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  1. Like Ed said, either use a flask...or.... Just fill up 10-howevermanyouwant of empty mini's with your desired rum before you depart.
  2. I really hate bitter flavours (blech!), however...This past summer I was introduced to Campari, and mixed with a bit of fresh OJ and a bit of soda on ice, is fantastic! I guess the sweetness of the oranges counters the bitterness of the campari, great stuff.
  3. I would suggest a smoked fish paste on some crusty bread...they have many similar dishes in spain with smoked white fish, but why not try something different like a smoked trout paste?
  4. Likely not as everyone and their dog takes their camera these days. ← Yes, but not everyone or their dogs take DSLR's - Let alone take pictures mostly of their food
  5. He was supposidly wearing a fake beard and dressing 'incognito' as to not attract attention.
  6. To ensure you get JUST the flavour of Guava (BTW, where do you live that you have a tree?! So jealous!) I would cut them up pretty fine, and soak in a decent quality vodka for a month or so, maybe some simple syrup added.
  7. I was just browsing through this months issue of Toronto Life and saw an interesting article where James Chatto was going 'undercover' with their new food editor Chris, to a few of the city's upper tier restaurants to try and dispell the myth that he [Chatto] gets better food/service due to his 'fame' Here's the quote... "It's time for the acid test," says Chris. "Read this." He hands me a printout from eGullet, an internet foodie forum, in which one of the interloutors queries my enthusiasm for Avalon and its owner-chef, Chris McDonald. The quote reads, "Personally I think he (McDonald) buys these reviews and probably Mr. Chatto" Good to know that T.O. Life is keeping an eye on these forums. Question is, who was the eg'er who made that quote (I'm sure easy enough to find out..?), and which handle does Chris/Chatto go by Furthermore, regardless of whether the food/service is the same for him as it is the rest of us "normal folk"...what percentage of the food and wine which he consumes is on the house? Do they actually make him pay for food which he will write about and possibly make or break them? Interesting article, would love to see more along the same lines...Too bad though that T.O. Life's content is 60% advertisements.
  8. So what are some dishes that stand out in your mind which you have had there? I am not always comfortable letting them order for me, as there are certain items (especially in Chinese cuisine) which I wont eat (chicken feet for one )
  9. Ben - What do you order at New World Seafood that you love so much? BTW - Dont knock Swataou...Their noodle dishes are amazing, as is their shrimp wonton soup.
  10. Thanks Melissa. There is this great cheese shop down in Kensington Market (Toronto) called Global Cheese that has such a great variety of cheeses (which you get to taste!) at amazing prices. I believe for those boards we paid roughly $35-40 and only that much because the unpasturized goat 'log' was $11 -Justin
  11. Not sure exactly, I believe somewhere west of bathurst...It's listed in the phonebook.
  12. Something along the lines of this...not really a cheese plate, more of a cheese board! From left to right (what I can remember, and not to be eaten in that order!) Smoked Gouda, Aged Brie, Cambonzola, Unpasturized Goat cheese, 2 types of Peccorino, Petit Basque (SP?)
  13. Hey all, I will share with you a gem, I think! "George's" is a pizza place on Eglington (I believe) and they make the best pizza I have had in Toronto! Yes, THE BEST! Their crust is so thin and crispy, just like in Italy. Try it out!
  14. Well for a party of about 30 people, I dont feel like manning the bar all night, so a large 'vat' it is... I am thinking something along the lines of Stoli Vodka/Lemon Juice/Cranberry Juice or Pom. Juice/and a dash of fresh OJ...and the obvious floating worms and creepies for a nice added effect. Want to keep it fairly basic and it has to be blood red...I just dont think of Green when I think halloween.
  15. The obvious Spaghetti carbonara would be one great way to put some of that pancetta to use. Another would be to make a great bean and/or lentil dish - sauteed onions, crispy pancetta, nice lentils then finished with good evoo and lemon juice...mmm And heck, if you are still leftover with a slab left and dont know what to do, you can always send me some
  16. Sounds interesting, Katie. Unfortunetly, Maraschino is not available up here in the great white north...possible substitutes?
  17. You hit it spot on SY. They were basically dead, with multiple staff members just floating around the restaurant. Heck, one was even checking her makeup in a mirror on a pillar right next to us while the other 2 staff members spoke above us in mandarin from two tables away. Truely unprofessional. Everyone I have told thus far have pretty much responded with a similar shocked expression and a response of "wow...I can't believe you paid"
  18. I want to offer one pre-made drink at a halloween party I am throwing, the rest they are on their own! I would prefer something red (not tomato juice) which will be offered in a punch bowl with all sorts of critters floating around in it. I thought of just cranberry / soda / vodka but thats too basic. Looking for some inspired ideas. Thanks, Justin
  19. That could work well, I have a bottle that my dad gave me for my bday a couple years ago. I believe its a '98 or 99 Pio Cesare Barbaresco 'Il brico' Also have some 98 Poigio Antico Brunello's... Which would work better?
  20. I am making a anniversary dinner for my parents this coming week, and was unsure as to which red wine would pair with: White truffle pasta and if possible - a wine that would pair with the pasta as well as with a calfs liver dish with a double smoked balsamic reduction. Thanks in advance, Justin
  21. Endy - What would you suggest is a dish that you can judge a chinese restaurant on? I just enjoy general tsao chicken and figured I would give it a shot.
  22. I felt it my duty to share tonight's 'event' with some fellow food lovers. I have heard and read some good feedback regarding the chinese resturant Ambassador up at hwy 7 & Leslie...so tonight I was up at my GF's in that area and we decided to give it a try. We got there and sat down. First things first, tell the manager and waiter that my GF has a bad allergy to shell fish, done. I start to peruse the menu while noticing the manager is hovering right above me with pen and paper in hand...one of my pet peeves and a definite no no. I tell him we will need a few minutes, so he extends his circling radius to 10-15 feet. I make it my mission to try the hot and sour soup at all venues which serve it, so I first ordered that while my GF wanted something light, so she ordered a noodle soup with chicken and vegtables in a broth. I then ordered (mistake?) a general tsow chicken, one steamed rice, and told him to leave a menu with me as I like to stagger my orders in chinese restaraunts as sometimes they tend to bring things too fast. He asked if we wanted msg (!?!?) in our food, to which I replied with a baffled expression...'no thank you'. So my soup comes, lots of nice fresh seafood, good size portion, decent flavours, a 7/10...quite respectable. A minute or two later, they bring out the general tsow chicken (while I was not even 1/4 of the way done my soup, I guess to let the chicken come down to room temp???) and my GF's noodle 'soup' which appeared at first to be just some noodles and boiled chicken with a few pieces of bok choy in a VERY clear broth...which set off a few bells and whistles. I look at her and she gives me the 'look' and I taste the soup, yup...my hunch was right, hot water. Yes, Hot water, they served noodles and boiled chicken and veg in HOT WATER...for $6.50 I might add! I get the managers attention and nicely explain that we didn't order noodles and chicken in hot water, we ordered soup, you know, the flavoured variety...he apologizes and returns a few minutes later which what appears to be a light brown broth, with said noodles and chicken. Fine. The taste factor was about a 3/10, but the fly floating around in the soup definetly brought it down quite a few notches...... At this point I was absolutely baffled and somewhat disgusted. You can go down to china town, eat at a handfull of 'hole in the wall' type establishments, pay half the price, get twice as good service and a heck of a lot better food...not to mention no flies. Enough was enough, I asked the manager to bring me a bill for my soup, stating I was not interested in eating cold chicken, nor any half assed noodle soups with flies in it. I paid (against some inner voice which just screamed to walk out) and left. So, in closing, if you want good flavourful chinese food, without insects, do not go to ambasador.
  23. Slice them up nice and fine and slowly caramalize them, cover with evoo and freeze for further use.
  24. One thing you want to be carefull when cooking duck breast is your marinade (if any, which I dont believe you need with good quality duck) if it has any sugars in it, chances are it will burn when combined with the high heat and fats. As for sauce, I would recommend a port/sage sauce...or a port/black current sauce. Add some shallots in to pan used for cooking, scrape up all tastey bits, deglaze with port, and add some nicely reduced stock. Add some sage at the end, or black current jam...Season and enjoy.
  25. What exactly is Hakka? Chiu Chow? Few of my favourite chinese places ATM - Chinese eating garden New Sky Swataou (sp)
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