cut it open until tomorrow morning, it needs to cool and I need to sleep.
  3. Christmas Cookies Redux

    That's my biggest hesitation about baking the cookies in advance! I'm currently baking some Neiman Marcus cookies. I got to wondering where/how this urban legend started. It's older than I thought: https://www.snopes.com/business/consumer/cookie.asp But the biggest question is: who created this wonderful recipe? It's really a very good cookie. I'm not even sure they'll make it to the freezer at all! I just gave some away to two little boys who were playing in the hallway outside my door. I know I'll bring some downstairs to the doormen when I take my dog out. I've already had some with a cup of coffee. It's a good thing this recipe makes a ton of cookies.
  4. Dinner 2017 (Part 6)

    Oh my, does that look good!
  5. Pomegranate curd

    Sounds good. You might try a bit of pomegranate molasses for an extra kick. I never made pomegranate curd, but I have tried cranberry curd several times. I know they're not the same, but my point is this: be aware that the vibrant magenta color will most likely not materialize. If it does, please let us know!! I saw photos of beautiful luscious magenta cranberry curd on the web and tried a couple of the recipes several years ago. I was devastated at the result. which was a very anemic-looking pink. Tasted okay, but I found the color made it drab and unappetizing. Maybe a drop or two of red food coloring, if you're not averse to that stuff, could change that.
  6. I just looked at their website and I see that their CCCs contain both butter and margarine. I'm sure that has something to do with the thinness and crispiness of the cookies. I've never used margarine in a CCC. I also noticed that their lemon cookies and their sugar cookies contain baker's ammonia. Aren't they clever?
  7. I don't know those cookies, but are they anything like Tate's? I think they make a good thin and crisp chocolate chip cookie. I like thin, crisp cookies of any kind. Alton Brown had a Good Eats episode on CCCs, a link is below. He talked about The Thin, The Chewy, and The Puffy and what makes each one the way it is. I've never tried his thin CCC recipe, I tend to not make CCCs because I am always so disappointed. Although with other cookies, I've discovered that baker's ammonia goes a long way towards thin and crisp. I never thought of trying it with a chocolate chip cookie, but maybe I'll give it a go. http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/good-eats/episodes/three-chips-for-sister-marsha2
  8. 2017 releases

    I'm not buying any books right now (no room), but I'd love to hear what you think of that one as you start to use it. I loved her blog and was very sorry when it ended. I'm less than thrilled with her on Serious Eats, but it looks like the book is more connected to her blog.
  9. Um, I Brought a Hone.

    I've been thinking along the lines of @cdh. Not only, is he damaging the knives by using his steel? But also, what was he (and everyone else) using before you bought the ceramic steel? Did that hurt the knives? What if he continued to use that steel? Why would the knives suddenly be "in danger" if they hadn't been previously?
  10. Christmas Cookies Redux

    Do you folks freeze cookies that are already baked? Or are you freezing the cookie dough? I often freeze dough after it's mixed, but I've never frozen fully baked cookies. Mostly it's a room issue, but also I suspect I'd have a lot less to send if I had fully baked cookies in my freezer.
  11. Good job on the pound cakes. I never line cake pans with parchment. I will sometimes line with foil, depending on what I'm baking, but foil can be molded to the exact shape of the pan so you don't get all those lumps and bumps. And I always grease the foil. I use parchment only for lining flat pans, like cookie sheets. But here's a tutorial on lining pans with parchment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRJ2r3Em5aw It's those corners that create all the problems.
  12. Edible helium balloon

    If you eat it will you talk like a munchkin?
  13. That's what I was wondering, because the only time I had cream that simply would not whip was when (I belatedly realized) I had mistakenly purchased light cream rather than heavy cream. So it could be that either yours was made incorrectly, or labeled incorrectly. Very frustrating when you are planning to use it for something specific and then can't. (But at least you can blame someone other than yourself!)
  14. Thanksgiving, The Day After: Leftovers!

    Best leftover: apple pie and coffee for breakfast while the dishwasher runs in the background. The crust was made with Earth Balance margarine and some shortening. It was very good, better than some all- butter crusts I've made. Not down to the carcass yet, but I'm looking forward to making turkey stock.