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  1. I don't know why you paid for it...if a restaurant tried to charge me for hot water (My mom often likes hot water and a squeeze of lemon) I would laugh ask to speak to the manager, and if he was stupid enough to insist those charges are legit, I would simply remove all those charges from their tip. I'm surprised you let them get away with it.
  2. Robyn - good to know - Christie and what? Fugu - One of my uncles dishes last night for our dinner was sweetbreads, I picked up some from Longos, he got some from Pusateries...Man, cleaning them is a pain in the you know what lol. He made this amazing honey lemon sauce to go with em...fantastic. Never heard of Arlequins, so its probably closed
  3. Ah, good to see you guys/gals popping in. Cali you must have a nice chunk of snow up in sticksland by now, eh? I know FatCat can make some decent sweetbreads, and I'm sure if I put in a request at say scaramouche or mistura for that matter they could make some as well, but I'm surprised that all the menus I have perused online I have yet to see any listed! Nothing like fried crisp sweetbreads mmmmmm Regarding recent great meals - I haven't had that many, in fact, I have had a few bad ones, but thats a whole other matter... Theres this really good (and cheap) sushi place the GF and I have been going to for a little while now called Ginza Sushi up on Yonge and Clark - they are always busy, so you know the fish is fresh has heck, and its extremely reasonable! I leave there stuffed on Sushi and Sashimi as well as the GF for under $50! Highly recommend it if you dont mind waiting (they dont take reservations) Anyhoo, tonight my family are doing our quarterly wine tasting dinner...I'll be making large wild mushroom (Shitake, King, black trumpet) and white truffle ravioli...not sure about a sauce, probably will do a mushroom/veal/butter/sage reduction...pairing it with a 99 brunello - should be good! Have a nice weekend. Edit to add - Battle - this thread was not limited to sweetbreads, but great meals in general - with a secondary question of a possibility of great sweetbreads. I read some great reviews of winterlicious plates of sweetbreads at Pangeae actually, havent been to Perigee in a while though.
  4. 96 Views and no replies....hmmmf...
  5. Greetings, It's been a while since I posted here, and I must say, our Toronto boards seem to be in a bit of a slump! So I figured I would pop on a new thread here to just let us share our recent great meals in this amazing city of ours. I will post some shortly...however, one thing I have been looking for, but unable to find (and usually in Fall they are on more menus) are Sweetbreads! Has anyone had any great sweetbreads lately? Anyhooooo...Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers.
  6. Quickly on the CB/Pusa/Cheese subject... I picked up this black truffle baby peccorino the other day at Pusa's....fairly reasonable too for a 1/4 of a wheel... AMAZING stuff...one of the best black truffle cheeses I have ever had. Definetly making a risotto with this stuff
  7. I find cheese courses a waste of money. Granted its nice to have some great cheese at the end of a great meal, however...They are upcharging you on what, finding the cheese and cutting it for you? Give me a break, go to Global Cheese in Kensington or Whole foods even for that matter and you can find some amazing cheeses and make your own cheese plate when you get home! My $.02
  8. The Pinot Noir that NCT Produces at under $20 / bottle is outstanding for the price. On another totally different note, we had a few Williams Selleyem (SP) Pinot's the other night that were just out of this world.
  9. Hey Folks, I realize this is somewhat last minute, but thats how we like to do things sometimes! Anyhoo...were off to Quebec tomorrow, going to start off at a friends Chalet in Tremblant (sp?) From there, we dont have all destinations planned, but we one destination will be the Eastern Townships, specifically North Hatley...and possibly other towns. My request is this, I am a food lover from Toronto, who has heard FANTASTIC things about Quebec and this region for their food, cheeses, etc... Please if you will, recommend some places around the area to eat, and see...and if there are any you highly recommend driving to, thats worth the jaunt, I would love to hear about that too. Thanks so much -Justin
  10. sadistick

    Il Mulino

    Funny you ask that Barbara, as I commented after the meal that it was extremely reasonable! Appetizers did not exceed $12 (unless you went for the seared FG which was $19 I believe) Pastas were anywhere from $22-26 They also had various types of Meats and Fish (also excellent as I have had in the past - ranging anywhere from $28-35) Their wine list is truly something to behold. They have won the Wine Spectator award for their wine list numerous times...as they have a fantastic selection. The other amazing thing is that they are willing to open almost any bottle for you if you wish to have just a glass or two, which is quite unique in itself. I take it you have not been before? I would love to hear others experiences as well.
  11. Howdy Folks, Havent been around these parts much in the past few months...guess I can attribute that to this great weather we have been having! I hope everyone is doing well and keeping my seat nice and warm for me! My girlfriend and I went out to celebrate our second anniversary recently and our dining experience was so fantastic I wanted to share it with you... I am not sure if any of you remember, but years ago, there used to be this Gem of a restaurant downtown called Barolo, an Italian restaurant run by a lovely couple, serving true authentic, absolutely delicious Italian cuisine. I really do not go out to eat at Italian restaurants, as typically I can make pretty much everything they do myself. However, there is always an exception to every rule! Anyhow, back on topic...Barolo closed a while back, and it saddened my family greatly, but luckily, the owners decided to open up Il Mulino. They created this fantastic space, which always makes me feel as if I am back in Italy. So we went there for dinner last week, and as always, we were not dissapointed! We started off by sharing 2 apps - We ordered one of their specials (they seem to have this quite often, as its always a huge hit) - Tuna Carpaccio - Amazingly fresh thin sliced tuna with citrus segments and a nice mix of greens, was amazing, the pink peppercorns and sea salt mixed with the sweet tuna and greens were perfect! I always order this dish when we go there. Second App was Grilled Calamari with a tomato sauce - The calamari was cooked to perfection, very soft, with great selection of herbs, and a very tastey sauce... Unfortunetly, my Girlfriend was getting over being sick the past week, and her appetite was just not what it usually is, so I had to do most of the eating, and this limited me in the amount of dishes I could order...however, the two pastas which we shared, were to die for. We first shared another special - Gnocci with a porcini sauce and wallnuts, this was superb, home made small gnocci simply melted in my mouth, with chunks (although I would have liked a few more...obviously! ) of porcini, and pices of wallnut, worked really well together...The flavour was spot on. Second Pasta, a smoked duck breast pasta with white truffle oil and wild mushrooms with some type of reduction...I salivate even as I type this, without a doubt, the BEST pasta I have *EVER* had....I kid you not, go just for this dish! Dessert was a no go, as I was STUFFED and the girlfriend had more than enough... Either way, if you have not been to Il Mulino....GO! I would recommend it to anyone. -Justin
  12. Hi - Havent been here in forever Thought I would chime in here and add we have been going to Lee Garden a lot lately, and it just doesnt dissapoint. Their steamed oysters are amazing, their clams in black bean sauce are wicked, as is pretty much everything else. Sure fire bet.
  13. My Fav even though its a bit pricey...Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familla.
  14. sadistick

    Dinner! 2007

    Fantastic Lineup RW - - Love each of your courses...
  15. Mom's bday today - shes thinking Tapas... Never really done the Tapas thing here in TO - Need some suggestions asap please!!! Thanks in advance.
  16. Hey all...Havent been around much, but to get back on topic... I would also say LWH to be great - but dont go to their Mt Pleasant location, go downtown. As well, for an awesome dinner, I would suggest Lee Garden on Spadina - get there early as the wait can be long at times...dont forget to order the clams in black bean sauce, steamed oysters, and salt fried calamari! Hope everyones doin well...hardly any time for eG anymore between work and the garden... and more work...hopefully I can make time... PS - Off topic - I found a new addition to my top 5 hot n sour soups (LWH is still #1 though!) - although i ask for it a bit spicier - Asian Monsoon on Eglington west of bathurst...mmmm awesome. Cheers
  17. sadistick

    North 44

    North 44 is always reliable...thats why it's been around so long. It has very good food, possibly a bit expensive, but solid food and service. Either way, I would skip N44 and go for either Splendido, or Scaramouch, for equally reliable, better food.
  18. Ill ask the logical question here, how do you draw on the similarities?
  19. sadistick

    Dinner! 2007

    Long time no post...just figured out this bulk upload feature...(duh! ) Excuse my shitty plating. With me, by the time it gets to plating, I have inevitably ended up working in the kitchen for hours, and I just want to eat! Lil egg porn (for dinner, yes!) Vodka smoked salmon & caviar Seared Tuna 2 ways NY Strip avec Le Mash (I love this picture with the drop of fat ooozing out of the flesh) Seared scallops on Pancetta crisp with Balsamic glaze Duck breast w/red wine fig sauce, shitakes and potatoe galette (note the plating ) First ever attempt at sushi
  20. sadistick

    Dinner! 2007

    ....Just when I thought I had seen it all.... Green apple risotto!? This isnt some april fools joke come early is it???
  21. sadistick

    Dinner! 2007

    Forest - I must admit, at first glance, I thought your shnitzel was a potato latke...had those tell tale curly whisps around the edges...but it looks great none the less
  22. Thanks so much for those suggestions Ludja My friend is visiting from Toronto - staying with his sister (who has a car) although, I am not sure of where exactly she lives... I passed a few of your rec's along - Will you know what feedback I recieve. Cheers.
  23. I am not positive, but I believe Scaramouche is open on Sundays - and if so, I would without a doubt hit them up, or, Splendido as Endy mentioned... Either or its a win win.
  24. Thanks cherie, ill mention the ferry building to him... Come on folks, there has to be some other places to hit in the SF area...lets hear 'em!
  25. A good friend of mine is going to San Fran this week, and has asked me for some suggestions regarding places to eat... He isnt looking for anything too expensive, as he's still a student, as well, no meats or shellfish (he keeps kosher) So, some good sushi places, fish places, or anything else you may think of would be a great help. I will be passing this information along to him, and will report back upon his return. Thanks.
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