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    Dinner! 2010

    Almost as much as (what appears to be) wasted food.
  2. Looks amazing! Now that water is calling to be fished! So where did I put my rod.....!?
  3. One of my favorite threads on EG as of late! I would love to see more pics of the cottage - as it seems I enjoy being jealous, here in concert jungle Toronto. What about some fishing off the lake?!
  4. If I ever need to purchase pastries, it's always been from Rahier - if that helps.
  5. I find their pastries to taste like mass produced crap - but then again I am spoiled when it comes to desserts.
  6. The key to most fungus is to sear on a high heat and get it 'browned' to extract some of the natural nutty flavors you get when using this execution. Start with evoo & butter - high heat - toss em in, little salt - finish with a bit of pepper, some fresh herbs of your choice (I prefer thyme) and a bit of butter to round it out. This + crunchy country bread = awesome
  7. Thank you all for the great suggestions - my notepad is quickly filling up! We just booked our hotel, we will be staying at Le Square Phillips Hotel - which from what I read got good reviews and is fairly local. My question now is - Can anyone suggest some pastry shops or must try edibles that are within walking distance of the hotel? Thanks again for all the help! Cheers.
  8. Taking the wife out for her birthday. No specific desire in terms of atmosphere; simple emphasis on excellent food.
  9. Interesting topic - Lee's old haunt vs his new one. Planning an upcoming dinner and given we were at Scaramouche not so long ago, we wanted to go somewhere else. In terms of the better restaurants this city has to offer, these two come to mind. The question is, how do they compare? I have been to both (though not to Splendido of new) so some thoughts on the subject would be helpful. Any other suggestions for restaurants for this meal would also be appreciated.
  10. Thank you all for the suggestions - I am creating a list as we speak! Kerry, I too have heard of Toque and Joe Beef (someone mentioned JB is very similar to APDC though).... Still looking for some suggestions on bakeries, potentially 1 other dinner, and any 'touristy' things we must see/do! Thanks again.
  11. Alas there has not been much activity here since Jen's Jan '09 posting - We will be in Montreal for 2 days this summer and are looking for suggestions on: - Dinner - Lunch - Snacks I think APDC is on our list for one dinner... Suggestions for another would be great, as well, which is the smoked meat shop that we 'cannot miss' - i do not recall the name! All help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Well given you have the chicken wire, you should have sufficient air circulation. Plain plywood cut to fit is a good idea, as well, have you tossed any worms in there? You may want to add a bit of compost to 'start it' along with some worms.
  13. lol well worth it, I'm sure!
  14. Looks awesome. Hope you did 50 push ups and jumping jacks between courses!
  15. If I may suggest. One key ingredient in composting is heat, and the retention of heat. I would suggest some type of plywood 'lid' that you can compress everything and leave on to retain more heat - which will speed up the composting process. Hence why many composts you can purchase are black plastic with lids, to keep the heat. Looks good though.
  16. I apologize if this is not in the proper forum - With that being said, we love making Mexican food at home, and I would like to expand my horizons beyond the typical pulled Spicy Tinga Chicken, etc. After watching Top Chef Masters (even previously loving him) and seeing more of Rick Bayless, this got me thinking, should I grab one of his cookbooks, if so, which one? If there are other books out there that you folks would suggest over any of Rick's - I would love to hear about them. Thanks.
  17. It's all about competition. Look at Pusateri's location down in yorkville opening after WF opened theirs down there.
  18. Heard on the news the other day WF is opening 2 new locations in the GTA - One right at Yonge & Sheppard...I am guessing it is going to go in the old Metro building... Great news indeed, living 3 minutes away, thats bound to raise property values and a big improvement on Metro and Rabba...LOL.
  19. Well now you know. I suggest that if you don't agree with it, don't patronize the restaurant. Why didn't I think of that?! The goal here is to get the word out so that the vast majority do not patronize this establishment. If you cant play nice and generate interest based on the quality of your food, you deserve the negative exposure.
  20. I would hope that you would not bring children to a swank restaurant for the sake of the other diners! Yes, I have children and I do not bring them out to somewhere that is not kid friendly... the staff doesnt appreciate it and would rather not have you there... it ruins the experience for the other diners. and... I hate to tell you but i bet worse things have happened in the KITCHEN! maybe not during service, or while you were there... but it may very well have happened whre food was being prepared.... or involved... Swank? No. Wank'd (as previously suggested) more likely. I do not know about your kids, but when I was a wee lad not 3 years old, my family would take my to restaurants such as Scaramouche and the like and I was a perfectly behaved child. Thought naive of me this may be, I have a hard time believing people are having sex on the cutting boards in the kitchen at high end dining establishments. Fact is, they are inviting people to get down n nasty in their washrooms, a place where I and others may or may not bring our family's without knowing otherwise.
  21. I can't believe that people actually think there is nothing wrong with this. The number of reasons are overwhelming. What if I bring my family/kids to this place without knowing and all of a sudden you hear a woman screaming from the washroom (hey, it could happen). Let alone the thought that this is occurring in the same restaurant while I eat - somewhat near my food being prepared....give me a break - how is this even tolerated let alone sanctioned! As Jen mentioned - it appears this may be taken out of light (thought I believe that is more so the owners trying to cover their asses) and they are re-thinking the negative exposure that will come along with this.
  22. Last week this restaurant announced they are promoting having sex in their washrooms - Article can be seen here: http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/restaurants/article/759714 Give EG isn't a dictatorship run by admin 'nazi's' - I would love to hear others thoughts on this blatant/desperate marketing ploy.
  23. Given the dictatorship run 'other' food website deletion of this topic, I thought to bring things back to our old egullet. So, what are everyone's thoughts of Mildred's blatantly pathetic marketing ploy? Inviting people to have sex in their washrooms..... They have succeeded, with articles in major news papers and local news stations even covering this idiocy. Sad.
  24. sadistick

    Dinner! 2010

    lol I hope the 'diet plate' was a joke.......
  25. We keep an old chefs knife that is fairly dull for slicing pizza (much easier than a pizza cutter IMO) on the marble counter tops. Besides that, no, a knife cannot be too sharp.
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