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  1. Thanks for the reply barolo...would I be able to see the redwoods in those parks as well? Thanks for all the suggestions folks, if anyone has any additional reco's they would be equally appreciated! Cheers
  2. Closed?! Ahh Crap - Any idea if they will be open by the end of the month? Will do on parkside - must check out what type of menu they have and am curious on prices (willing to splurge on 2-3 meals) So what about some other must go's - - ? I have been reading about Flying Tiger - any thoughts? What about C or Cru or Bin 941? Thanks again for the information everyone...much appreciated!
  3. I cant tell you all how much I appreciate all the suggestions (and please, keep them coming! - Sites to see -outdoors preferable, looking to see BEAUTIFUL BC as well!) So far, I have narrowed it down to the following - Not sure if we will be able to hit them all (we are there July 24th - 30th) but we will try! Rare C (Do they do stuff other than seafood? Fiance isnt fond of fish) Chambar Then I have some that I am still undecided on - urge me in the right direction! Cru/Fuel/Parkside/Aurora/Vij - - Thoughts? Salt and GoFish sound really interesting as well. Also planning on checking out Okada for some sushi, SunSuiWah for some DImSum... Again, thank you for all the help and I am getting REALLY excited to visit the western part of this beautiful country of ours!
  4. Thanks for all the great replies! Ginger - can you describe the food/prices of these places, plz? I am not sure where we are staying - I know we will be staying with friends for the first 4 nights around some very large well known (cant remember the name) city park...supposed to be very nice... Keep up the great suggestions. Cheers
  5. fmed - Thanks for the suggestions!! Excuse my ignorance, but can you please explain what izakaya is? Thanks for the highly rec'd resto's - - I will have to investigate further, hopefully they have online menus. As well, can you possibly assist in terms of touristic attractions? As I had mentioned, anything outdoors is preferable, but I am open to anything! Cheers.
  6. Simple is best! Prepare in a little jar a Garlic/Evoo/Thyme/Rosemary/Parsley mixture (I like to use the mortar and pestle for this) Apply to shrooms - then grill. Fantastic stuff.
  7. Good afternoon to all my West Coast Canadian friends! Well the time has come and I am finally visiting BC!!! SO Excited!!! I am going on business for 3 days but the Ms's and I decided to turn it into a bit of a trip and come down for 3-4 additional days. We will be visiting Vancouver at the end of July and I am now in need of your assistance! We love amazing food (duH!) and we love the outdoors. I am looking for suggestions on the following: 1 good sushi spot (that wont break the bank) 2-3 Amazing restaurants you would recommend to your bestest of friends 2-3 Must Stop Spots to eat at (lunch or dinner) As well, being the tourists that we are, if you could recommend some spots we have to go visit...all would be appreciated! Many thanks in advance! -Justin
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    That doesnt look like red sorrel, it looks more like swiss chard.
  9. My family grows our own garlic and garlic scapes are soooo good. The 2 main uses we have for them is sauteeing or roasting them and pureeing with olive oil. Or pureeing without olive oil, a bit of water and seasoning and using it as a sauce in soups (yes soups!) we made a fantastic Fava bean puree/soup in a espresso cup with some drops of garlic scape essence as we call it, awesome! I also take out the good ol mortar and pestil and just make a puree with them raw, with olive oil, S&P and that stays in the fridge for weeks! Great on fish, pasta, even bread!
  10. A favourite dish of ours (originating from Israel actually) is fast pickled carrots. Take a veg peeler and shave long thin strips of carrots, then toss a bit of sea salt in them, add lemon juice and a touch of good olive oil. Pepper to taste. This to me is the epitome of fresh, clean flavor.
  11. sadistick

    Dinner! 2008

    I would also recommend KingFish!
  12. Bek - That menu sounds great, love the whole goth decorating scheme, better take pics! Octave - Hope theres some vino or nice beverage included in that dinner Emily - sounds like fun, why not buy some frozen (raw) croissants instead of bagels...the smell of those badboys comin out of the oven...oh boy!
  13. Well, not to toot my own horn...but lets put it this way. Outside of Italy, and my own risotto (which I have been making for 15+ years and have nearly perfected if I do say so myself ((Others most likely will agree )) I have not found a better risotto. The flavours he get out of the beats and cheese that he puts in it are awesome. I go there just for that.
  14. Sounds interesting Bek - Would love to hear what you have planned for your courses.
  15. If you want *THE BEST* beet risotto in the world, go to Mistura.
  16. kbj - Interesting idea...but sounds like it would be even more work! lol... Fibi - that meal sounds amazing...actually my GF's sisters BF is from England and is having us all over on x-mas for a proper dinner, sounding quite similar to yours...Will be my first time trying yorkshire puddings, and I cant wait! Plaf - Wine will be flowing, I have a 95 monticello grand reserva saved for new years that should be awesome...I'm sure many are still focused on x-mas...but I get so excited doing a dinner party I like to really plan in advance... I am also thinking to do a trio of ravioli, in addition to the wild mushroom/truffle one...start off with a roasted beet ravioli with a brown butter/poppy seed sauce, not sure on the third... Anyhoo, lookin forward to hearing what everyone else is doing.
  17. Well that sure sounds like a nice assortment you've got going on there... Doing any special cocktails as well? I was thinking to maybe cut down the number of courses in the tasting menu and do lots of apps - as to not have to be behind the counter cooking all night, but I kind of like that, still undecided. One thing I will have for apps, are smoked oysters...just love those guys! Cmon people, 60+ views and 1 reply! I expect more from my fellow 'Gulleteers!!
  18. First off, a warm any happy holidays and new years to everyone here in my favourite cooking forum! Haven't been around as much lately...but I still lurk from time to time Anyhow, for the past 2 years I have tired of the typical party scene during new years...you know, paying $70 to get in to a bar/club, then wading through hundreds of people you don't even know, to finally saying screw it, trying to find a cab to get home, with no luck waiting for 30 minutes in freezing temps...no thank you! So we have been having some friends and family over for the past few years and I do some sort of fun and exciting tasting menu. I was wondering how many of you do something similar, and if so...heres the place to share your ideas, help plan, etc. So far, I am thinking of starting out with house cured Gravlax with a dill/caper sauce.. One course will be seared steak with some sort of reduction... May do my wild mushroom and white truffle ravioli...we shall see... One thing to note, the GF is allergic to shellfish (which sucks!) so I may just make one course, possibly scallops, as I love scallops! maybe with some smoked bacon and a balsamic/fig reduction...not sure So do feel free to share your ideas/plans! Let the Brainstorming begin!
  19. sadistick

    Dinner! 2007

    Haven't been around the dinner thread in ages...but those prawns look delish! One of my standbys when going out for Chinese is always spicy salt fried prawns and calamari! Great stuff everyone.
  20. I too prefer them breaded and crisp - nothing like some crispy sweetbreads with a serious reduction mmmm On another note - went to Quince last night and had a great meal. Started off with their Duck Terrine which was nice, nothing outstanding, but for $8 you CANT go wrong. Then had gnocchi with a reduced tomato sauce with braised lamb shank, and some italian cheese...out of this world...truely amazing bang for your buck. highly recommend this place.
  21. You should write a follow-up with your original letter quoted, then put a link to this thread, and CC Toronto Life, and the Star...that should light a fire under their arses
  22. Never been to Globe - But my thoughts exactly on Thuet...for that price...Noooo thank you!
  23. Didn't end up finding them at a restaurant...yet We picked some up from Pusateri's and from Longos, and my uncle prepared them. He cleaned them up, par boiled, then flattened under some weight, finished on the grill (Never had them grilled before, turned out great) and made this awesome lemon/honey/chicken stock reduction as a sauce.
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    Oh ya...minus the e...
  25. Just curious - Anyone been? Any noteworthy dishes?
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