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  1. Gordon - I was thinking mushrooms as well, however, I am not fond of Portabello's - How would shitake or Morells work? Sweetbreads hmmm, I do love those...definetly a good idea. Rabbit is a no go as my GF is quite fond of thumper and refuses to eat it. I was thinking as Gordon suggested to do one meal where I sear off in a pan a nice NY Strip steak and cut it very thin, maybe serve that with a nice crumbled blue? Or would the blue overpower the wine? For the granita, i always mix the fresh juice with a few shots of simply syrup...good idea on the vodka though. Should be a lot of work, but hopefully worth it, the Global knives are sharp, and pans ready to roll!
  2. Only problem with the GF and multiple bottles is she is a lightweight when it comes to booze I guess I could have a glass or two of the chard and cork it, then focus my attention on the Bordeaux dj - I dont believe it is white truffle oil...I will have to investigave. Do you have any suggestions for another food pairing that would work well with that wine? Cheers.
  3. Gordon - Interesting idea with the tuna tartar...you think that would pair well with an older bordeaux??? dj, I was planning on using the granita as a palate cleanser...so before the cheese course it is. How long (approx) will the lamb need in the oven at the 400*, they will probably be small to medium sized...I am fairly comfortable judging by touch, but just curious. Sounds good on the roasted veg - probably will do a celeriac puree, maybe a bit of truffle oil in it...for the pan sauce, i dont think I could bring myself to use a '82 Lynch to deglaze, but ILl use some other red wine and some lamb stock. Thanks for the help folks.
  4. I do enjoy raw oysters, however, the GF is allergic to some of my favourite seafoods (Oysters, Shrimp, Lobster, scallops) so thats a bit of a bummer! Keep the ideas coming though, I still have about 2 menu slots to fill! Celeriac would be good, although I must admit, I have never cooked with it before, but like the idea, maybe that will be the puree - prepare it just like potatoes? I am actually using Lindt Surffin for the souffles, as I have many many lbs of it already Serving with the souffles...not too sure, maybe some strawberries mascerated in grand marnier and sugar? She is already giddy with anticipation of the dinner, although I must stand firm and not divulge what I am making! hehe
  5. dj, some great ideas! I am trying to plan this dinner around a '82 Lynch Bages and possibly a NCT oak aged chard. The peaches and cream referring to the corn...just a milk and corn soup blended and sived then reduced a bit, thought that some salty seranno ham would contrast nicely with the slight sweetness of the corn. When you say the ice should be served before the cheese course, do you mean in general, or directly before? Referring to the lamb chops, I was planning on searing them on high heat to caramalize, would you put your seasoning on after then? finishing in the oven? I like the idea of puree'ing one of them, I was thinking beets, yams and one more root veggie...havent decided, which would you puree? Also, what sauce would you suggest in order to pair well with the lamb/wine? Was planning on using a 15y/o balsamic w/o reducing. Interesting idea on 2 desserts, but the chocolate one I am planning is so rich I think 2 would be too much. I was thinking on some lighter dish before the cheese course...obviously still thinking.
  6. Hey P, As good as Foie Gras is, I strongly disagree with how they treat the animals (extreme force feeding via tubes inserted deep down the throats), thus I refuse to eat it anymore, as sad as that is. But good idea regardless. -Justin
  7. Some great suggestions, thanks! Stephen, I was planning on going to Global cheese in Kensington market, they usually have a nice selection of Manchego's - Ill have to write these down. Thanks. Also - I posted on the special occaisions forum - But since you folks know a lot more about wine pairings than I, maybe I will inquire here as well. Doing a tasting menu, so far I am gonna do: Peaches and cream corn bisque with seranno ham something with fava beans insert idea here Grapefruit ice seared lamb on roasted root veggies sliced duck breast on grilled white peaches and balsamic insert idea here cheese course Still looking for a few more pairings which will match well with the wine, any suggestions would be great. Cheers, -Justin
  8. Man o Man...I wish they sold this rum at the LCBO ... Guess I gotta stick with the El Dorado for now.
  9. So I am in the midst of planning a 'tasting menu' dinner for my GF for our anniversary. I would like to have 5 or 6 courses, of smaller plates. I am trying to pair these (but not necessary) with an older Bordeaux we will be having for this celebration. So far, I have... Peaches and cream bisque with seranno ham -Insert another "app" Something with Fava beans Grapefruit Ice Seared lamb chops on a bed of caramalized root veggies Sliced duck breast on grilled white peaches with aged balsamico -Insert idea here Cheese course Warm Lindt chocolate souflee/cakes Thats what it looks like so far, still have about a month, but I want this one to be special, so planning in advanced is required. Thanks in advance -Justin
  10. Doing an anniversary dinner for the GF - she loves good cheese. Need some suggestions for cheeses to match a '82 Lynch Bages. Thank you.
  11. Not sure about that area...but my favourite coffee 'bar' in the city is 'Le Gourmand' at spadina and richmond, amazing cap. and I hardly ever drink coffee!
  12. sadistick


    I will be the first to admit my knowledge of whites is not very extensive, however for $39 a bottle...thats a bit steep...especially when the site you noted only gave it an 88. I spoke to my friend at vintages, he mentioned to me they aregoing to be getting the 15 y/o El Dorado back in shortly, just in case there are any other rum fans out there
  13. sadistick


    Ellen - Looks GREAT - This is exactly what I needed. Cheers. ps - One question...I dont have a scale at home, I was wondering approx how many cups is in 1lb of cherries...any ideas?
  14. sadistick

    Just Baked

    Dolphin - Happy to hear that everyone enjoyed the tarts...Heh, guess thats a good thing that you ordered extra! Looking forward to hearing from you. Jen - Glad you liked the Linzer, cant wait to hear what you think of the Chocolate! Mel - Hahaha, too funny, although I am surprised the skull and crossbones was a sufficient deterant I'll be sure to bring extra business cards next time!
  15. sadistick


    I know she sometimes uses it in brownies, and people love them. I think it would be great in Linzer Torte! Or swirled in another kind of chocolate-y dessert! (I sometimes think of going to TO, just to try your tarts!) ← Interesting...Cherry and chocolate...Why didnt I think about that! May have to try adding a layer of it on the bottom of the swiss chocolate fudge tart...If so, I'll save you some to sample when you get here! PS - Made a cherry and cinnamon infused vodka...looks good so far. Getting canning jars tomorrow and jam sometime this week. Thx for the help all.
  16. sadistick


    Looks great cali! Those look almost like the cherries I picked, except a bit darker I believe... Regarding the Jam - I was told by someone that you dont need pectin, you just use equal weight sugar and cherries and some lemon juice.. Rona, really interesting idea for the cherry almond jam, may have to try putting that in one of our Linzer Torte's -Justin
  17. sadistick


    Some good ideas... Does anyone have a tried and tested recipe for making jams that they could share? Cheers.
  18. sadistick


    My awesome neighbour went back home to Italy for 6 weeks a week ago, and it just so happens that this year his cherry tree was producing fruit. I now have about 4 shopping bags full of plump cherries, and seriously need some help. I would like to make some Jam, but have absolutely no recipies for cherry jam, so if anyone could help out in that department, that would be fantastic. Second, I was wondering what other interesting ideas you folks may have regarding what to do with all these guys...recipies would be appreciated as well. Thanks very much, -Justin
  19. I just use the mortar...or is it the pestal? lol...either way, I use the thing that smashes as my muddler!
  20. One of the most important things in owning a restaurant IMO, is PR/CS. Do whatever it takes to make that guy happy, because any negative word of mouth can spiral in to something ugly. Bend over backwards, give him what he wants.
  21. sadistick

    Homemade Pesto

    What I see wrong with this recipe is...Parsley, Walnuts...and a food processor. I believe all pesto should be made in a mortar and pestal, the way mamma used to make it back in italy! Jokes aside, Just take some sea salt, some garlic, and evoo - mash that up, start adding your basil till it gets thicker...more evoo if needed. Toast some pine nuts, add those, then finish with a handfull or two of regiano, and more evoo if needed.
  22. sadistick


    Over the past 2 years I have become good friends with one of the Vintages reps...Since they get to taste most of whats coming up in the next releases, he usually fills me in on whats a good buy and whats not... Next time I talk to him I will let you all know. ps - great idea on the topic.
  23. I keep hearing good things about George...Definetly on my list of places to try.
  24. Ok - Here are a few...however, it is a tough combination to get good food+wine and a GOOD patio. First, let me state that I dont consider patios that are street side to be good. To me, I like clean air, and that means UP! Avenue and Bloor I believe is where the Hyatt hotel is located, they have a rooftop bar/patio on the 18th floor that is nice, if you can get a seat. Last night we were at the Fox and the Fiddle at Young few blocks north of St Clair, and they have a cool rooftop patio. More to come...
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