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  1. I don't eat much cereal (porridge for me ), but I have to say I love a big bowl of Raisin Bran with 2%. Or something I havn't had since I was a kid - Weetabix with brown sugar and milk.
  2. yay, a new blog! I'm looking forward to this I hope you're going to squeeze lots of warm food in to help cope with this sudden cold snap
  3. My mum made these too (still does actually), but without the butter. We called them snails though, since that's sort of what they look like. Other than that, my dad would sometimes make molasses-spice cookies using leftover bacon drippings as a substitute for some of the butter (just the right amount makes them nice and chewy; too much however, and you get weird bacon-molasses flavoured cookies)
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    somewhat off-topic, but if I make shortbread in advance, can I freeze the cookies until I need them? or would they be better off in a tin at room temperature? I'd like to make them 1-2 weeks before I need them, if possible Thanks!
  5. how does this work exactly? do you just put kernels in the bag, seal, and pop? I've never heard of doing this before
  6. I'll say … I'm also in Canada, and this thread is making me wish next Thanksgiving was a little closer! - although it's making me look forward to Christmas all the more. Thanks for a great thread
  7. hmm, I'm pretty sure there's no Trader Joe's around here (I'm in Toronto), but I have access to some pretty good cheese shops Thanks for the advice though (especially the website, Gifted Gourmet)
  8. I like cheese, but the only stuff I usually buy is aged cheddar, feta, and stilton, and I want to try something new. Any suggestions? Two conditions: (a) I'm a university student, so nothing too expensive (b) I'll probably be eating some of this on a train journey next week, so nothing too messy, or obnoxiously stinky
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