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  1. Just for everyone's information, here is the list: Top 10: Canoe Eigensinn Farm Splendido Via Allegro Sushi Kaji Scaramouche North 44 Langdon Hall Auberge du Pommier C5 top 10 new restaurants : Nota Bene Black Hoof Frank Loire Harbord Room Atelier Thuet Mildred's Temple Kitchen Grace Delux Gilead Cafe Out of the top 10, Sushi Kaji is the only one that would make my top 10 list. An easier list for me to draw up would be top 10 favourite dishes in TO, rather than top 10 restaurants. I'd include the quince/apple tarte tatin at Forte, the patatas bravas with artichokes at Cava, the goulash soup at Europe Bar & Restaurant, the fattoush at Tabule, Thai islamic noodle at Linda, the huevos divoriciados at Easy, the Singapore slaw at Lee, perogies at Chopin, the chicken, arugula and goat cheese tartine at Holt's Cafe, the gnocchi alla gorgonzola at Da Gianni e Maria Trattoria. As you can see, only a few of my favourite dishes are found in Toronto's high fallutin' restaurants:) ← I find it hard to believe Splendido would not be on your top 10...have you been there?
  2. I am stuck, and I need some advice! Typically she craves Scaramouche for her special dinners, but our last few excursions to the 'Mouche have been less than enjoyable, from receiving pieces of artichoke 'husks' in our goat cheese plate, all the way to getting their porcini pasta with all but 0 sauce, being told 'that's the way it is'....I will not be going back there. So the question now is - where to? On my short list - Canoe (Never been, heard great things...) Splendido (Always loved it there, she has never been) Mistura (Something a bit different for her) Thoughts/Suggestions would be appreciated, if you have had an amazing meal recently, would love to hear about it. Cheers.
  3. That does not surprise me one bit. I am glad that I can get the word out - it has to be known - especially since now that I find that Toronto Health has no ability to do anything about restaurants and allergy issues?! Are you *(f(i%g kidding me?!!? You are telling me a restaurant is allowed to remain open and serve food after so negligently nearly killing someone after reassuring them numerous times there are NO peanuts in their kitchen at all! Please, pass the word - Cheers.
  4. Appreciate that Jamon. What is even scarier, is after getting off the phone with an inspector from Toronto Health, apparently there are no laws against a restaurant doing something like this, and Toronto Health cannot do anything, let alone shut them down....so ridiculous.
  5. I fail to understand why other food boards decide to censor this topic....... Thank goodness for EG. This information MUST be shared so it never happens again! Long story short - After phoning ahead to let them know one of our diners was anaphylactic to peanuts and being reassured they do not use them, we headed out to this cheap sushi place for a quick bite. They first brought out some salad, and after again, confirming with 3 different staff members, they said they make everything in house, and do NOT use peanuts - - 3 bites of salad later, said party's lips start to go numb, as does her tongue - at which point we dial 911 and administer her Epi Pen. I ask to see this jar of sesame paste - second ingredient....peanuts. Thank god she is still alive - Please, I urge you to tell friends and family, stay AWAY from Yama sushi at Yonge and Sheppard (assuming I don't get them shut down in the mean time!)
  6. sadistick

    Easy Tofu recipes

    I have some soft tofu in the fridge - not exactly sure what to do with it as I cannot have it as the main star of the dinner (as too much tofu totally fucks my stomach up) and never used the soft variety before, I am a bit perplexed.
  7. Sounds like it would be worth a try, but given that they are not open on weekends (as crazy as that is) chances are we will never make our way out there.
  8. I am a big fan of Quince (Yonge and Eglinton) although I do not know if its a Hip Fun Vibe, their gnocci with braised lamb and wood oven roasted fish are great, as are some of their Apps. You should be able to eat there for $35/PP no wine easily.
  9. Cool topic! Junk food!!! I am going to make Nachos with a black bean/shadow beni paste I made earlier this week. I am going to cheat and buy pizza from one of our fav pizza places, get a party size, and cut little finger slices for finger food Guac and chips Oh, and who can forget the beer...probably a variety of white beers this year as that seems to be my thing lately.
  10. sadistick

    Seared Tuna

    If it is good tuna, I am not sure why you want to sear it...eat it raw! Lately I have done Tuna Tartar 3 or 4 ways...the best and most simplistic is cubed tuna, really good olive oil, sea salt, pepper and a little squeeze of lemon. Other takes on this are Tuna Tartar asian style, a little ginger/garlic/lemon grass/soy marinade Etc... Use your imagination, best cookbook ever!
  11. I would definitely remove scales before cooking.
  12. Wood ovens are awesome! So many things to make - Your veggies will sing (making a paste from veggies cooked in a wood oven fire is awesome!) Wood oven smoked tomatoes are fantastic. Meats and fishes will love you even more. Bottom line - almost everything tastes better in a wood fire oven.
  13. Thanks for the great responses and suggestions all! Any rec's on good food (also looking for awesome mexican, as you cant find that up here in Canada!) in SF?
  14. Good day to you all! The soon to be wife and I are headed to Hawaii for our honeymoon, and I want to stop in CA for a few nights to visit wine country. The plan is to stay in San fran and rent a car to drive there. So, let the questions begin! I know of some wineries, 2 of which I really enjoy and would love to go, but have no idea their distance (we would like to keep the commute less than 2 hours) The two being Newton and Williams Selleyem (sp?) Looking for lunch and dining recommendations either in San Fran, or between San Fran and the wineries is fine. Any suggestions on OTHER wineries would be equally appreciated as well.
  15. I must admit, I have never cooked a pork shoulder...however, Lowbaw has a sale on them and I was thinking of picking up a 2-3 pound'er in hopes of making some pulled pork and then seasoning for either BBQ style dinner or Mexican. If someone could direct me to a recipe that will make it amazingly tender and pullable, that would be appreciated.
  16. Actually made a quick soup last night as I had some veggies that were on their last legs so I figured a soup was in order... Leeks/Carrots/Cellery/Yams/redonions simmered with some spices and a big honkin smoked turkey leg. Added a some fava beans at the end. Will taste tonight!
  17. I recently made a few nice soups - Carrot/Yam/Ginger/Goat cheese soup - Smoked chicken/corn/root veggies soup Both equally delish.
  18. sadistick

    Nota Bene

    My family and I went to NB last Friday evening. First impressions was that it was a very nice space, albeit a tad bit loud. We all started off with some cocktails, their Streetcar was absolutely delish! (I could drink way too many of those!) Started off with some french onion rings for the table - amazing, so thinly sliced, just the way I like 'em! Around the table, the following Aps: Pasta App w/ Truffles - Nice flavour, nothing special, too big of a portion for a pasta App. Tuna Tartar - Again, very nice quality tuna, but nothing I couldnt easily make at home (I told my mom she should get something more exciting!). Indian spiced Baramundi - I didnt try this one, but my dad told me he really enjoyed it. Duck proscuitto salad - The duck itself was very nice, but on top of a bed of arugula DROWNING in balsamic vinegar (a little EVOO would have been nice...) was not my idea of complementary. I ordered the crispy duck salad - although the duck was not crisp, the flavours were amazing. Duck confit on top of a bed of shaved papaya salad with chilis, cilantro and some cashews...fantastic flavours, the richness of the duck was cut with the salad. Def. the best App. Next - Mains: 2 diners opted for the seared tuna - again, good quality tuna, but nothing I couldnt make at home. Pasta with Rabbit and Porcini's - Amazing flavours, rabbit was great...lacked mushrooms though, as dishes advertising porcini's usually do... 2 x Suckling pig/boudin noir tart - I would say one of the top 10 dishes I have ever had. The key was getting a piece of everything in one bite, then the flavours just soared. I would go back again JUST for this dish. Our waiter was not the friendliest of chaps, but we did not let that lessen our experience. It's all about what you order, and if you know what to order here, you can have a great meal, at very reasonable prices. I will be back.
  19. For the past few years we have decided to ditch the typical $150 a head club/bar scene and go for the more intimate 10-15 type person tasting menu. This year so far: Gravlax & Smoked Trout ginger/lemongrass/yam/carrot shooters wild mushroom ravioli in brown butter & sage sauce sliced kobe beef steak with side of baby bok arugula/pear/chestnut salad random quebec cheeses molten lindt lava choc cakes ....as it stands for now.
  20. sadistick

    Outdoor Fridge

    After getting a place with the fiance, did I only start to realize how valuable freezer space is! While I lived at home, we had 3 freezers! Want to make some extra WHATEVER and freeze it? No Problem!!! Now that we got a Loft and have a tiny freezer under our AEG fridge...not as many options, however....now that the cold has come, the balcony has proved to be our new extended freezer! For those with issues of freezing to surfaces, put a piece of plastic under whatever it is, and it will not stick/freeze. So far, we have a jar of mexican corn puree out there, some eggos, some leftover south american meat pie, and some random bits and pieces. Another reason why I love the great outdoors!
  21. Using an amazing bottle of tequila as a mixer!?
  22. Ugh....Spam on a 'gourmet' food forum!? The best use for Spam is donating it to third world countries who need canned meat (?) that will last for ages.
  23. Is Richmond close to Surrey?? My secretary booked this....perhaps I should find out if she knows what shes doing! lol. I was also told there are lots of good Indian places around there rather than Sushi... Lets open my restrictions and ask for GOOD food period. Cheers.
  24. We will be staying at the Marriott...not sure if there is more than one.
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