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  1. Thanks for the response Carls - Still looking for a few more restaurant suggestions for our SF stay - we will be there 2 nights 3 days.. I really want to indulge on the dinners, so price is not a big concern, food is though! More suggestions (current ones at least) are much appreciated! Cheers!
  2. Boy & Girl from Toronto will be popping through San Fran during Honey Moon Aug 09' - - Would love suggestions on: 2 'high end' places for dinner - show me what you got San Fran! Possibly accommodations (central aka walking distance) for 2 nights cioppino - what exactly is that / where do I get some? Mexican food - one thing we lack in Toronto is great Mexicana...any spots for lunch that will quench our desire? I have been there once before, first time for the SO...any suggestions on must try's/do's (things to eat, places to see) Many thanks.
  3. Ok, guess Providence is out...lol. Meadowood looked nice - but there are no prices...how does it compare to say the FL? Not to mention that I still have no clue which wineries to go to!
  4. So the day draws near...and it ends up we will only be in Napa one night, so I would like to make the hotel reservation fairly close to the restaurant of choice... From the sounds of it, its down to Ubuntu, Providence, FL or Meadowood...hmmm In terms of wineries...my desire is something where quality of wine comes first, 'tour factor' can be second (although both would be great)! So many choices...so little time.
  5. sadistick

    Soft Shell Crab

    My local fish monger has told me they are expecting the first soft shellies in this week! Fried Crabs and live spotted B C PRawns are on the menu this Sat, thats for sure!!! mmmmmmmm
  6. Not sure if the cooking skills have left me, more like my brain stopped functioning.... I tried making smoked split pea risotto once, what was I thinking!?!? Starch on top or starch on top of....starch!? Granted that was years ago... Most recently, I tried some smoked alder wood salt on a carrot salad....yuck!
  7. sadistick

    Dinner! 2009

    That's a lot of salt!!!
  8. Wow...that dinner looks great....but.... Those wines....fantastic! Best I have had is a '82 Mouton Rothschild, but those....just wow.
  9. sadistick

    Dinner! 2009

    Great looking food all Shelby - quick Q - fantastic looking home made pasta, but I am curious, do you not cook your pasta in the sauce b4 plating?
  10. When you say Steamed - do you mean you will simply boil the beer and place the mussels in a steamer? Or simply deglaze with beer and cover the lid? Either way, I would suggest a light bear - a Belgian beer such as Hoegaarden would be good, or even a crisp light Mexican beer like Corona would work. More flavour with the Belgian, more crisp light notes with the Corona.
  11. Go a bit heavier on the salt to get more water out, paper towels may help as well - perhaps hold back on salting the dressing though.
  12. I have not been there in a while for dinner, and even longer for lunch. I like tasting lots of dishes, so hopefully whoever you end up going with is willing to share. Some of the Apps look particularly interesting, the tongue and cheek, tuna gravlax, and crab cake (I'm a sucker for a good crab cake) Then as I scroll down I see sweetbreads! Hmmm...this may be grounds for another visit. You shouldn't leave disappointed should you choose Pangaea.
  13. I quite enjoy Pangaea - that would be my vote without doubt.
  14. Haven't ventured down town for Thai yet - however, 2 more mid town places that are truly authentic (the first does a more saucy pad thai, the other a drier, but equally delicious) - Thai Shen Inn on Eglington west of Dufferin, and Thai Bistro on Yonge south of Finch. Make sure you order the Tom Yum at Thai Shen Inn - Best ever.
  15. Yes, price (at least I thought for this type of place.) No need to worry about the water, my body operates like a well oiled machine. ← lol - I realize that price was one of the selling points based on your original post - perhaps I did not clarify - what was the price? I did not know that red wine and oil can co-exist
  16. So what's the bargain? Price? BTW - 2 bottles of wine + that amount of fatty food...hope you drank a lot of water before bed
  17. Sorrel Sauce! Dice onions, sweat - add garlic - Add sorrel, little stock if you have, cook it down, finish with butter and season to taste. fantastic on fish, potatoes (especially wood oven roasted!), etc.
  18. I would beg to differ with the 'consistent quality of food being put out' by that kitchen. In the past 5 months I have had 2 sub-par dining experiences there, one time being fed artichoke husks in the 3 way goat cheese app the next course, their hand made porcini pasta lacking any sauce whatsoever, the latest not weeks ago, taking a bite of the crab flan from there recent crustacean menu, to be greeted with numerous large pieces of shell. For the money they are charging (both from menu and not) these issues should not be occurring.
  19. My best bet is that they have a smaller bowl which is smooth, that they place on top of this one, press down to get that mold...also, this would not be a extremely difficult task to do given the right spatulas etc. The paprika lines, back of a rounded fork tip, lines, then careful close up sprinkling, or perhaps assisted by a funnel.
  20. Lemon maple juice? As in unrefined maple sap is involved or is this like a sour mix involving lemon juice and maple syrup? ← Sour (well not as much after the syrup) mix with Canadian Maple Syrup and Lemon Juice, little less than 2:1 lemon to maple.
  21. Although I typically never buy cookbooks, this one sounds quite interesting...
  22. No, it all depends on the type of risotto you are making. I have done a "Pizza" risotto (Roasted tomato risotto) and added mozzarella at the end, and it turned out great. However, adding cream of any type is a sin of all sins.
  23. Any specific items that stood out? ← It's been a while so details are murky, especially since I don't have notes on me, but the spectacular rib-eye (I know that's off limits here), but lamb and pork preps were pretty excellent. More interestingly, it appears that David Lee is leaving Splendido and his chef de cuisine is taking over. Wild. ← Which makes me wonder whether that is where I still want to go in a few weeks time and if the quality will remain as is.
  24. Created a new drink the other night - - 2 parts citrus infused dark rum 1 part lemon maple juice 3 or 4 dashes of ango bitters shake then serve over ice Mmmmm these could become evil.
  25. Any specific items that stood out?
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