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  1. It looks like a big project, but there's always Pork Cake
  2. Do you mean in use pressed tofu as a pork substitute in addition to the silken tofu (ie 2 kinds of tofu in the dish)? Woul you treat the pressed tofu in exactly the same way as the pork (marinate, fry, drain)? ← For a meat substitute you can used dry textured vegetable protein. When it is rehydrated, it has the texture of ground meat ← Straight age or age tofu http://www2.nsknet.or.jp/~tofu/gif/age.gif works very well as a meat sub as well. I've used age tofu as a sub in gyoza, wontons, etc.. ← Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to keep an eye out for age tofu now. I've used TVP before, but I'm not that wild about it - I was going to explain why, but I can't really think of a good reason, except that I don't really like it …
  3. Do you mean in use pressed tofu as a pork substitute in addition to the silken tofu (ie 2 kinds of tofu in the dish)? Woul you treat the pressed tofu in exactly the same way as the pork (marinate, fry, drain)?
  4. I have a strong suspicion I won't be able to find these, so what do you think the closest more widely available equivalent is? By the way, I love this thread, keep up the great work!
  5. My understanding is that homefries are thick-cut fried potato wedges, similar to french fries, but made without a deep fryer. Hashbrowns are usually leftovers fried with potatos cut much smaller than homefries. Anyone more knowledgable care to weigh in?
  6. Sorry to butt in here … but a fantastic use for scraps (or any leftover puff pastry) is to wrap pieces around squares of dark chocolate, brush with egg, and bake to make pain au chocolat
  7. lexy

    Chili – Cook-Off 15

    TVP is Textured Vegetable Protein - it's some sort of soy product. You soak it in water (or stock for more flavour), and use it in a recipe as you would use ground meat. It looks meaty, and sort of approximates the right texture, but I find it pretty tasteless, so I like to use some other meat subsititute unless I'm trying to make something that visually appears to have ground meat in it.
  8. Don't remind me - I can't make up my mind! Basically, I can't decide whether I want Curry Village (pros: family favourite, we always get lots of dishes and share, we know what we like, it's pretty relaxed and good for a small group; cons: we've probably had everything on the menu before) or somewhere a little fancier. I'd like to go out to somewhere a little nicer that I haven't been to before, but I keep coming back to Curry Village (or Original) because it's a low risk option. Where I'd really like to go is Clark's on King, but that's clearly impossible, since it closed about four years ago.
  9. lexy


    Watch out, I'm almost tempted to take you up on that and show up on your doorstep with a big sack to fill mmmmmmmmm, persimmons… edited to add: I've never picked persimmons off a tree, I've always bought them from a store, so this may not apply, but I've found black spots on the outside to be harmless - they just seem to be discolourations of the surface, and don't show up on the fruit inside.
  10. No thoughts per se, other than I've been curious about it for a while, but always thought it looked a little sketchy. Possibly a bad sign: it seems like every time I walk by, the restaurant's empty, and the cooks are standing out front smoking. Hmm, re-reading that, that was incredibly unhelpful. If you go, please report back!
  11. lexy

    Cooking Burns and Scars

    Oh boy, I have way too many. It's an unfortunate combination of skin that scars easily, and a lack of depth perception and general clumsiness. Thankfully I've never done myself serious injury, but I've got a couple like Kent Wang's from letting my arm graze the inside of a hot oven.
  12. We've had a similar thread before. I think all the good Mexican options in Toronto were mentioned there - in fact, that thread probably covers all of the Mexican options in TO
  13. Have you ever made your own pasta? (I know, I could go back through the thread, but there are 22 pages of it now ) It could add some additional drama to the last two months of your goal
  14. How do you stabilise the cream liqueurs? I gather Bailey's uses some sort of seaweed extract to keep it stable at room temperature, but I guess (I hope!) you're not doing that. Or do you just tell people that the liqueurs need to be refridgerated and drunk by a certain date?
  15. Are there good cocktail bars in your town that you could recommend for people who might want to try a certain cocktail without investing in a whole bottle of liqueur? Even better would be if you could find a good cocktail bar that has a student discount night.
  16. As a fellow student, let me just say that cost is a big factor when it comes to drinks. If it's something that requires a half-dozen separate (and expensive) ingredients, it's probably not going to happen. Not to say that these aren't great ideas - I'd love to go to a party where the options aren't whatever was cheapest at the offlicense. edit: Thought of something - I'd never drunk this, or seen this drunk, in North America, but it's fairly popular here in Oxford: Pimm's and lemonade. I'm not sure if counts as a cocktail (probably not), but there's only two ingredients, amounts are somewhat subjective, it's pretty tasty, and it's probably something most of the students at your college have never had before.
  17. So now that you're coming up to the final stretch of your goal, what's next? Are you going to take a little cooking sabbatical? Launch into the cuisine of another country? A year of Taco Bell and frozen Lean Cuisine out of cooking exhaustion? I really enjoy this thread and I'll be sorry to see it end, so I hope you've got an enormous Italian year-end cooking blow-out planned to ease the pain
  18. I'd just like to add that I really like the name 'Cashew' (for a cat that is!)
  19. How was Casa? My birthday's in a month, and I'm thinking of going there (ie getting other people to take me there ) Where's the Wok-In? I'm always interested in good cheap eats in Kingston, because anytime I go out with friends (we're university students), everyone wants to go the Lone Star .
  20. lexy

    Dinner! 2005

    You can't imagine the look of total shock that crossed my face when I read that … I'm a huge fan of the Taylor-Fladgate tawnies - knock the socks off most other ports in my opinion. Good choice
  21. lexy


    Hello beer lovers! I hope you don't mind a question about cider in your forum … I've just discovered cider, and as someone who's never really liked beer, I'm really excited that I can now go down to the pub and order a pint (of something that I actually like!). The only kind I've had so far (seems to be standard in Oxford pubs) is Strongbow, which I like (well, it's the only kind I've ever had), but is apparently not supposed to very good, according to some cider-drinking friends. So does anyone here have any recommendations? I was eyeing a kind called Scrumpy Jack today in Tesco, but I thought maybe I'd consult the palates of eGullet first. Thanks!
  22. What sort of food is 'regional cuisine' where you are? (Pardon this Canadian's total ignorance of all things Floridian ) Is there a lot of influence from Carribbean immigrants, or is Florida food more in the tradition of other southern states?
  23. The price you pay for a too-successful Thanksgiving innovation
  24. Another vote for Hind Quarter, or Bearance's Grocery (map, address, telephone no.) - they're always very helpful. It seems to me that the market used to sell a lot more in the way of meat products than it does now - it's mostly been fruit & veg the last few times I've been down there. The Italian Pastry Shop was across the street from the Princess St Second Cup - next to the Copper Penny. Come to think of it, that may not have been it's real name - that could just be what my family called it.
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