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  1. A few thoughts - - Do not chop them, Oyster mushrooms simply need to be pulled or torn from the top down to the stem - much more natural and nicer IMO. - Sear them and get some nice color on them which will help to bring out a ton of flavour. - Add a bit of chopped garlic and whatever herbs you prefer at the end of cooking. - Finish with butter and a tiny squeeze of lemon on fresh crusty country bread Mmmmm
  2. So there is this little BBQ place near the market that we love to shop at, and we always end up buying at least 1/2 lb of BBQ pork once or twice a month (so cheap, about $4!) I have had it on its own with some rice, I have also made BBQ Pork fried rice - I want to do something different with it, but am at a loss for ideas. Help, eG!
  3. That thing is awesome! Talk about using a lot of wood though....yeeeeeeesH!
  4. Lately I have enjoyed making a 'deconstructed babaganoush' Essentially, grill up some eggplants which have been sliced in half. Prepare some fantastic Tahina - top eggplant with a mound of tahina, chopped parsley, good squeeze of lemon juice, and if you have it, some spring garlic mash/oil & s&p. Awesome dish.
  5. So...we have graciously been lent a cottage for a week starting this weekend, and I want to do as much cooking outside as I can. One thing when we go camping is that we are limited to what we can bring in terms of weight, but now that we get to drive there, our options are endless! They have no BBQ, but do have a fire pit, which I plan on utilizing to the fullest extent...I have a grill already yanked out of the BBQ. The question now is, besides steak's (doing on the first night) and sausages/burgers etc...what other suggestions can you think of for great food, which would benefit from being cooked over coals (which are not the easiest to manage given the setup)? So far we are doing Italian home made sausages one night, steak the other - have some salads and do some roasted coal potatoes as sides - - The thing to keep in mind is temperature control, it will not be consistent (obviously) and it will take lots of work to tend... Cheers.
  6. Almost 3 weeks and not one single response?!? Sheesh....
  7. Newly invented dish - a rift on flavours from a Japanese restaurant. Thinly sliced Cucumber - add chili flakes, roughly chopped spring garlic, couple dashes of rice wine vinegar, some light soy, little sugar, and finished with smoked Spanish paprika...awesome stuff!
  8. I completely agree with you regarding the vibe at Okada - it was really relaxed, the chef was enjoying beer and wine with some of the people at the sushi bar, which was really enjoyable to see - and that Raw Red Tuna Garlic App was absolutely awesome! It does look like quite the hike (how long would you guesstimate it is from the water taxi drop off point?) Either way, one of those will be dinner - and I am pretty sure both will be quite pleasing. Does Go Fish serve lunch on a weekday? Hope to grab some local fresh seafood there, absolutely loved it last time...i think we had the fish n chips and the scallop 'burger'. Are Spot Prawns going to still be around first week July / Do they serve them there? Cheers
  9. The price difference between say, Bluewater and Okada is quite shocking (almost double for say, Tuna and Salmon Nigiri)...is it THAT much better? I remember our meal at Okada was fantastic...maybe I will have to make another visit (although it looks like quite the hike from the water taxi)...
  10. You may have just sold me - so from the hotel, how long would it take for the water taxi, then the hike to Bluewater? Are reservations necessary (I would most likely sit at the bar, as I will be alone)? But then this means I miss Vij's! Are either of them open for lunch? Edit - I forgot to mention, we went to Okada last time and LOVED it - but that seems like quite the journey from G.I.
  11. Car 'Camping'?!?! C'mon...that ain't camping!!! Go for 3 or 4 nights in the back country and hike in a good 3 hours, then we can talk recipes! (one of our favourites is taco salad in a bag!)
  12. Many thanks for all the replies thus far - I remember we went to Go Fish the last time we were in BC, loved it - may have to go there for lunch! I am also considering going back to Vij's, as it is within walking distance, and I really enjoyed it last time... Are there no good sushi places within walking distance of G.I. Hotel though?
  13. I realize there are other posts pertaining to Kauai, however; given some of the more recent replies are over a year old, I figured I would venture to a new topic. The Fiance (soon to be wife) and I are headed out there in mid August for our honeymoon, we will be staying at Hanalai Bay Resort and will have a rental car. I am looking for great food suggestions, local food suggestions, and any attractions we should visit or any special events taking place in Aug. Would love to hear suggestions on fresh fish, sushi, exotic fruits, etc... We will be there for 1 week, so suggestions are much appreciated! Cheers.
  14. sadistick

    Dinner! 2009

    Made an awesome new cucumber salad to go along with our Jerk chicken last night (nothing earth shattering with some Jerk!) Thinly sliced Cucumber - add chili flakes, roughly chopped spring garlic, couple dashes of rice wine vinegar, some light soy, little sugar, and finished with smoked Spanish paprika...awesome stuff!
  15. I will be in BC in early July on business for 1 night - staying at the Granville Island Hotel - I wont have a car, but would love some suggestions for lunch and dinner (sushi being preferable for one meal, as TO's sushi sucks and I was spoiled in BC last time!) and within walking distance (I dont mind a 20 minute hike) would be great. Many thanks - SS
  16. Make sure you order the Chef's tasting. Best way to get the most diverse tastes at the best price ($55 a person - KILLER deal!) ← Will do and thanks. Carolyn, have you been to La Folie? Thoughts? Still looking for that one other stellar SF meal!
  17. Thank you all for the replies... Well I have canceled my reservation at Coi...I am just not sold on it, and to spend $300 or so, I need to be sold! So, that means that for our 3 nights in SF - we are currently booked at Canteen - - In terms for what I am looking for...all I need is fantastic food, the better the food, the happier I am. This does not mean however; that I must spend $300 to be happy...some of my favorite meals are at holes in the wall cooked by family run business that is to die for. So, I would love a suggestion of 1 'awesome no holds barred' meal, and I think Aziza may have sneaked in one of our dinner slots...
  18. Hmmm...I have reservations at Coi...now I am starting to doubt them! It's not a cheap meal either, $140 or so per tasting menu, and if it didn't thrill..... Is Aziza walking distance from Market Square area? (we wont have a car in SF) Also - what about La Folie, Acquerrello, Fleur de Lys or Boulevard? Now you guys have got me re-thinking Coi!
  19. Depends on what you are looking for; Koo is sushi and Ame is crudo -- both restaurants serving amazing examples of raw fish but with different options at each. Ame has the advantage of providing other additional flavors (like Lissa's Staff Meal which is AMAZING!) and other California Haute offerings in meat and wine pairings. Koo provides sushi and Japanese flavors in way that is unexpected and enthralling. I really love Ame's crudo offerings but they also do lots of really stunning dishes beyond raw fish. ← Well, we have sushi here in Toronto - although I am not sure how it would compare to SF's - - If it is greater quality, I would maybe lean towards sushi...so far I have Coi and Canteen booked for SF - one more night to go - where would you book!?
  20. Koo Sushi is on my list, I was thinking to drop in on the Wed night we arrive (leaving that night open w/o reservations) - or are reservations needed? spoon fulls of happiness?! As well, what is Ame like?
  21. So I have booked Coi for one night - - 2 nights left - I may leave Thurs night open for possibly Mission St Food - but am not sold on it. Not really interested in Italian food, as we have Plenty of that here... Struggling with either the Ritz Dining Room, possibly Koo Sushi (Is Lunch there not a good idea, rather than using up a dinner slot?) amongst others... Help!
  22. Aziza -- there is nothing else like it anywhere. After that, my favorites in the city are Ame, Piperade, Koo Sushi, Bar Crudo, Anchor & Hope, and Canteen. For cioppino, I would recommend Sotto Mare, Rose Pistola, or Tadich. The standards that I believe get continually over-rated include Bouelvard, Gary Danko, Slanted Door, and Michael Mina. I'm afraid I don't eat Mexican food in the Bay Area, but that's only because I was a San Diego girl and the further away from the border I moved, the less I liked it (I will eat it in Los Angeles, though). ← How about Coi, or Aqua for example? Also heard some good things about Mission St Food?
  23. Thanks for the great replies - I do not have FL rez's - However, from what I understand they are to be had 2 months in advance, and it is not yet that close... I still am not sure if it is worth $200+ for the two of us over say a Meadowood, Terra, or Cyrus for example. I am still considering TFL though...I would go for it, its more convincing the wifey... Sam - appreciate the winery rec's - - I have heard good things about Shafer - I have also read about Karl Lawrence (not sure where they are) and Anthill Farms - - any thoughts on those? What do the tastings at these places run by the way? As well - is it true it is cheaper to buy wines from stores rather than direct from the wineries? Cheers.
  24. As we love our pizza's crunchy - one trick I have learned is to Grill BOTH sides of the dough... Meaning, we will roll out the dough, put on olive oil, put that side down on the grill, get it super crispy, turn it over, add toppings to crispy side, then put raw side down, and cook.... So far this season I have done our usual fav of good EVOO, pepperoncino, parm, and pepper & Smoked tomato sauce with mozz, green olives, onions, and pepperoni. love grilled pizza...
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