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  1. Here it is: http://www.bringmywine.ca/toronto.html PS - Susur is now $60 for a 750ml bottle...not that I would ever go there again... Also - We did bring a few bottles to a dinner at Scaramouche a few months back...I believe it was $35 for corkage, and they decanted the bottles if we so desired and served in appropriate glasses. Cheers.
  2. I wouldnt suggest battering the blossoms, as it takes away from the flavour/texture of the actual flower. We have been frying them for years, and always the same method: Lightly saute some baby shallots and garlic in evoo/herb butter When they start to get golden, turn up heat and add flowers, deglaze with a bit of white wine, then pump up heat some more and sear on both sides till the flowers turn golden, add S&P and enjoy. Of all the possibilites, this one is still our fav. Oh, and if you want to fill them - make a fava bean/roasted garlic puree and sear them, also really good.
  3. sadistick

    Just Baked

    It was a pleasure to meet you Dolphin, I look forward to hearing reactions from your party. -Justin
  4. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Hey Dolphin, Thanks for considering us to cater your Son's party! First off, regarding the quantity. We now offer a 'slab' tart which is a 12" x 17" tart which allows you to cut your own sized servings which is very popular for larger dinner parties and catered events. For 50 people, 2 slabs should be sufficient. If you prefer the traditional round tarts, I would suggest 3-4 Large tarts as you can get approx 16-18 slices depending on the size you cut, and that way you can have a bit more variety. Now on to the second part of your query...Our best seller is the Swiss Chocolate Fudge tart, as most kids (and parents) love chocolate, that should be a sure bet. The coconut tart is also popular as well with kids. To add some variety, I would maybe order a Marzipan tart for the adults, and who knows, maybe some of the kids as well! Your best bet is to send me an email at info@justbaked.ca and we can chat and go from there! Looking forward to speaking with you. -Justin
  5. I believe that grilling/bbq'in has a large social appeal, which is why we enjoy it so much. Plus theres something extra special/memorable about cooking/eating food outdoors with friends/family.
  6. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Jen - Thanks...look forward to hearing from you! Creative - So glad you enjoyed the Swiss Chocolate Fudge Tart! We strive to produce a product that has the 'perfect' balance of sweetness/richness/texture. All the best, -Justin
  7. For tomatoe plants - what you need to do is pick off the little shoots that grow in the \/ off branches which come off the stalk, if you know what i mean .... that helps TREMENDOUSLY when they get really large, and look more proper... I can elaborate if needed...Ill try to get some pics of my garden up this weekend! I must say though, the Fava Beans, heirloom tomatoes and beets are looking great!
  8. If you want something more quiet or secluded, and cost isnt an issue...I would chose either Splendido (good atmosphere, fairly quiet place to take clients/business partners) or Scaramouche...recently had another fantastic meal there and its a great location for a business dinner. I would also consider Mistura...I'd go back just for their beet risotto!
  9. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Mel, so glad you and your 'potty mouthed pals' enjoyed the tarts...No need to apologize, I'll take vulgarity in that form anyday! Pleasure meeting you, looking forward to seeing you and your friends again soon. Cheers, -Justin
  10. sadistick

    Belgian Beer

    Hoegaarden Leff Blonde Duvel I have also had some of the worst beers ever tasted from Belgium. This wierd honey beer, and a pineapple beer!?!? Ick!
  11. Certainly from Cuba. When I was in Havana the bartender had a little bottle of simple syrup with sugar cane 'honey' and water, instead of sugar. He said you didn't need to destroy the mint with the abrasive sugar, just muddle it gently with the lime wedges. As well, the sugar cane adds more of a flavour than just sugar, or so he claimed. The rest of your recipe looks 'true' enough.
  12. I'm with you on that one. Also, I believe a true Mojito contains sugar cane syrup... This past weekend I made some mojitos for my dads b-day with key limes, turned out very nice.
  13. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Melanie, I always try to acomodate people as much as possible, and I can tell you that there is no chocolate in the linzer's, but obviously, no guarantees as there is chocolate used in the kitchen. Look forward to hearing from you once you move back home! Cheers, -Justin
  14. sadistick


    Off topic a bit; I visitedJK @ The ROM a few times when he was there, always enjoyed it even though it was a bit pricey.
  15. I am really interested in trying Chiado, where is it located? Anything you have had there that "wow's" you that you would definetly recommend? Cheers, -Justin
  16. For raspberries, I would suggest dedicating one section, then sealing it off, raspberries will SPREAD like wildfire, and take over everything if not carefull. This year, I have 18 tomatoe plants, about 6 different heirloom varieties, 3 types of hot peppers, onions, heirloom beets, swiss chard, cuces, all sorts of herbs, oh, and fava beans and artichokes!
  17. Almost 40 degrees here in Toronto...Stopped by the Beer Store on the way home today and got a 6'er of Creemore Springs Lager...not sure if you Yanks can get this stuff, but it sure is tastey!
  18. I would have to disagree and agree with homer on this one. Last time I was at thuet, the service and food were average, and for that price bracket, average doesn't cut it. I just had an amazing meal at Scaramouche, so I would suggest that, and agree with homer, on the suggestion of Splendido.
  19. sadistick

    Soft Shell Crab

    First soak them in milk and ice cubes Sit em on a towel, and poke holes in the shell (to lessen the popping during frying) Dredge in seasoned flower... Then fry in butter/sunflower oil mixture till golden on each sides. Salt Serve with a slice of lemon, and enjoy!
  20. Edited without removing my initial error, but thank you kindly for being so discrete in pointing out my keyboard smashing flaw *wink*
  21. I really dont get all the hype surrounding Stratus. First off, their wines are decent, but nothing amazing. Their merlot which they claim is their 'flagship red' goes for almost what...$50 at the LCBO??? For that kind of cash, I would much rather go for a '99 bruntello (AKA BRUNELLO - THX NONDOC!!! ), or even an amarone. Ontario is very well known for their icewine's and their whites, only recently have some of our reds started to gain ground and notice. But definetly not worthy of those kind of prices.
  22. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Hey Melanie, Unfortunetly I cannot "guarantee" due to legal liabilities that there is no contact with chocolate, but I can tell you that for example, if one day we are only baking Linzer's there will be no chocolate used that day, so the chances are very minimal. Delivery charges vary depending on the size of the order, and the destination. However, we do not offer delivery on orders of $50 or less. Although keep in mind, the tarts are able to be stored in the freezer for up to 8 months, so as I mentioned, many customers seem to prefer placing larger orders to get the free delivery, and just store them in their freezer for their convenience. Hope this helps, -Justin
  23. Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familla hit the spot tonight.
  24. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Endy - Glad to hear that your parents enjoyed it. It's always fun to convert non dessert eaters and see their reactions when they taste some of our tarts. Regarding your query, no, we dont offer them "fresh". We rapid freeze all our tarts while they are still warm, which allows for the fresh out of the oven quality upon thawing. That being said, if you want to be able to pick one up ready to consume (if you can't wait till you get home! ) then we can remove them 3-4 hours prior to pickup (or delivery) if requested with your order. Hope this helps, -Justin
  25. Dont waste your time or money at Stratus...their wines are over hyped and such, vastly over priced. My opinion of course. I would highly recommend NCT (Niagra College teaching winery) they have an amazing 2003 Pinot - $21 (not sure if there's any left) and their Oak aged chard - $17 is fantastic and I dont even like white wine! Oh, and if you are like me and dont like dessert wine because its too sweet, try their late harvest...for $22 its an absolute steal! I would also suggest Lailey, the lady behind the counter was a bit pretencious, however, their cab/merlot blend is very good, and for $25 quite a bargoon. I have heard good things about Tawse, and 13th St sounds familiar...I would be interested to see how you compare to some of the wineries in Niagra when you return.
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