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  1. For some added info: I left said chicken out at approximately 8PM last night. It was placed in a bowl, on the granite counter top (which is cooler than room temp). It was rock solid when left out, in a 70 degree room. I was up by 6AM and placed it in the fridge. I am/was planning on roasting it in the oven, start the oven out at 475, put bird in, reduce to 400, and roast for an hour or so - Should make it safe? (I hope!)
  2. Need some advice - I mistakenly left out a whole chicken last night (which was frozen solid) and this morning it was completely thawed and just slightly cool to the touch (though one could argue, room temp). The question is, is it safe to still eat? Perhaps I am being overly cautious, but better safe.... Thanks!
  3. My wife and I were in Kauai a few years back for our honeymoon, and it was utter paradise! One thing you are NOT going to Kauai for is the food...hehe While we had a few decent meals in the northern town (the name eludes me) at a small asian 'food stand' the food (besides the fruit) is not why you go to Kauai. The one exception to this rule was that in a few of the supermarkets, they sold prepared Poke, which was fresh and quite good. There are a few farmers markets in the north (where we stayed, and preferred) of the island, the best mangoes you will ever have, as well as the best and cheapest passion fruit! The papaya were also fantastic. Enjoy.
  4. I recently purchased a Marvel wine fridge for our kitchen, great unit, very slick and seems to be fairly efficient.
  5. Really enjoying this blog thus far. Though I would encourage you to treat us to some of your KC BBQ, I understand if you feel it is too 'overdone' (the subject, not the Q!) - I am preparing for our new house and my inevitable (though yet to be purchased) smoker (though perhaps I may just settle for a Gas BBQ (Napolean - purchased) and a Webber Kettle charcoal grill), and I can use all the insight I can get! Cheers.
  6. My sister went to camp in NS when she was younger and I have fond memories of our trip out there to tour and visit her. Great blog so far Pete!
  7. Yes. I abhor (and love) the LCBO all at the same time for this very reason. The largest purchasing entity of alcohol in the WORLD, and our prices are terrible, selection is mediocre, and just a royal pain in the ass all around.
  8. If we had enough people we could have the LCBO bring in a half case of the Lemon Heart 151 and split it?
  9. William Selyem has probably some of the best Pinot I have ever tasted. Arista is very good as well if you cannot get into WS If you are in Healdsburg, do yourself a favor and eat at Cyrus. IMO it was better than TFL, and almost half the price!
  10. sadistick

    Alaska Spot Prawns

    I like this idea....will save me tons of work pealing those suckers (and parts are damn sharp too!). I have one in the past some basic garlic/little chili/occasional ginger/lemon/oil marinade - any thoughts/suggestions? I suppose the KISS rule here would dominate.
  11. sadistick

    Alaska Spot Prawns

    I have some with Roe on. In the past I have peeled the body, head on, and grilled...tedious bit of work... You guys suggesting to split in half, whole, with shell on and grill?
  12. sadistick

    Alaska Spot Prawns

    I bought live Spot Prawns today, though I do not believe we will be eating them till tomorrow. I was debating whether to make another trek there again tomorrow and get them fresh, but thought that I am assuming when restaurants get them in, they keep them for at least a day or so while having them as 'specials' so why couldn't I? The question is, what is the best method to keep these suckers (Granted they are probably dead by now...) till tomorrow? Cheers
  13. Well - I love Dill, so there You can substitute the dill for another herb, chives would work, garlic chives could really be nice as well.
  14. Great looking meals all. Oh and KayB - that aint snow! You wanna see snow, look north! Blether - if I may suggest: - Equal amounts salt and brown sugar (coat the salmon) and half the amount of cracked black pepper - slather on, and add tons of chopped Dill - lately I have been using a bit of Vodka or Gin to splash on. seal well, put in your fridge and weigh it down flat, 2-3 days, drain the juice - enjoy.
  15. To put David Rocco in the same sentence as this Bitchin woman, is surely some mistake. He has made some great dishes in episodes I have seen, while more than 5 seconds of hearing that woman talk, let alone having to watch her cook is enough to make me want to throw rocks at my TV.
  16. Easily the most enjoyable thread I have had the pleasure of reading over the past while here on eG! Reminds me how much I wish I could escape the 'Rat Race' and move up north to live off the land (as much as I could). Thank you!
  17. Great topic. It is feeling like -20 with the wind today and cooking for whatever reason, is always on my mind when it gets cold out (not to mention it doesn't hurt that I am off work for 3 weeks starting today - woo hoo!). I have some leftover smoked turkey bones/carcass in the freezer, thus far I have made smoked beans, and a smoked potato/leek soup. Any ideas on other applications for said bones? I am looking to make a great Chili sooner than later, problem is, I have always only made ground beef chili's, but would love to try one of those Texan chili's where the meat melts apart, which I would presume you need to use 'stewing beef' for? If anyone has a recipe for one that would be appreciated.
  18. Figured as the time of year is rapidly approaching, and not to Hijack the X-Mas Dinner thread, I would resurrect this one. The Menu as it stands now (still a work in progress, not nearly tweaked) - Would love to hear about others as well, and also would welcome and feedback: Start off with a table of 'nibbles' for people to slowly enjoy - Home made Gravlax w/ Caper/Dill/Honey/TOasted mustard sauce served w/ Toast points - Foie Gras pate - Assortment of pickled veggies - Salmon Mousse - Roasted Garlic Soup w/ Artichoke/Emental croutons - Caramelized Leek/Goat Cheese puff pastry bite's - Some type of Ravioli - either a sweet potato filling or a wild mushroom version. - Dry aged steak with aged balsamic - Selection of cheeses - Linzer Torte for dessert.
  19. Purchasing 1 book, for say $500, or 5 equally well thought out, potentially more highly acclaimed authored books, of equal or higher caliber.....hmmmmmmm........ The point is this: Unless these guys (and I have nothing against either) have headed up 2-3* restaurants for years at a time, or unless they are world renowned scientists whom have applied theories and discoveries to practical realities, there is no justification (obviously this is MY opinion, which many fail to realize) to this over-inflated price tag.
  20. $500,000 - not a penny less! Leads straight to the swamps, lots of gators 'n goblins to play with. Interested?
  21. It is a word, though non-standard. Groundbreaking? Perhaps if this book came out 3-6 years ago, one may consider the validity of that statement. And the fact that one believes that they are coming out with data that is not available online is quite amusing. These guys are NOT inventing (or even re-inventing) the wheel. One would hazard a guess that in today's economic reality, the success of this book's sales will be lackluster (in fact, I would put money on it), given its absurd price tag. At the end of the day, if people wish to make frivolous purchases, that is their choice.
  22. I removed the word 'single' to reduce any potential confusion. Irregardless, the point still remains.
  23. Over $600 for a (cook)book!? What is this world coming to...... Anyone willing to shell out this much money for information (readily available online) printed with some (most likely beautiful) pictures on paper and bound, I have a bridge in FL that I will sell ya....
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